Top Hospitality Companies in Switzerland

In this post, we present some of the top hospitality companies in Switzerland.

If you looking for hospitality jobs in Switzerland, you would certainly need to be aware of the top hospitality employers in Switzerland.

Switzerland succeeds to be the world’s most beautiful and eye-catching place for travellers and tourists.

We have also included in the list a few traditional Swiss hotel chains as people work in Switzerland not only to earn money but also to experience Swiss Hospitality.

We have compiled a list of the 11 best hospitality companies in Switzerland in this post.

Every effort has been made to provide users with information to know more about the employers with a link to the career page for those looking for swiss hospitality jobs.

Best Hospitality Companies in Switzerland


If you are from the Aviation industry, you know for sure that this is one of the leading names worldwide, and a name synonymous with Swiss hospitality.

SWISS is one of the biggest brands and the national airline of Switzerland. It serves over 120 destinations in the world from Geneva and Zurich airport.

It is a part of Star Alliance.

It has always been on the list of top employers of Switzerland and at times has been voted as the best Hospitality employer of Switzerland.

In one of the surveys that evaluated 37,322 employers, SWISS was ranked 10th in the list of 100 ideal employers of Switzerland.

2. McDonald’s Suisse 

Who doesn’t know about McDonald’s?

It is serving the world and is one of the Top Fast Food chains in the world

If you need a quick bite, you would definitely find a McDonald’s near you.

Where ever in the world do you travel, you have a friend Ronald sitting outside McDonald’s. It also features on our list of Top Hospitality Companies in the USA.

McDonald’s Suisse mixes great food with Swiss hospitality and in this part of the world, it also has a name for itself as one of the top hospitality employers.

It has been ranked 3rd overall and 1st in hospitality by rankings from Great Place to work which ranked the best places to work in Switzerland back in 2018.

McDonals- Top Hospitality employers of Switzerland1

Tip: If you don’t know French or German or Italian, you would need to translate the page to English through features available in Google Chrome or other modern browsers.

However, if you don’t have conversational skills in any of the above-mentioned languages, you would struggle to land an entry-level or mid-level job in McDonald’s Suisse.

3. Swiss Deluxe Hotels

This is all class in hospitality packaged together.

This is a sure member of all lists pertaining to the best hospitality companies in Switzerland.

This is a cluster of over 4o luxury hotels in Switzerland.

Based on Swiss taste, they have set high standards for themselves.

They have partnered with multinational companies like BMW, Nestle among many others including the Swiss Event Management, Swiss Tourism, Swiss Hotel Association, and the list goes on.

Each of the hotels in the cluster is in itself one of the top employers of Switzerland.

These hotels are individual Luxury hotels based on the taste of locality.

May it be the Bellevue Palace in Bern, Hotel Splendid Royale of Lugano, The Dolder Grand of Zurich, Gstaad Palace of Gstaad, Laussane Palace and Spa, or any other from the list; these are meant to amaze the tourist with architecture, beauty, and Swiss Hospitality.

You need to be among the best in the hospitality industry to be a part of this 41 hotels Luxury collection of Hotels in Switzerland.

The hiring process is difficult but these hotels ensure that job satisfaction is immense and thus they have been among the top hospitality employers in Switzerland.

If you are looking for Swiss deluxe hotel jobs then you must first look at their career site.

4. Intercontinental Davos

Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) is no new name for Hospitality industry professionals.

We all know the global prowess of this Hotel chain. However, did you know that they have one of their gorgeous hotels overlooking the Alps in Switzerland?

Intercontinental Davos is a 5* property set in spectacular Grisons Alps.

They generate opportunities for graduates, internships, and also offer management training programs at the hotels itself as well as at the headquarters.

This hotel doesn’t have a separate career site as IHG properties have a centralized career page.

Please look out for the IHG career page and you can search from within the page if they have a suitable vacancy for you at Intercontinental Davos.

All major hotel chains have luxury hotels in Switzerland and it is a wise idea for job seekers to try the top hotel chains to look for opportunities in Switzerland.

Here is the link to a post with career sites of the best hotel chains globally.

5. Kuoni, Zurich

Kuoni Group is the leading service provider to the global travel industry with a strong focus on Asia.

If you belong to or aspire to be in the travel and tourism sector, an experience here will do wonders for your career prospects.

This employer of over 11000 talented professionals is an all-star hospitality company in Switzerland.

Kuoni Travel holding limited is one of the top 50 Swiss companies.

Please look at the Official webpage page of Kuoni Group for all details about career prospects at this organization.

This organization has organizations like Global Travel services and VFS global under its corporate umbrella.

Your life will definitely be touched by Kuoni in some way or the other at some point in time.

Especially if you are a hospitality professional or a travel enthusiast.

Looking for hospitality and travel jobs in Zurich? Kuoni is certainly one of the top picks.

6. Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Geneva

On the banks of Lake Geneva, this hotel claims to be the first hotel built in Geneva.

Four Seasons Hotel has been standing tall on the banks of the lake since 1834.

So, if you are one of those who would like to enjoy the benefits of both worlds by working in Switzerland and enjoying the career security of a global chain, this is a place you can apply to.

Remember the fact that you are competing with graduates of top hospitality management schools in Switzerland for a place in any of the top luxury hotels.

We are sure you would love to make your way slowly to the bottom of the page which has the link to the career section.

7. Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel

This Swiss hotel does justice to its slogan that says

“Rich in History, Young at heart”

The Hotel is one of the top hospitality companies in Switzerland.

The hotel started back in 1681 and has evolved as one of the finest hotels in Switzerland. The word Grand is what defines it now.

It has been awarded as the Gold List Winner of the World’s best hotels of 2016 by Traveler (Conde Nast).

Now if you are thinking about what’s in there for you then you would be happy to know that they are very much a cosmopolitan group in terms of their human resource.

The team at Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois comprises hoteliers from over 20 countries.

You can have a look at the homepage of Hotel Les Trois Rois to explore more about this Hotel.

They constantly hire skilled people in all the areas, engaging their customers, making them happy, and bringing in new things.

8. Hotelplan Group

Launched in 1935, Hotelplan Group is one of the top 100 companies in Switzerland.

It is Owned by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives.

The group constitutes Hotelplan Suisse, Hotelplan Italia, Hotelplan UK, Interhome, and several other firms globally, making it one of the top hospitality employers of Switzerland.

So, this group might be an exciting field of opportunities for professionals from the travel and tourism industry. Even the hotel industry professionals will find amazing career prospects.

If you want to work in this group and in the Hotelplan Suisse subsidiary, it would be important to have command of an additional language apart from English.

Languages spoken in Switzerland are French, Italian, and German depending on which part of Switzerland are you planning to visit.

So, preferably that other language should be one of the three languages spoken in Switzerland.

However, there are options in other European countries for professionals who would like to work in this group.

9. Hotel Monte Rosa, Zermatt

A lot might find the choice of this hotel as one of the top hospitality employers of Switzerland a bit interesting.

You might think, how did this beautiful boutique hotel find its way to this list of top employers.

To know the answer, you need to know the reason for the Swiss way.

This hotel is being managed by the same family for the past 5 generations and is run under the banner of Seiler Hotels which has two luxury properties.

The management of this hotel believes in true Swiss hospitality.

They call it ‘hospitality by heart’. This is not a huge hotel, there is no city noise, no hustles of cars or no sky rises around. Just a few smiling faces and a blanket of snow all around.

This hotel has 41 luxury rooms and all different from each other.

They believe in moving forward and hiring new people with creative ideas and talent.

Open to talent from all around the world, this hotel is a place for those who want to be engulfed in Swiss hospitality and get the experience of true luxury.

Good salary and caring management are added benefits.

Look for yourself if this hotel property is a place where you would want to work at some point in your hospitality career.

Maybe a place for a perfect Swiss hotel management internship?

10. Swissotel Hotels and Resorts:

Swissotel is regarded as one of the best hospitality companies in Switzerland.

For a long time over the years, Switzerland has been ranked as the topmost in the travel and tourism industry.

The hotel industry of Switzerland markets itself as top-notch and creates a centre of attention for the tourists for their holiday destinations.

This Hotel chain that started in Switzerland has now provided 30+ years of Luxury and service through its 30+ properties located in more than 17 countries.

With over 40 properties in the development mode, it must be on the wish list of most of the hospitality job seekers looking for hotel jobs in Switzerland.

They have dynamic jobs awaiting, talented people, and positions like Director of food and beverages, restaurant executive, sales manager, payroll accountant, spa therapist, etc.

The values at Swissotel are respect, integrity, Teamwork, Accountability, and Excellence.

Check out the Career page of Swissotel for all available opportunities.

11. Guarda Golf Hotel

This is an ideal place if you are looking for an internship/training opportunity in Switzerland.

It is part of the Swiss Deluxe hotel family.

What comes to your mind when you think of Switzerland?

Greenery, natural beauty, Snow-covered mountains, lakes, Skiing, Serenity, Swiss hospitality, and so on. Isn’t it?

You have it all here in this luxury property. The highlight is the Golf course in the mountains and it is normally open only during the summer season.

They hire graduates in every area of their business, promoting their team skills, and making their career a rewarding career in the field of hospitality.

They are looking for fresh and energetic team members and you can have a look on the career page of this Luxury Hotel.

As they are standalone property and not a chain, the options are limited and suitable mostly for students and fresh graduates.


Exploring for more job options in Switzerland?

Why not explore Swiss hospitality jobs by taking a look at the top hospitality job portals?

That might open you up for all the hotel job opportunities available not only in Switzerland but even in the adjoining countries of Europe.

Hope you liked this compilation of top hospitality employers in Switzerland.

This is not an exhaustive list.

We will keep adding more top hospitality companies in Switzerland to continually improving the post and making it more useful.

Especially for those who are looking for Hotel jobs in Switzerland.

One of the keys to superior hospitality is human resources. The hospitality industry of Switzerland excels in developing and dealing with human resources.

These Hotel and Tourism companies in Switzerland have ensured to keep up with the high standards set by Switzerland in terms of being a hospitality abode.

If you are already a part of one of these chains or are willing to join one soon, you are in luck.