The year 2021 marked one of the most controversial beginnings in the last couple of decades. Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, everything has changed and people needed several months to adapt to the new rules and protocols. Something that couldn’t prevent its effect is eLearning too.

However, this has started to normalise from 2023. eLearning is the way of the learning process that students have at their disposal today. Through it, they can maintain as students and finish their school and college in time. Some of the top online learning platforms are already covered in detail on this blog. Please find here the best 10 eLearning trends in 2024.

Syllabus In The Form Of Community

One trend that will surely be interesting to pay attention to is a syllabus in the form of community. What does it mean?

The point of the syllabus is referred to the interaction of the participants. Students are often not open enough and don’t want to interact with others so easily. This is about to change in 2024. The plan is to engage all the students that attend the eLearning courses online and teach them to be more collaborative.

Interaction is often the key to the success of the students and that’s why this trend will be of great use.

Content Focused On Its Users

Another trend of eLearning that has been be live from 2021 is related to user-generated content. This is set to be more prominent in 2024 and beyond. It is associated with the sharing of knowledge among the students. It is often the case that students learn some content and want to keep it for themselves.

This trend will positively affect it and make the students share it with their peers. It can be done in many different ways such as videos, blog posts, images, etc.

Check the below video that explains how 2024 will see the further transformation of the elearning industry through gamification and much more.

Selection Of The Right Content

It is not a rarity that students don’t pay much attention to the material that has been given to them. They just get it, do what is required, and leave it.

The selection of the right items is determined by the students’ organizational and optimization skills. It means that students will have to respect the websites they are visiting and the content they are learning.

In 2024, they will face many obstacles in terms of learning and it is up to them whether they will select the content needed to achieve success.


Gamification is one of the most interesting trends for students. It is related to learning through exploring educational video games. It is well-known that youngsters like to spend their free time playing video games.

It is a great way to escape from reality, isn’t it? Now, they are not only doing that. They will be able to have fun and learn simultaneously. Where can you find a better way to study?

This trend will allow students to learn how to find the appropriate solution when they are in a difficult situation. Also, students will develop cognitive skills and improve their point of view about the things in life generally. 

The Use Of Chatbots

Something that will affect the learning process of the students is surely the use of chatbots. The students have developed a habit to learn by themselves only.

In 2024, robots will be there to help them.

Do you wonder how?

Well, a lot of educational institutions consider them truly a reliable solution to numerous issues. The robots will replace humans and do things instead of them. That way the teachers will be free of stress and can focus on something else.

Minor Changes In The Learning Management System

Students will probably have to face tiny changes in the LMS in 2024. But of course, there is no need to panic at all. Technology brings new features almost every month and that’s why LMS needs to adapt. There are no expectations of some tragic change though. It is only related to the improvement of the functionality of the LMS by using brand-new features.

Tools For Communication

As eLearning requires the use of video chats and online course attendance, new and evolved communication tools are “a must” in 2023.

The use of video chats due to the Coronavirus pandemic has become a common thing for students. They were forced to rely on them and communicate with others only from a distance and by looking at the screens.

It means that there will have to be some new platforms for communication available to the students. A large frequency of such online learning platforms will provide an option of choosing the platform they like the most. That way, their entire learning will be much easier and their communication skills will probably improve.

Communication often can be significant for the students. Engagement in the classes is often considered a big plus by the professors and that’s what students should try to use in the future.

Adaptation To The Technology And Ways to Manoeuvre it 

Technology is becoming more and more involved in education systems nowadays. It means that the use of artificial intelligence and robots will be more used than ever. But they cannot replace the teachers completely.

Educational systems will still need the proper guidance of instructors or professors. In the end, the students would always rather see a human face than a robot in front of them, right?

Improved Collection Of The Data

Collecting the relevant data has been a part of education for a long time. The experts related to eLearning have always been clear about it.

It can be said that tracking the data is some kind of an Achilles heel to them. To solve that issue, the analysis of the data will be increased in intensity and quality. As investment in education doesn’t seem to slow down, an in-depth analysis and data tracking will be one of the priorities of the experts this year.


Students’ heads are often filled with dozens of irrelevant information and the ones they don’t care much about. Although microlearning is present for some time already, in 2024 it will be brought to a higher level.

So, instead of learning from 100-page books, students will be allowed to learn in smaller piles but more continuously. The point is that students remember all the relevant and important things in their lessons. That’s why microlearning can be helpful a lot for eLearning. 


These 10 trends of eLearning represent our expert point of view on eLearning as a process of the future. In our opinion, they are the ones that should dominate the other ones.

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