If you are looking to work in the Hospitality industry of Dubai, you are certainly not alone. This post covers a few of the best hospitality companies in Dubai.

Dubai has grown to become a hospitality paradise recently. You can find most of the hospitality companies venturing into Dubai to grab a place in the coveted market.

The USA has been considered the eternal hospitality hub. However, most of the Top Hospitality Companies in the USA have already ventured into Dubai Hospitality.

Cosmopolitan culture and diversity in the workforce make it one of the best places to work for hospitality industry professionals. While the place is full of opportunities, in this post, we highlight a few of the best hospitality employers in Dubai.

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While the list of top hospitality companies in Dubai is long, we have just picked 7 of the elite group of hospitality organisations in Dubai. Let’s begin!

Best Hospitality Companies in Dubai

1. Hilton Worldwide

Dubai has surprised everyone with the giant leap it has taken in the past couple of decades in terms of growth in infrastructure, technology and hospitality.

Most of the top Hospitality companies like Hilton Hotels are household names in the UAE Hospitality industry.

Great Place to Work ranking has Hilton Worldwide on its list of top 20 over the years.

Hilton employs over 1,600 hospitality professionals in Dubai alone and is known for its training quality and staff perquisites.

There is no doubt in placing it on our list of best hospitality companies in Dubai.

Besides, it is one of the biggest international hotel chains in the world giving employees the option to relocate while staying in the same chain.

There are a lot of properties coming under the Hilton Worldwide umbrella. Hilton Hotels in UAE is certainly one of the top employers in Dubai and UAE overall.

  • Waldorf Astoria, Palm Jumeirah
  • Hilton Dubai, The Walk
  • Hilton Dubai- Creek
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai- Jumeirah
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels and Residences Dubai
  • Hilton Garden Inn Dubai, Al Mina

There are several other adjoining Hilton Worldwide properties in UAE close to Dubai. These are located in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and in Ras Al Khaimah.

Look out for Waldorf Astoria RAK  (Ras Al Khaimah) which is one of the most exquisite properties in UAE. It is a part of the Hilton Worldwide Umbrella.

From Ras Al Khaimah to Marjan Island; from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah; you will always find Hilton properties in plenty.

So, there is always a great Hilton community in the UAE.

2. Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt is not trailing much behind Hilton Worldwide in terms of the best hospitality employer tag.

It is difficult to name one of these as the best hospitality companies in Dubai. Dubai has become a favourite hospitality destination and is considered to be a gateway to the bigger hospitality world.

All top hotels and travel firms are trying to get a stronger foothold in the Gulf, especially in Dubai.

Hyatt employs close to 1,900 hospitality professionals in Dubai. They have one of the best retention rates in the industry and are well known to retain their best talent.

Like Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt has several properties in the UAE. Listed below are the ones in Dubai.

  • Grand Hyatt, Dubai
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Park Hyatt Dubai
  • Hyatt Regency Creek Heights
  • Hyatt Place Al Rigga/Dubai
  • Hyatt Place Baniyas Square Dubai
  • Grand Hyatt Residence

3. Jumeirah Group

Luxury and innovation. These two words define the Jumeirah Group in an excellent manner.

They have redefined luxury in Dubai through their Hotels and restaurants.

Not only have they done well in developing new properties but they have made sure that they have the best talent to support their growth initiatives.

Jumeirah Group has been voted one of the best hospitality employers in Dubai according to various salary surveys over the years for best-paying employers in Hospitality.

Jumeirah Group is not limited to Hotels and restaurants. They cover the whole hospitality industry.

Below is the portfolio held by the Jumeirah Group.

  1. Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts
  2. Jumeirah Living- Luxury service apartments by Jumeirah
  3. Jumeirah Restaurants LLC
  4. Jumeirah Hospitality- The event management firm
  5. Jumeirah Waterpark
  6. The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management
  7. Jumeirah Emirates- Offices and towers

Now it would be easy to guess how big they are as a Hospitality employer.

Think of a good Hotel by the Jumeirah group. Well, have you heard of Burj Al Arab? Of course, you have. Have a look.

4. Emaar Hospitality Group

Dubai is a completely cosmopolitan city with a great mix of local and international hospitality companies.

Emaar Group owns and manages a diversified portfolio which makes it one of the most promising hospitality companies in Dubai.

Its portfolio includes Hotels, residences, golf courses, polo clubs, dining outlets and restaurants, and the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

Among the hotels, it owns and manages Address Hotels and Resorts, The Downtown Dubai, Manzil Downtown, Vida etc. among many others.

Emaar Hospitality Group is planning to open up 35 new hotels in the UAE and globally. It is thus going to be a key hospitality employer in the coming years.

It has also been ranked high in surveys for best employers in Dubai over the years.

5. Marriott

Marriott Hotels are not only one of the best hospitality companies in Dubai, but they are also one of the best hospitality employers in the world.

This American Hospitality giant is known to provide good salaries and career development scope to all its employees.

Marriott has several training programmes and employee development schemes. There are a lot of Marriott properties in Dubai and in other parts of the UAE.

A few prominent names include JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, Courtyard Dubai, Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotels and Suites, Marriott Executive Apartments and JW Marriott Hotel Dubai.

Marriott Hotels has even become a bigger company after its acquisition of Starwood Hotels.

6. Saleh Bin Lahej Group

This hospitality group is opening on an average of 3 restaurants every year and serves almost 5.5 million consumers.

Yes, Saleh Bin Lahej Group is undoubtedly one of the top hospitality companies in the United Arab Emirates, let alone Dubai.

Isn’t that a reason in itself to feature on our list of top hospitality companies in Dubai?

It has quickly become one of the best hospitality employers in Dubai.

This restaurant chain employs close to 1,500 employees in the UAE and is known to nurture its employees.

It has 37 branches in UAE operating through its 6 brands that have diversified global presence.

It is due to the growth potential and international network that this hospitality chain finds itself in our list of best hospitality employers in Dubai.

7. Emirates Flight Catering

The Emirates founded the Emirates Flight Catering service in Dubai in the year 2003.

This hospitality company in Dubai employs over 11000 staff and delivers millions of meals per year to various airline operators and outlets.

This organisation is of extremely high repute and attracts a lot of hospitality industry professionals from all across the globe.

It also operates the ‘Food Point’ Catering facility which caters to Dubai Investment Park.


There are various other extremely reputed hospitality companies operating in Dubai like Atlantis, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Dubai World Trade Centre and many more.

So, if you are looking to explore job opportunities in one of the above or more organisations in Dubai, please check our post on the hotel Career websites. We have mentioned the career websites of 14 top hotel chains there.

Here you go. Our list of Top hospitality companies in Dubai. Hope you liked our quick list.

We will keep adding more information about the best hotels and hospitality companies in Dubai on this portal.

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