All About the Hyatt Hotels | History, Best Hotels and More

In this post, we present to you all about the Hyatt hotels.

Let’s begin with a quick question.

Are you a hotelier or a hospitality and tourism enthusiast?

I am sure you are and you must be aware of the iconic hospitality brand ‘Hyatt’.

Hyatt Group is regarded as one of the best hotel chains and one of the best hospitality employers globally.

In this article, we have discussed all about the Hyatt Group; the brand, its history, the Best Hyatt Hotels in the world and facts about the Hyatt family of hotels.

This post also reflects on its planned progression and Hyatt as an employer that has gained a high reputation in the USA and worldwide.

The core value at Hyatt is “To care for the people so they can be their best”

First Hyatt Hotel- Origin of Hyatt Hotels

Let’s try to answer questions about the origin and owners of the Hyatt family of hotels. The History of Hyatt hotels is fascinating.

We begin with the first question, Who owns the Hyatt Group of Hotels?

Hyatt Hotel Corporation America came into existence in 1957 with the purchase of Hyatt House close to Los Angeles Airport.

Who would have thought that the purchase of a Motel would spur the making of a revolutionary brand in the future?

It was the same napkin story. Napkins might have hundreds of uses but nothing is more important than the businesses that originated on them.

Even the first Hyatt contract was penned on a Napkin.

Thus Hyatt received its first hotel and then began an incredible journey that made Hyatt Hotels a global chain with over 600 hotels globally in 5 decades.

Hyatt family of Hotels- The Facts and the numbers

1. The Company was founded in 1957 by Jay Pritzker.

2. The company has over 650 hotels operating under its brand around the globe.

3. It has been listed as one of the best US companies to work for by Fortune Magazine over the years.

4. It employs close to 100,000 people.

5. Hyatt operates in 50+ countries.

6. Hyatt Hotels have recently launched their 13th brand “Unbound’ which is a collection of independent hotels.

7. The company has converted 9 of its hotels into innovation labs for promoting innovation and for a better understanding of consumer behaviour.

Best Hyatt Hotels in the world

Almost all of the 650+ Hyatt Hotels are unique and special.

Hyatt’s family of hotels have been synonymous with luxury.

We would list a few of the best Hyatt Hotels in the world in this post.</p>

Park Hyatt Hadahaa Maldives

Park Hyatt Hadahaa is an ideal destination in the Maldives. It is one of the most offbeat luxurious Hyatt properties.

It is thus considered as one of the best Hyatt Hotel properties in the world.

Located on the private island of Maldives, the hotel is an all-villa property with 50 villas to provide an amazing luxury experience to all its visitors.

The Maldives is said to be one of the best destinations in the world and this Hadahaa property is one of the best properties in the Maldives.

This Hyatt property lets its customers unwind and enjoy nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Hyatt Regency Long Beach, California

This place has 100 restaurants in and around with 3 airports in easy reach.

Hyatt Regency Long Beach is the only 4 Diamond property in this area. 

4 Diamond is a sign of Luxury and like a lot of Hotels in the Hyatt Family, this hotel excels by providing superior hospitality services.

This 528-room property has everything to please its guests.

May it be a 6-mile beach, 18-hole golf course, heated outdoor pool and 5-acre lagoon all in the vicinity.

The location is a key advantage of this hotel and is a renowned property in the area.

Andaz Maui Wailea

Think of vacation, think of Hawaii Islands. Think of the best Hyatt hotels, think of Andaz Maui Wailea.

Can we have a better location for this upscale brand of Hyatt Hotels? 

Andaz Maui Wailea is a treat for tourists.

We already know about Hyatt group and its hotels but Andaz has managed to have a separate name under the various categories of Hyatt.

The 15-acre beachfront resort has everything for luxury-seeking visitors. Think of luxury and you will find everything right here.

From the beach to peaks to rainforests, you will find yourself in the natural realms all during your stay. This is a great place to unwind and refresh with friends and family.

Andaz is a Boutique brand operating under the Hyatt umbrella. This hotel thus provides a unique architecture and customised luxury experience.

An ideal outing to experience the Hyatt luxury with a boutique advantage.

Grand Hyatt Dubai

Dubai is one of the hospitality hubs in recent times.

Grand Hyatt has been one of the iconic structures of Dubai.

This 674 Keys hotel is set in a 37-acre landscaped garden. Located in the heart of Dubai, it provides a great mix of luxury and business to all its guests.

While we can go on and on with the list, among the 650-plus hotels of Hyatt, more than half are luxury properties.

Most of these are strategically located in major cities and tourist centres all around the globe in over 50 countries.

The full list of the best Hyatt Hotels in the world can be found on the official webpage of Hyatt or any of the aggregation sites like TripAdvisor.

There are a lot of amazing travel websites which have a complete list of all the Hyatt Hotels.

Hyatt Hotels- the Global expanse

Hyatt Group operates under a lot of categories. Listed here are some of the many Hyatt Hotel categories.

Hyatt group operate globally under several names that include Hyatt, Hyatt Place, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Park Hyatt, Hyatt Centric and Hyatt House.

They also have resorts operating under the brand names Hyatt Zilara and Hyatt Ziva.

Andaz hotels are upscale Boutique hotels that operate under the Hyatt umbrella. The Recent addition to its brand has been ‘Unbound’ which was launched in March 2016 and now has 5 independent properties with the sixth one named Coco Palms to be launched soon in Kauai HI in Hawaii islands.

One of the notable additions to the Hyatt Unbound collection is the Hôtel du Louvre in Paris.

Hyatt Family of Hotels- Keeping pace with innovation

All who know about Hyatt Hotels are aware that on one side it is known for having some of the best hotels in the world while on the other side, it is known for regular innovation.

Hyatt Family of Hotels is keeping pace with the regular innovation in the hospitality industry.

Along with Marriott and other global chains like Accor and Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels has been contributing to the hospitality fraternity through regular innovation.

Converting 9 of its hotels into an innovation centre is one of the many examples that display the intent of Hyatt to innovate and excel in providing the best experience to all its customers.

Hyatt has never been shy to put forward innovation to the hospitality fraternity; may it be the large-scale atrium lobby concept through Hyatt Regency Atlanta almost 5 decades ago or introducing fresh service models to the hospitality industry.

Hyatt Gold Passport is another innovative customer loyalty programme by the company to provide the best package to customers to lure them to stay attached to the brand.

They connect with customers attached to this loyalty programme through various technology-led innovations.

Hyatt Hotels have been newsmakers all the time. May it be their new hotel properties or excellent customer reviews.

At times they are making headlines for innovation and excellent financial results.

The recent couple of years’ results have not been that bright due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that is not going to affect the onward march of Hyatt Hotels towards excellence in hospitality service.

Hyatt has also been in the news due to opening up several new hotels across the globe and a lot of others in the pipeline.

Working at the Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Family of Hotels has been awarded by a lot of agencies for being one of the best employers globally. In the hospitality industry, Hyatt has been arguably the best employer worldwide or at least it competes well with the best in the industry.

Hyatt Group has a dedicated job portal for hospitality professionals from all around the globe.

Jobs can be searched and applied at their official job portal.

Hyatt has set high standards as far as the work environment and employee development are concerned.

The company is also considered to be one of the best retainers of employees in the travel and tourism industry. Competing with the likes of Hilton and Marriott, it has ensured that it keeps setting higher standards in terms of employee training and perquisites.

Glassdoor reviews reveal a lot more about working at Hyatt through first-hand information from current and prospective employees.

Hyatt has also been setting examples in the past as far as providing the best customer service or fair employment opportunities to its employees are concerned.