Landing a good job these days as a marketer is hard. Scratch that – landing any kind of work in a pandemic-ridden world is a challenge. This is true for the hospitality professionals who are struggling to get rehired after the pandemic. The pandemic has caused many to lose their jobs, switch to remote work, or place them in dire need of finding a new source of income.

Right now, today, the interest in remote work is bigger than ever. Research showed that 16% of pandemic-induced remote workers will remain to do their jobs from home long after the crisis recedes. This has been proven right in 2024 and is the norm now for the future.

Not to mention, many people chose to explore the world of remote work in their search for financial salvage – and found that working from home is their dream job.

If you’re a marketer or wish to explore the field of digital marketing, you’re in for a thrilling journey. Landing a great job in this field is not easy, but considering that almost every business out there needs it to widen its reach, your odds of succeeding with some effort are pretty great.

So, all the hospitality professionals out there who are looking to switch careers from hospitality or struggling with the job vs freelancing dilemma, explore these work-from-home options. We also have a blog post for freelance hospitality job options if you would like to stick to hospitality and the travel industry.

Understanding Digital Marketing

What’s amazing about this industry is that it is constantly growing – and at a rate that often goes to 30% per year. Digital marketing indicates the usage of online channels and search engines to reach prospective and current customers.

Ideally, the strategies you implement in digital marketing should bring success to your clients. This can range from triggering a purchase to building wider brand awareness to increasing the SEO ranking of a website.

This technology-driven career is lucrative and entertaining, and it has evolved massively in the past couple of years. If you chose to pursue it as your career, you’d be amazed at how many opportunities are on the market.

However, you need to figure out what you want to do first. With that in mind, here are 6 amazing career paths for digital marketers today.

6 Best Digital Marketing Remote Jobs in 2024

1.   Search engine optimization specialist

With amazing analytical skills and some experience, you can consider doing this job from home. A search engine optimization expert aims to increase a page or a site’s traffic. In other words, your job will be to make a client’s website rank on search engines’ first pages.

If you have at least a basic understanding of SEO, are a great writer, or wish to work as an SEO executive, you should take a look at the top remote SEO jobs on the market. To pursue a good job in this field, you’ll need in-depth knowledge of things like SEO copywriting, algorithms in search engines, as well as keyword research.

Since this is an ever-changing industry, you’ll be required to perform continuous research and upgrade your knowledge regularly. The demand for SEO experts is excessive at this point, which makes it one of the best-paying jobs in digital marketing on a global level.

Key responsibilities of a search engine optimization specialist:

  • Create or help create top-notch, original, SEO-optimized content regularly
  • Plan and implement good link-building strategies
  • Conduct appropriate keyword research that boosts the SEO
  • Conduct content and SEO analysis regularly

2.   Search engine marketing specialist

Search engine marketing specialists and executives are responsible for handling the paid ads across search engines.

This role requires that you have advanced analytical skills and are good with numbers, as well as have a basic understanding of website design principles and code.

SEM specialists are in high demand today. Their salary makes it to the top of the highest-paying list for digital marketers, so picking this as your next career is a step in a great direction, too.

Key responsibilities of a search engine marketing specialist:

  • Create search engine strategies and campaigns to boost the ROI for the client
  • Manage the campaign budget, make estimates, and determine and report on the monthly costs
  • Measure and analyze campaign performances and report website analytics
  • Optimize the landing pages and implement paid search marketing campaigns

3.   Social media marketing specialist

Over 3.96 billion people worldwide currently use social media. This makes social media channels the most prospective channels for generating leads and reaching high brand recognition.

As such, the demand for marketers in this field has made this one of the most financially lucrative digital marketing jobs out there.

People who work in social media marketing are essentially responsible for creating, planning, and implementing social media strategies.

Their jobs include organizing and overseeing the work of content writers, ensuring quality content and positive engagement, and analyzing the progress of social media campaigns.

Key responsibilities of a social media marketing specialist:

  • Prepare and implement social media marketing campaigns across different platforms
  • Audit advertising costs and returns on social media
  • Oversee social media account management
  • Oversee or develop creative, unique, and engaging content for different social media channels
  • Explore the social media channels and options for a brand to capitalize on

4.   General digital marketing executive

To be employed in this role, you’ll most likely need to have tons of experience in the field. This person is responsible for the entire online presence of a client or a brand.

This makes their responsibilities bigger than those of other marketers in the team, but it also makes for one of the best-paying jobs you can do from home.

For this role, the expert needs to be well-versed and experienced in every digital marketing concept.

They are responsible not only for the online presence and the execution of the project but also for the management of the remaining marketers in the team.

Key responsibilities of a digital marketing executive:

  • Monitor and plan for the company’s online presence across all applicable platforms
  • Report and measure the performance of different strategies and efforts
  • Help plan, oversee, and execute advertisements and content creation to generate more leads and increase brand awareness
  • Keep track of the most recent trends in the digital world and implement them in the strategies

5.   Content marketing specialist

Content marketers have an amazing and fulfilling job – they get to create, oversee, improve, and maintain the high quality of content as part of the marketing strategy.

Since most of digital marketing revolves around content, this is the most demanded career choice right now.

You should pursue this role if you have great writing skills, are great with deadlines, and are an excellent communicator.

Being a content creator or editor demands a lot of dedication, but it is also one of the most flexible, most creative remote jobs you can do right now.

Key responsibilities of a content marketing specialist:

  • Perform analysis to optimize the content creation
  • Create SEO-friendly, original and engaging content
  • Conduct keyword research that boosts the SEO of your content
  • Execute and help plan link-building strategies

6.   Email marketing specialist

Last but definitely not least, this career path offers you amazing opportunities and prospects for high earnings.

Email campaigns have been the leading source for generating leads and boosting brand recognition forever. People who know how to implement strategies to boost email marketing are in high demand these days.

As an email marketer, you’ll be expected to implement great email campaigns to reach out to and connect with customers.

For this role, you need experience in marketing automation software and HTML, as well as amazing communication and writing skills.

Key responsibilities of an email marketing specialist:

  • Identify your ‘buyer persona’ and research the target audience
  • Execute and plan email marketing campaigns
  • Analyze the progress of the email marketing campaigns and report on them
  • Report on the revenue generated from email marketing strategies
  • Create newsletters for the company

Final thoughts

Working from home is the dream job of many. Because of the pandemic and its impact on work as we know it, many uncovered that this is an amazing, highly flexible way to earn money. If you’re looking to work from home, pursuing a career in digital marketing can be the best decision you’ve ever made.

To boost your chances at getting hired – and getting a great job as soon as possible, you need to decide on the direction you’ll take. This will allow you to explore your training options, give you some experience and perspective, and narrow your search for a perfect job position. Good luck!

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