Welcome to the Hospitality Career and Education portal, where I, Manish Jha, along with a team of hospitality experts and contributors from SOEG Consulting, share Career and Education insights to revolutionize talent management in the hospitality industry.

Who Am I?

Manish Jha, SOEG JOBS

With over a decade of experience in hospitality and education, I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of over 250,000 hospitality professionals in my network.

My journey in hotel management, in Switzerland, coupled with an MBA from Warwick University UK, instilled in me a deep-seated entrepreneurial spirit. Now, I channel that passion into driving innovation within the hospitality industry.

SOEG JOBS aims to enhance the careers and lives of hospitality professionals worldwide through career support blogs, software tools, and training resources.


For Jobseekers – Looking for Career Growth

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This portal partners with leading hospitality organizations from time to time to provide professionals with career and learning opportunities. Check out our Job Search section for active jobs and the Hospitality Career section for resources tailored to your career growth.

From career tools to our hospitality career blog and resume builder, this portal offers comprehensive information and support.

The aim is to understand the pain points of professionals looking for career growth and then making every effort to provide innovative solutions through blog posts and other resources..

This portal is loaded with resources regarding Career and Learning. The Portal is divided into multiple sections. These are:

  • Search Jobs Section for Hospitality Jobs
  • Career Tips
  • Hospitality Career Blog
  • Hospitality Education Blog
  • Interview Tips
  • Resume Tips
  • Resume Builder
  • Entrepreneurship Tips

And much more……

Look out for our recommendations on top institutes, top companies, best portals, salaries, courses, career related information and much more.

Current job openings at SOEG (Global Hospitality Portal)

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Education Management- Upskilling

Work with us Global Hospitality Portal

Over the past 14 years, I have been working with hundreds of Hospitality employers and institutions from all across the globe. We have been helping students willing to take up education overseas through our seminars, counselling sessions and more. We have also been helping students from institutes with internships and placements.

In collaboration with global hospitality employers and institutions, this website offers career-oriented courses and training modules. Explore the Hospitality Education section for insightful articles on top-ranking courses and institutions, career-oriented certificates and more.