In this post, we bring you the top luxury resorts in the world. We have ensured that this post is a luxury delight.

We all love lavishness and we reach out to top luxury resorts in the world while on vacation to fulfil our desires for luxury and superior hospitality.

Ladies and gentlemen, here we present 9 top luxury resorts in the world that will simply knock your socks off.

The desire to venture into faraway places or those in our backyard has ingrained so much into our summer psyche that it’s practically natural by now.

So, as summer comes to a dramatic close, it makes us think back to where we pitched a tent this vacation period.

Was it a place to just kick back and rest for the night, or did it fire your imagination, provide you with unforgettable moments, and immerse you in the local surrounding?

From magnificent coastal resorts to the best ski resorts in the world and everything in between, there’s certainly something special for every Luxury Resort on this list.

Read on; your family and friends will thank you later.

Not getting into controversies, the list is not in any order and doesn’t boast of any mind-boggling algorithm to select the top luxury resorts in the world. We will keep adding to the list in future updates.

1. Villa Montenegro and Sveti Stefan in Montenegro

Let’s begin our journey to magnificent luxury resorts in the world with Montenegro.

There’s something magical about Montenegro.

The country itself is an expanse of scintillating mountains, fjord, canyons, and scenic Adriatic coast with meandering white sand beaches – a true slice of heaven for an adventurous and relaxing vacation.

Amid the bustling life of Budva – a coastal town heartthrob for tourists lies two top luxurious beach resorts:  Villa Montenegro and Sveti Stefan.

Both have outstanding private beaches. And, their award-winning staffs bring a little sass and flair to the hospitality industry.

Aman Sveti Stefan offers you a serene setting in the form of a private isolated beach and 600 years old tiled roofs. To go with these you get unmatched luxury in this luxury beach resort.

2. Mandarin Oriental, China

It can’t get grander.

This luxurious resort situated on the southern flank of China brings a whole meaning to the excellent resort experience.

It has gained much traction with tourists all over the world because of its infinity pools and breathtaking view of the great South China Sea.

Mandarin Hotel in Sanya, Hainan islands is luxury redefined.

Guest rooms next to the beach, pavilion rooms, suites with private terraces or balconies and private villas; they have it all here.

Private villas are duplex pool villas and the luxury has a different definition when you book one of these.

You have a private pool to go along with a personal garden and sundeck.

If there is anything else you aspire for, trust me, you might be lucky to get that as well.

Set in a dozen hectares of gardens enjoying tropical climates throughout the year, this luxury beach resort is nothing less than a delight.

If you are one of those foodies who love trying different dishes, you would be pleased with the collection they have at the Mandarin Oriental, Sanya.

Home of this luxury resort, Hainan Island, is no less exciting a place to have a great vacation.

The proximity of the hotel to the shopping centre and the airport makes it even more convenient.

3. Ladera Resort in St. Lucia

They call it ‘A romantic Paradise’. We call it one of the top luxury resorts in the world.

Must be for a reason that these verses go well with Ladera. Let’s explore this amazing luxury resort further.

This Caribbean Island has fascinating scenery and attraction including two volcanic Pitons that emerge out of the ocean offering an awe-inspiring landscape.

It is the only resort in St. Lucia that has been recognised for a place on a prestigious world heritage site listing by UNESCO.

Have a look.

Image Courtesy- Ladera

Ladera Resort, on its side, completes an outstanding vacation with its striking views and tantalising delicacies.

The staff also does a bang-up job making your stay unforgettable.

Now let’s also take a sneak peek into your room if you happen to be at Ladera Resort on your next trip.

There is a lot on offer at this amazing Luxury Resort.

4. Mihir Garh, India

From Freezing Himalayas to hot Rajasthan to a tropical Goa. You get everything in India.

Not many are aware of this luxury resort that graces the most visited state of India in terms of tourists from outside India.

Amid the scorching, Thar Desert in the state of Rajasthan, Sun is an oasis of a resort called Mihir Garh.

For those who love extraordinary top resorts, Mihir Garh is certainly the place-to-be.

Locates in a splendid isolation, Mihir  Garh Resort offers magnificent architecture and a place to kick back far away from all the hustle and bustle of life.

Hospitality and luxury at their best can be seen at this resort or a boutique resort to be precise. Visit this resort for its architecture and design.

Mihir Garh has been awarded as the most extraordinary hotel in the world of 2014 by Lonely planet and it is also a winner of the world’s best boutique hotel of 2013.

Experience a vacation and live like royalty at one of the top resorts in the world which give an experience beyond luxury.

Would you like to know what to expect? Just make your way to its website to know more.

5. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

What a journey this has been from the scorching heat of Rajasthan to chilli Wyoming.

Let the journey to the best luxury resorts in the world continue.

Jackson Hole clinches the top prize for the best ski resorts in the world.

And for good reason.

It’s accessible, offers the best skiing experience, scenic Mountain View, and has unexpectedly mouth-watering delicacies.

They offer grass-fed beef burgers which according to many are simply out of this world.

It is known for its highest vertical drop close to 4,500 ft. which makes it one of the best luxury ski resorts in the world.

This vertical drop is not only one of the highest in the USA but the whole of North America.

It also hosts the first LEED hotel in Jackson, a feat to reckon with.

In contrast to Mihir Garh resort, this Resort helps you get a spine-chilling skiing experience.

Go for it and enjoy the mountains and the adventurous and exciting aerial tram.

6. Explora Lodges, Patagonia, Chile

This is definitely one of the top luxury resorts in the world.

They call it the ‘Southernmost tip of the world’

Well, we have not reached the south pole as yet. This place is in Chile.

Explora is exactly what the Doctors asked for in a healthy post as what we were missing on the list was a national park.

If you visit Explora Patagonia, you would find yourself in the middle of  Torres del Paine National Park and on the shores of Lake Pehoe.

For this reason, the place is declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Image Courtesy- Explora

From hiking to horse riding there wouldn’t be an adventure which you would not find during your stay.

Mouthwatering food and luxury living would be on offer throughout the stay.

If you want to have a look at this scenic place, then have a look at the awesome video on the homepage of Explora Lodges.

7. Castello di Casole, Casole d’Elsa, Italy

And we are back in Europe.

The list of top luxury resorts in the world would have been incomplete without another trip to Europe.

Castello di Casole is a different kind of luxury resort.

It’s in the timberland.

‘Past, present, Perfect’ is what they describe of this place.

What can be so exciting about this place? Let me not keep you guessing. The answer is everything.

It’s 4,200 acres of land untouched and as they say, it has been touched only by history.

You get a chance to live with nature and in alignment with nature.

It’s a farmhouse estate that engulfs the luxury hotel settings.

So, get ready to dissolve in the wilderness. Explore the Vineyards, do some bird watching and simply gaze at nature till eternity.

8. Singita Sabi Sand, South Africa

It’s time for Africa and what we have here is yet another peculiar luxury resort. There are two options for lodges.

Boulder’s lodge and Ebony Lodge. Castleton is another farmhouse like a resort in the area from Singita Sabi Sand.

The speciality is that it is a resort which has a tribal culture and you might find yourself in the company of cats.

You might think what’s the big deal we sure love cats.

Well, Singita Sabi Sand is ideally placed in the ‘Big Cat Country’ and now you know which cat is being discussed here.

This is not going to be a wrong turn for sure as this resort has been developed into a contemporary safari lodge where you can immerse yourself in nature enjoying the local tribal culture in the animal kingdom.

You can enjoy your stay in luxury camps, enjoy the rocky swimming pool in the midst of hundreds of acres of open space.

Luxury and serenity go hand in hand here and you always can step out for a great safari experience.

9. One & Only Hayman Island Great Barrier Reef, Australia

What we have done in this short journey with you of the top luxury hotel resorts in the world is that we have tried to cover all continents.

It is indeed a difficult task to unite the world but the hospitality industry has been doing this for ages now.

One & Only Hayman Island is another spending luxury beach resort that provides you with an all-inclusive package of luxury, fun and excitement.

This is one of the best 5-star All Inclusive resorts in Australia.

Located on Hayman Island, this luxury resort is simply mesmerising.

It is located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.

All you were missing from the luxury experience in the post was a Yacht.

You get it at One & Only Hayman Island.

There is much more to the luxury quotient here and the unspoilt beach is needless to be mentioned as it would not be a surprise anymore.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take a plunge. Visit the official site for more information and pictures.


Hope you enjoyed the tour of our selection of top luxury resorts in the world.

You can also have a look at our selection of Top Luxury Resorts in Maldives and 

We will keep updating this space for more hotels and resorts.

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