Top 25 Hospitality companies in the USA

In this post, we bring to you some of the top hospitality companies in the USA. These include most of the best hospitality companies in the world as well.

The listing has 25 of the top employers in the hotel industry and hospitality industry in the USA. This article provides information about the companies and links to research about the company and jobs further.

Before we get to the list, do you know the revenue of the hospitality industry of the USA by the end of the year 2019? The number is more than 1 trillion dollars. Yes, that’s true! This took a dip in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but has bounced back starting from the later part of 2023 and 2024. It has already shown signs of a solid recovery.

What more? Over 8.5 million people got jobs in this industry. Isn’t that amazing?

Top Hospitality Companies in USA
Top Hospitality Companies

This is not an exhaustive list and is not in any ranking order.

We will keep on adding more hospitality industry companies to the list for better user experience and to make it more informative.

Let’s begin.

1. American Cruise Lines

Many hospitality companies are heading towards nonstop success and a tough drive to become the best.

These companies strive to meet customers’ demands, adapt to changing market outlooks and prospects and are continuously changing our perception of service.

One such firm is American Cruise Lines which makes it one of the top tourism organisations in the USA.

Luxury accommodation, the cuisine of choice, gaming, entertainment, casinos and much more.

From personal balconies to state-of-the-art facilities to an exclusive fine dining experience; you have it all here.

With 35 Cruises in action, American Cruise Lines make sure that there is no segment of the market which is left unattended.

‘American Cruise Lines’ has been the winner of the World Travel Award for being North America’s Leading River Cruise company.

This firm is an all-American affair and thus invites job seekers predominantly from North America.

2. Artisans of Leisure

This tour and travel company based in New York organises tours and travels to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Operating in the Luxury hospitality sector, this company which opened in 2003 has made rapid strides since its inception.

Artisans of Leisure is known for their customization prowess for a better experience for their luxury audience.

They claim to customize to make anything possible for all their consumers.

It is one of the most popular and ever-expanding travel and tour companies.

This has become a company of repute and job seekers from the travel industry may fancy a stint at this organisation at some stage of their career.

3. Best Western

Best Western is a conglomerate of over 4100 independent hotels.

The USA has over 100 Best Western Properties. Name a place in the USA and you will find a Best Western property right there.

If you are a traveler and looking for a classy hotel that might not be extremely heavy on your pockets, you can rely on Best Western.

If you are a job seeker in the hospitality industry, you can look for versatility in this chain.

Best Western is a well-knit community and it is rather easy to move within the chain with excellent perquisites and smooth career progression schemes in-house.

4. 21c Museum Hotels

21c is redefining luxury by mixing Hospitality with contemporary art.

Who doesn’t love art and when it mixes with Hospitality and that too in a Luxury niche, what comes up as a result is 21c Museum Hotels.

Bringing Museums to life is what they believe in.

With 8 Luxury properties already fascinating customers in the USA, stay poised for much more in future.

Awarded with a lot of Laurels for its art, luxury, hospitality and Green commitment, this hospitality organisation has covered a lot of ground quickly.

It has planned to open many more luxury boutique hotels within the next 5 years.

A dynamic team and fun environment are how they define work at 21c. They also offer highly paid full-time jobs and believe in creating a culture of promoting team members for excelling in customer contentment and luxury services.

5. Gaylord Hotels

This is of particular interest to those associated with events and conventions.

Gaylord Hotels are part of Marriott International and have 4 large hotels with an attached convention center.

Due to the size and super busy convention center, Gaylord Hotel has a big workforce and offers excellent salary packages, promotion plans, holiday trips etc.

6. Marriott International

Marriott International is a Hospitality company of stellar repute with over 9 decades of hospitality services attached to the name.

Headquartered in Maryland, USA, Marriott International has over 7000 classy properties at its 30 brands in over 130 countries.

It is considered to have one of the best career progression plans and training schemes in the hospitality industry.

With a turnover of over $20 billion annually, the firm is one of the best hospitality groups in the world.

Who would not love to have the Marriott Experience either as a guest or as an employee?

7. Carlson Companies

This is one of the largest privately owned companies in the USA.

With its several global hotel chains, it operates in almost 150 countries.

Some of the important names that are associated with the Carlson Group are Radisson, Park Plaza, Radisson Blu, Park Inn, Country Inn & Suites etc.

Carlson is one of the biggest names in the hospitality industry and one of the most popular hospitality companies to work at.

With the reach of its Hotels and the sheer number of employees involved, what bundles up well is an excellent recruitment and appraisal process utilized by Carlson Companies.

8. Outrigger Hotels & Resorts

Outrigger Hotels & Resorts runs a line of multi-branded hotels.

The company that started with a humble beginning in Hawaii has built a name for itself in over 6 decades of its existence.

It has an excellent network of excellent hotels and resorts in Hawaii islands, the Indian Ocean and the Asia Pacific.

Outrigger Hotels and resorts- Top hospitality companies of USA

They award their employees with great benefits and offer a fun and family environment where you will be encouraged throughout.

Amazing benefits are provided that include excellent salary packages, dental and medical insurance and lots more.

What attracts most is the corporate culture ‘Outrigger Hotels and Resorts’ has developed over the years. They keep it simple “Host+ Guest+ Place”.

9. Crown American

Crown American is a real estate firm.

This has found a place on our list of top hospitality companies in the USA because it deals with a lot of hotels.

One may argue that all real estate companies may belong to the hospitality industry as most of them in some way or the other deal in hospitality services.

Crown American Associates is, however, a large US firm that has a history of over 40 years in dealing with the hospitality industry.

It has multiple properties of Holiday Inn underway at the time of publishing of this post.

Why would this place be one of the top hospitality companies to work for? There are ample reasons for the same.

Well, they have paid holidays, on-the-job training, retirement benefits, flexible working schedule, ESOP, Crown American Hotel discount program and much more.

10. Extended Stay America

If we speak about the hospitality industry, we can’t keep aside the travel operators and Hotel aggregators.

With a reach of over 700 destinations in the USA and Canada, Extended Stay America is one of the favorite sites for booking extended lodging for all travel categories.

With almost 70,000 rooms in close to 650 hotels, Extended Stay America has a lot of exciting career opportunities for Hotel Management professionals, housekeeping department and corporate hospitality.

11. Hyatt Hotel Corporation

This Chicago-based Hotel Corporation is no new name to any of the hospitality industry professionals or travel enthusiasts.

Hyatt Corporation’s Worldwide portfolio consists of over 1000 hotels worldwide.

According to Fortune Magazine, Hyatt has been regularly named among the 100 best companies to work for.

It is thus one of the top hospitality companies in the USA as well as around the globe.

Hyatt has also been able to have a great talent retention ratio when compared to the industry average.

It employs over 100,000 hospitality professionals in 60 countries.

12. Carnival Cruise Lines

This again is one of the major hospitality companies in the world that most people would already be aware of.

Think of Cruise Ships, think of Carnival.

The portfolio Carnival Cruise lines possess consist of Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland American Line, Princess Cruises, P&O Cruises, Costa Cruises etc. among the major cruise lines.

Covering 6 continents and almost all major destinations around the globe with a coastline, this company is one of the favourite hospitality companies in the USA and across the globe.

Working at Carnival Cruise line is considered extremely prestigious and they have on offer salaries and perquisites unparalleled in the Hospitality industry.

13. Hilton Worldwide

A dream by Conrad Hilton to have a hotel chain in the USA has now become a name that is synonymous with Hospitality worldwide.

Hilton Worldwide now has a presence in more than 90 countries with over 5000 properties.

This prestigious and one of the topmost hotel chains plans to add 1 hotel every day to its portfolio.

The group consists of the deluxe Waldorf Astoria Properties, Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton etc. among the 13 brands under its portfolio.

They have excellent career options in place with free career education and training courses for employees. Even sabbaticals for knowledge gains are actively promoted at Hilton Worldwide.

As a US-based Hotel chain, Hilton has numerous properties in the USA and covers almost every city.

14. Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria is a part of Hilton Worldwide Brand.

The iconic hotels of Waldorf Astoria around the globe add to the luxury element of Hilton Worldwide.

Waldorf Astoria New York- Top Hospitality companies of USA

Hilton sold Waldorf Astoria New York to a Chinese firm in 2014 which made it the most expensive hotel to be sold at that time.

This iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York has a history dating back to 1893 as the first building got demolished making way for the Empire State Building.

You need to earn your place if you want to be a part of this iconic Hotel or the hotel chain.

They believe in the growth and development of individuals from all areas to meet their customer’s needs.

15. Howard Johnson’s

Howard Johnson’s is a chain of hotels, motels and restaurants across the USA and Canada.

With its parent organisation Wyndham Worldwide, Howard Johnson has a global outlook.

It was founded in 1925 and has a great local appeal in all of its properties.

Operating in close to 400 locations in USA and Canada, it is also one of the leading local hospitality employers with a global reach.

16. La Quinta Inns and Suites

 A chain of limited-service hotels, La Quinta Inns and Suites is a popular name for business and Leisure travelled in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

This also is now a part of the Wyndham hospitality group.

With close to 900 hotels in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, La Quinta is within easy reach for business, budget or leisure travelers.

Moreover, they also have an app that makes booking and reservations extremely simple and user-friendly.

17. Lenox Hotel

‘A smile tells you, you have arrived’ says the punchline of The Lenox Hotel in downtown Boston.

This is a family-owned Hotel by the Saunders Hotel Group.

Lenox Hotel has to be on this list of top hospitality companies as it belongs to the historic hospitality community of USA.

Standing tall from 1900, this upscale boutique hotel has a history of superior hospitality.

They believe in the best and hire the best with excellent remuneration on offer.

They also reward with great benefits, providing multiple leadership exposures.

18. Starbucks

You might be sitting in a Starbucks outlet while you read this post.

Such is the expanse of Starbucks across the globe.

Starbucks is an American coffee company and the largest coffee chain which now operates across the globe.

Think of coffee in the USA and you will find a Starbucks outlet.

Starbucks are present in over 13,000 locations in America and close to 25,000 locations worldwide.

Starbucks is considered to be one of the topmost hospitality employers across the globe let alone the USA.

Teamwork, interpersonal skills, strong ethical values, and cooperation are a few of the many things that are given a lot of importance at Starbucks.

19. McDonald’s

The list would have been incomplete had we not included McDonald’s in the list of top hospitality companies.

They deserve to be on every list of the biggest hospitality companies and top hospitality employers for every country, let alone the USA.


McDonald’s originated from the USA in 1955 and they have ever since fed the whole world.

The chain employs over 1.75 million people directly.

It is one of the Biggest Fast Food chains in the world.

The proximity to Corporate headquarters does make McDonald’s USA an employer of choice for many hospitality professionals.

20. Accor Hotels

With a history of over 50 years, this worldwide hotel chain has over 10 Novotel and Sofitel in the USA.

May it be New York, Los Angeles, Miami or any other major city of the USA, you will find an Accor Hotel for sure.

The Chain has budget hotels like Ibis, mid-scale to luxury hotels like Mercure and Grand Mercure, to pure Luxury brands like Sofitel.

Accor is a French Hotel Chain and one of the most reputed ones. It operates in over 90 countries and has close to 4000 hotels in its network worldwide.

Employee retention is quite high with Accor as they have several appraisal processes in place for engaging and retaining the right talent.

Swissotel, Raffles Hotels, and Fairmont Hotels are also now a part of Accor Group.

21. Grand Bohemian Hotel – Kessler Collection

Grand Bohemian Hotel is rated as one of the best hotels in Florida.

The upscale hotel in Orlando, Florida has a lot to awe its visitors.

Part of the Autograph Collection hotels, this hotel finds itself high in repute under the Marriott’s umbrella.

There are other Grand Bohemian hotels in the chain which are unique and boutique luxury properties.

You need to be the best in the hospitality industry to land a job in Grand Bohemian properties.

Apart from the luxury experience, there is a Marriott exposure as well for the taking.

22. Las Vegas Sands

With more than 40,000 employees and a revenue of over $15 Billion, Las Vegas Sands is one of the leading hospitality employers in the USA.

It is an American Casino and resort company that operates predominantly in the USA but also has properties in China and Singapore.

Sands-Top Hospitality Companies of USA

The Hospitality industry is well aware of names like Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas.

These are huge Hotel and Casino properties with iconic architecture and an unparalleled name in the hospitality industry.

Venetian Macau, Sand Macau and the iconic Marina Bay Sands in Singapore are a few more names associated with Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

And, this is not all. The Sands Expo and Convention center is a brand in itself.

Some of the finest Casino hotels, a brand to boast about, excellent pay, training and perquisites and a chance for international exposure; all make Las Vegas Sands Corporation one of the best Hospitality companies in the USA.

23. Airbnb Inc.

A dream that started in Silicon Valley over a decade ago, has expanded to over 190 countries and has reached over 3,500 cities through its millions of listings.

It is a website that has been developed to revolutionise lodging and this concept is being imitated worldwide.

People can find and rent lodging on this site and it’s extremely user-friendly.

The Start-up culture has not changed and the company still continues to be a fun place with quick chances of promotion and some serious work involved.

Airbnb has initiated a chain reaction leading to a lot of other promising Hotel and Travel startups.

It is one of the employers of choice in the USA for Travel and Tourism industry professionals.

24. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Four Seasons doesn’t own many of the hotels and has management contracts for running Hotels developed by real estate giants.

However, it is a very familiar name if you belong to the hospitality fraternity.

‘Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts’ has been ranked among the top 100 best companies to work at ever since it started operating in 1998.

It has a Laurel attached to its name for having one of the lowest employee turnovers in the hospitality industry.

While the company is Headquartered in Canada, it also has a good market in the USA, thus making it an indispensable part of our list of top hospitality companies in the USA.

They hire people with innovative ideas who have a passion for excelling in the Hospitality industry.

They believe in the concept of working in a diverse work culture.

They hire skilled people to serve their customers with utmost importance and have excellent salaries, travel benefits, Health membership cards, holiday packages etc. to offer.

25. Kessler Collection Hospitality Group

When we are listing top hospitality companies in the USA, we will always have companies that are associated with Luxury.

Kessler Collection is one such American hospitality firm that has excelled in providing luxury hospitality experiences to its customers over the years.

Associated with Bohemian Hotels, this collection has 10 luxury properties associated with its brand like Castle Hotel of Orlando, Kessler Canyon etc.

It also has 7 culture-rich destinations, art galleries, over a dozen restaurants and outlets and much more under its umbrella.

As a popular career destination for hospitality job seekers, they offer excellent packages together with health and dental insurance, life and disability insurance, prescription plans and much more.


Hope you liked the collection of top hospitality companies in the USA. We have skipped a couple of large international hotel chains that are headquartered out of the USA.

Those looking to work in these amazing hospitality properties can explore the hotel career websites and apply to a lot of these directly.

In the knowledge economy of today, these top hospitality companies are ensuring that they provide the best customer service by using various technological solutions to increase competitiveness.

We will try and keep adding to the list while adding information for individual hospitality companies in the USA mentioned in this post.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Top Hospitality Companies in the USA


  1. How much revenue did the top hospitality companies in the USA generate in 2023?


There is no specific figure for revenue from all hospitality companies in the USA combined for 2023, However, a number of over 1 trillion dollars in revenue is estimated. This significant revenue demonstrates the industry’s robust performance and economic contribution, creating over 8.5 million jobs.


  1. Are these companies exclusively operating in the USA?


While these companies are based in the USA, many of them have a global presence with hotels and resorts in various countries worldwide. They have expanded their operations internationally to cater to a broader market.


  1. What distinguishes these companies as the top hospitality companies?


These companies are considered the top hospitality companies due to several factors. They demonstrate exceptional financial performance and offer high-quality services. They also maintain a strong brand reputation and contribute significantly to the economy through job creation and revenue generation. Their widespread recognition and extensive customer base further solidify their position as industry leaders.

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