In this post, we have covered the 8 best travel websites in the world.

We have also included in this post some of the amazing travel companies that keep coming up with the best deals for top hotel chains as well as budget hotels.

Most of us save all the year-round to plan the best vacation for ourselves or our families. Vacations are definitely the best time of the year but, they are not always as pleasant as we imagine.

You have to keep a lot of things in mind while travelling to a place like where to stay, what to do and what to eat.

That is when you need to seek help from the best travel websites in order to help you.

So, here we are with a list of the best online travel sites.

8 Best Travel Websites in the world


You need to plan everything beforehand but if you are going to a place for the first time then you don’t usually have an idea about these things.

It is then that you fear your investment going bad.

This post will not disappoint you in terms of your travel plans. While all these travel sites are a brand in themselves, they are rated high in terms of quality and trust and at times have on offer various steal deals.

They have an interesting tagline.

‘We inspect in person, just like your mother in law.’

Oyster is a very respected and quality travel website which makes sure that it never goes wrong in terms of quality.

So, if you are concerned about quality and luxury, this is your best bet.

The best quality about this travel website is that it gives honest reviews by sending its own agents who do the job for them.

It gives you the best advice related to big cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

2. best travel websites around the world

From luxury seekers to budget travellers. This is a one-size-fits-all travel website.

If you are planning to visit Europe, you can’t give this site a miss.

LastMinute is amazing and one of the best travel websites that provides the best hotel deals where you need to pay the price of a three-star hotel for a stay in a five-star hotel.

The last-minute deals are meant to amaze travel enthusiasts.

It has everything that travellers can think of. Spas, Theatres, Car rentals, amusement parks, travel guides are a few of the many services that has to offer to travel enthusiasts.

Club your travel with flights or Eurostar or mix the deal. It is the flexibility of the site that makes it one of the best travel websites in the world, let alone Europe.

In addition to this, it provides deals for flights as well as spas that are never going to disappoint you.

3.        TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor- best travel websites around the world

Who doesn’t know about TripAdvisor?

It is definitely one of the biggest hotel review websites that cover a large number of hotel chains and tells you a lot about tourist attractions and restaurants as well. Whether you are looking for limited-service budget hotels, full-service hotels or select-service hotel chains (the mid-segment), this website has it all.

It has high regard even among the best travel websites in the world.

There is a huge amount of trust that goes with this site. We all trust hotels and restaurants by the TripAdvisor ratings.

Tripadvisor has local variants for each country and even are themed with local flavours and tastes.

It is one of the sites that can be visited often just to learn about a place as it has the maximum reach in terms of reviews of places, hotels, attractions and restaurants.

They have also made booking hotels extremely simple.

It is definitely going to prove a very helpful guide for planning your trip.

It also has great loyalty benefits to offer.

4.        The Everywhereist

Is travel fun- yes it is! Is it relaxing- oh yes, of course!

This is what the owners of this site want to convey through their amazing website or blog.

Is it relaxing- oh yes, of course! This is what the owners of this site want to convey through their amazing website or blog.

The Everywhereist is one of the best travel websites and we love this site a lot for its authentic style.

This is one of the best travel blogs and has reviews of a lot of wonderful places. If you want to test your imagination and personal travel directory, then this is the right place to begin.

If you want to test your imagination and personal travel directory, then this is the right place to begin.

The owner of the website has travelled a lot which makes her website quite reliable.

However, that is not the only distinguishing factor of this website rather it is the fact that this site has some really honest reviews presented in a very humorous manner that makes the hectic work of planning your trip enjoyable.

On one end it helps plan your trip, while on the other side, it provides you with a visual treat and makes it a delight for readers.

You can guess that the site is made with lots of passion by a travel enthusiast who has almost been everywhere. Just explore it yourself.

5.         TravelFish

TravelFish- best travel websites around the world

Planning to visit Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore or any other Southeast Asian country. You then deserve real information. That’s what is done by TravelFish.

You deserve real information.

This is one of the best travel websites for the countries mentioned above. So, give it a try.

This website includes honest, hard-earned and inside information about travelling to Southeast Asia.

To add to the credibility of the author’s opinion, this site also contains blogs and reviews by others. You would love the opinions, reviews and pictures. This site serves as an honest travel guide.

You would love the opinions, reviews and pictures. This website serves as an honest travel guide.

6.         Traveller’s Point

This travel website is definitely the world’s largest and among the best travelling websites with more than 3000 blogs and numerous photographs where you can get answers to any question you ask.

From putting your itinerary onto the maps to keeping your family and friends updated to sharing trip updates. There is much more to the Travellerspoint.

From travel planners to real pictures by travellers. Thousands of new photos are being added every hour. Hundreds of new trips are discussed every hour.

This is by far the biggest travel community and being a part of it is no less than a travelling experience.

Furthermore, the whole website is very efficiently organised which makes it easier to find relevant information.

7.        Green Traveler Guide

Greentravelerguide- best travel websites around the world

With Global Warming becoming a major concern for the entire world, you definitely need to play your little part. The best way to do so is by travelling in an environment-friendly manner.

If you are interested in doing so, then Green Traveler guides can give you the best suggestions to travel around the world without disturbing nature in any way.

There are multiple other sites that provide advice on green travel including the global giant Expedia.

Stay in Green Hotels, sustainable huts or have an adventure trip in the wild nature. You can have loads of fun and still Go green.

The clear intention and a futuristic vision of sustainable earth make the Green Traveler Guide one of the best travel websites and also a very popular one for travel enthusiasts.

8.        Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals- best travel websites around the world

Big guides and travel books often provide a superficial idea of the place and if you are interested in getting a scoop of the inside story then this website is the best place to visit for you.

This is because it contains reviews of locals about which place to visit and which not to.

An all in one guide to destinations in Europe, locals give an exact account of the place. Locals even help in enjoying the local culture.

Who would know your home better than yourself? So hearing for local is a great idea and thus appears on our list of best travel websites around the world.

This initiative is now so popular that they also have an Android app. So, before you plan to travel to Europe, do hear about the place from locals.

Few More Travel Websites as Bonus – With Tips to Save Money

As the peak season is approaching, many people are scouring the internet for the most affordable hotels. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were tips to help you make the process effortlessly easy?

Whether you are vacationing with your family or travelling for business, you can always find the cheapest hotel rates online. But, let’s face it;

Sniffing out the best and the cheapest hotel rates online hasn’t always been a walk in the park.

Affordable Hotels in the hotel industry make it even easier for travellers to cross continents.

Herein, we will walk through some of the top insider tips poised to help you garner cheap hotels for tonight.

Read on to land a hotel deal that will not break your bank.

Top tips to find the cheapest hotel rates online using the best travel websites

1. Use Hotel Rate Comparison Websites

The value of price comparison sites is absolute in your quest for the cheapest hotel rates. The market is full of comparison websites like Cozy Cozy, Trivago and others fighting for that extra-loyal customer. You have nothing to lose and all you need to do is to search for the best rate hotel room provider.

A common question is, where can I find the cheapest hotel rates? The answer lies with your smartphone or is hidden in your laptop. A little research would do wonders and you would be packing soon for the ultimate getaway this weekend.

Here is a list of websites that will help you compare the prices of various hotels and hotel sites:

  • Priceline

It is a site that offers auction-style hotel deals. You can even bid your price to find a room that suits your budget.

Much like, Priceline negotiates hotel deals on your behalf. They also aggregate all hotel rates for resorts, vacation rentals, hostels, and hotels across the world.

You select a minimum star class and your price range, and boom! You have hundreds of cheap hotel options for your destination.

Learn more on Priceline’s official website.

  • Travelocity

Travelocity is one of the cheapest hotel booking websites as it claims to have the best price guarantee.

They claim to refund the difference in price if you stumble upon a better price.


This list of the cheapest hotel booking websites wouldn’t be complete without on it.

Its search engine offers uncluttered results based on your criteria – cost, star rating, etc. The search engine can help you land and reserve the cheapest hotels out there.

It claims to ingrain a total of 187,784 hotels and counting.

  • Orbitz

Check Orbitz for the best prices and lightning deals.

Orbitz is a subsidiary of Expedia. com which is one of the largest hotel aggregator sites in the world.

  • Kayak

Kayak is an aggregator of other hotel rate search engines and so it will help you garner the best rates for your stay.

The entry of Kayak into the hotel deal arena came as a big reprieve for most travellers across the globe. Kayak, in essence, is actually an aggregator of several hotel rate search engines and thus one of the cheapest hotel booking websites.

It allows you to slice and dice other cheap hotel booking websites like Booking. com, Priceline, Travelocity, Orbitz, and so forth.

With such data at your fingertips, you can find the best hotel rates online.


Here’s a website that has been saving travellers money on accommodation for the past decade or so.

Its approach is pretty straightforward – it lists all available hotel rates from properties around the world.

All you have to do is make your hotel search based on cost.

They also feature last-minute hotel deals for many cities and destinations around the world if you are one of those who want the cheapest hotel rates for tonight.

  • HomeAway

Here’s the thing: Vacation rentals can be a good deal, particularly for people who travel in groups. For your next vacation with friends, family or colleagues, there’s HomeAway.

It offers you a wide range of cheap rental lodgings for your destination.

HomeAway allows you to book hotel rentals for groups at rock-bottom rates. They also feature weekly and last-minute rental lodging deals.

The good news is that each website for hotel deals offers a unique experience. If you fancy internet access, for instance, web-based magazines like HotelChatter will help you sift through hotels based on their access.

Screen through as many travel sites as possible. It’s worth an hour of research.

So, wear your sleuthing hat and do a little research; you will be glad you did.

And the best part is that most of these sites are reliable, robust and intuitive. Although some might cajole you to register before accessing their services, the process is snappy and hassle-free.

There are also a lot of aggregators which can save you the hassles of visiting these sites individually.

Websites like Tripadvisor, Makemytrip, Trivago and more are an unbiased branded search engine that aggregates all existing online accommodation solutions in one place. These websites bring our users all options to a single site, from hotels, rentals, and hostels to more unconventional accommodation types like treehouses and boats.

2. Flip-Flop Weekdays and Weekends

Here’s the thing that most hotel users don’t know: Hotels target a variety of clientele with somewhat different routines for weekdays and weekends.

Look for a business hotel on the weekend and a family hotel or resort on weekdays for the cheapest deals.

Leisure and tourist hotels, for one, know that their customers troop to their facility mostly on the weekends. That is why they tend to hike their prices on the weekend but offer significant discounts over the weekend.

While searching for the best hotel deals online, make sure to go for this kind of hotel if you are going to stay during the weekday.

It’s easy to categorise hotels by going through one of the many travel and hotel sites mentioned in point 1 of this post.

On the other hand, executive hotels that deal with significant business clientele (and often offer sensible discounts) always bring down their rates on weekends.

So, you can save up to 50% if you check into one of these hotels on the weekends. And, to top it all, they typically add a little discount if you actually book and check-in online.

3. Be Flexible With Your Dates while searching for the best hotel rates online

Here’s another no-brainer tip for finding the cheapest hotel rates online: keep your travel dates open.

It simply is the best way to garner hotel bargains. Some of the most competitive websites for hotels will show you the best time to stay at your destination.

They can also have options to input parameters like your travel budget, location limits, and so forth to give you a list of the cheapest hotels.

Try the filters available and go for flexible dates. You might be pleasantly surprised by the difference in prices.

If it’s possible, avoid festive seasons for the cheapest hotel rates online.

Trivago is a search engine that searches through almost all hotel and travel sites to get you the best deal.

4. Beware of Amenity Pitfalls while booking hotel rooms

Let’s be honest;

If a hotel deal screams too cheap, it’s better to trust your instincts.

Will you be driving to the Hotel? Make sure the car parking is included in the cost.

The problem is that some hotels feature rock-bottom rates online but include some hidden charges and questionable fees later.

That implies that you need to be absolutely sure that you don’t need extra amenities like Wi-Fi, TV, and extra toiletries.

Some hotels keep prices to a bare minimum but charge you for every single thing like Gym, swimming pool, tea/coffee sachets and even toiletries and towels.

Don’t fall into the trap. Select the best deal in your budget, not the cheapest deal.

5. Look for Hidden Discounts

If you are a member of certain organisations like AAA, AARP, American Bar Association, NBA, MLS, and so forth, you might be entitled to a discount.

Search online for these discounts. Even better, drop an email or make a phone call. A lot of these organisations provide free membership as well. Look out for the best organisations in your area to avail the advantages of cheaper Hotel rates.

This way, you can be sure that you are taking advantage of all the discounts applicable to you.

A lot of websites provide discounted coupons with Groupon leading the pack of these aggregation coupon sites. There are various other travel websites that offer and specialise in travel coupons. So, if you are looking to travel to Europe or other top locations worldwide, a lot of these websites can help with coupon discounts.

These might not always be helpful but at times the deals are too good to resist and can be tried for any additional benefits for getting the best hotel rates.

It’s worth a few minutes to scroll through these coupon sites to see if there is anything of interest for the next vacation.

6. Go For Packaged Deals

Most of the cheapest websites for hotels offer hotel packages. The allure of these hotel plans lies in their cost-effectiveness.

Need a massage, hotel room, conferencing, and so on, all wrapped in one? If you do the math, the total cost of each need will be much higher than that of a package.

So, scour the internet for such all-inclusive packages and book hotels for cheap prices.

If you are staying in a resort far away from the hustles and bustles of the city, it is much better to buy an all-meal plan while for a city hotel, a room-only plan might be a better idea.

It’s good to look for nearby places and restaurants before booking packages.

Agoda is one of the trusted sites that offer excellent packages and cheapest hotel rates online in Southeast Asia and Europe.

Also, it’s worth it to pre-book your local transport for sightseeing early to grab good car rental deals. Try to look for car rentals that provide hassle-free cancellations with prompt and in most cases full refunds. Also, it’s advisable to look for online providers that have round-the-clock customer support and no hidden fees or fine print.

7. Look for a Rewarding Loyalty Clubs

Believe it or not, this task that takes only a couple of minutes could help you reap significant ongoing dividends.

The good news is that some websites for hotel deals keep a constantly refreshed list of these loyalty programs.

Do, enrol in these hotel customer loyalty programs if you travel often.

Almost all hotels have their own reward programmes as well. It’s a wise idea to enrol in reward programmes if you stay at global chains as these yield high rewards in the long run.

Moreover, these are free of cost and bring in a lot of additional benefits for future stays.

Even getting the best deals involves a strategy to bag the best deal out there.


There you go. Our list of best travel websites in the world. There are other travel sites and we will keep adding them in our future updates.

There are many other travel websites that we will keep adding as we keep updating this post for freshness and relevance.

Don’t forget that hotel deals change often, and it pays to stick with only reliable, intuitive, and trustworthy comparison websites.

Plan ahead, join a few hotel loyalty programs, and always scour the interweb for the cheapest hotel rates online.

Have any other queries regarding hospitality and travel? Just jump to our homepage and search for things relating to the hospitality and travel industry.

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