Ritz Paris is part of the leading hotels in the world. When the Hotel was closed, it was considered a big loss to the hotel industry. The luxurious Ritz Paris has reopened its doors in 2016 to amuse visitors from all corners of the world once again. Let’s discuss, in this post, all about Hotel Ritz Paris.

This lavish hotel, unfortunately, had to close for multiple years. That’s right – after going through rigorous renovations for almost four years, this grand hotel that once was the talk of Paris swung its doors open with a bang in 2016. And, ever since it has kept tongues wagging across the entire hospitality spectrum. Why not so? This hotel has been the talk of the town for years.

The Ritz Paris has been a landmark property for the city and thus the reopening is a welcome thing for all.

Ritz Paris- Why is it so Special?

There are kinds of world-famous hotels in the world – the Cipriani in Venice, the Peninsula in Hong Kong and the Savoy located in London.

There are a lot of Luxury Resorts in the world and several Beautiful Hotels around the globe. However, the most famous of them all has to be the Ritz Paris. How so?

In terms of luxury, it has at times been compared to hotels like Burj Al Arab in Dubai along with a lot of other Luxury Resorts in the world.

The Hotel has been developed primarily by two great hospitality personalities.

  • Cesar Ritz, the most respected man in the hospitality industry. He’s been called “The King of Hoteliers and the Hotelier of Kings”.
  • Auguste Escoffier, a well-known culinary figure, came up with the phrase, “The customer is never wrong”.

Ritz Paris- Renovated, refurbished and rejuvenated

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Hotel Ritz Paris is a class apart as far as the luxury hotel definition is considered. In a way, this hotel can define what luxury hospitality is in real terms.

Ritz Paris has had a $200 million renovation over a period of more than 2 years. The Hotel has finally opened its doors again and it comes as a piece of great news to the hospitality fraternity.

Once frequented by the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Ritz Paris had taken a brunt of a beating before it shut its doors for a major overhaul.

Rumour has it that it failed to garner the most coveted feat of an “official palace” status back in 2012.

Nonetheless, the Ritz Paris renovation was wound up right on time for the Euro 2016 tournament that saw some of the wealthiest soccer fans graze French streets and top-notch hotels.

This is not all. French Hospitality and sophistication added to the luxury elements at Ritz Paris make it unique and arguably one of the best hotels across the globe.

The name Paris in itself is enough to add excitement to hospitality professionals and travel enthusiasts.

The Ritz Paris isn’t associated with the Ritz-Carlton hotel group.

The name also comes from Cesar and his Paris landmark – a luxurious hotel that’s led to the creation of other luxurious hotels around the globe.

Ritz Paris: Historical Background makes it special

There is a history behind making this amazing hotel special. Originally designed and built to be a private palace way back in the 18th century, the establishment changed course and became the then  Hôtel de Lazun, an exquisite abode for royal families and the opulent.

When Cesar Ritz swooped in and bought the hotel, he envisioned a Swiss hospitality establishment that would cater to who is who of the society.

And the hotel did live up to its reputation and hype. With a cadre of famous individuals such as Coco Chanel, F.S. Fitzgerald, Marcel Proust, and so forth favouriting this hotel, Ritz Paris isn’t too shabby.

The Ritz Paris’ doors opened in 1898 and this lavish hotel was used by celebrities, royalty and heads of state for more than a century.

Thierry Despont is a famous architect, and for the last four years, has been working alongside thousands of craftsmen and workers, on the Ritz Paris in a significant multi-million dollar renovation.

So many people were in awe over the property that the term “ritzy” was applied to it and the idea of “putting on the Ritz” was born.

A number of construction mishaps – think rooftop fire – led to a longer than anticipated completion date. However, on June 14, 2016, the Ritz Paris finally opened to the public once again.

A Glimpse of the New and Revamped Ritz Paris

Image Courtesy- Ritz Paris Official Website

Right, from the outset, the newly renovated Ritz Paris is tantalising and quite a sight, perhaps a perfect feat for the official palace status (a notch higher than the famed 5-star hotels).

Well, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the four-year Ritz renovation; it’s certainly worth every dime spent!

What Can People Expect From The New and Improved Ritz?

There are now more than 140 rooms – 71 suites and 71 rooms; 15 Prestige Suites have been designated for loyal guests over the years including:

  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Coco Chanel
  • Duke of Windsor
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Maria Callas
  • Marcel Proust
  • Prince of Wales

Ecole Ritz Escoffier is the hotel’s famous cooking school that will offer day classes to its guests in its new hi-tech demonstration kitchen.

The hotel’s spa was expanded and Chanel au Ritz Paris was added to the building.  Restaurant L’Espadon and Bar Vendome were renovated, with a bistro-style restaurant added to the mix.

Renamed Ritz Suites

For anyone who’s familiar with the former Ritz Paris, the change in the naming of its facilities is quite apparent.

The Prestige Suites and the Imperial Suite are now dedicated to famous residents, including Maria Callas and F.S. Fitzgerald. You can now enjoy a massage or kick back and relax in the Chanel spa or get pampered inside the new Salon Proust.

When not out sightseeing or relaxing in your fabulous room, you can enjoy a drink at the Hemingway Bar.

This Ritz bar not only features a raft of Hemingway memorabilia but also opens to entertainment and dining all day.

Right from mouthwatering breakfast and bistro-esque lunch to evening bar, Ritz Paris has never been this enticing and lavish.


Here we present to you all about Hotel Ritz Paris, the refurbished one for greater comfort of customers. Ritz Paris is one of the finest hotels in the world. Luxury at its best is what can be said about the hotel.

We have missed including it on our list of Most Beautiful Hotels in the world for a reason. We wanted to dedicate a complete post to this super luxurious hotel.

It is indeed a class apart and as it is now reopened, it is going to set new luxury benchmarks in the hospitality industry.

We will keep track of this hotel in the coming years and will keep bringing the news about the increasing popularity and class of the hotel.

We wish this Hotel many more decades of similar success and repute that it has experienced in the past.

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