10 Most Amazing Hotels in Italy

This article brings to you a few of the most amazing hotels in Italy. Еvеrу mајоr сіtу іn Іtаlу hаs several hоtеls that are going to mesmerise the tourists.

Italian hospitality is well known for its warm service and its hotels for its architecture and designs. From the Luxury of dreams to truly boutique hotels, we bring to you a few of the best Hotels in Italy.

We don’t make any claims with this list of the best hotels in Italy. The list is for reference only and is not ranked in any order.

La Perla Corvara

Situated high in the Dolomites, this boutique lodge is located in Corvara. Corvara is a friendly alpine village near the Swiss border.

La Perla is simply a fantastic hotel in Italy.

Key Highlights:

  • The lodge has traditional rooms that have rustic wood furniture and printed fabrics.
  •  It is named among the ‘Leading Small Hotels of the World’.
  • The Hotel/ resort is just over 100 miles from Venice.
  • There is an unusual Motorcycle museum with a collection of vintage bikes on display
  • Five on-site restaurants
  • 54 High-quality rooms
  • Guests can enjoy the view of the Dolomites peaks, Hiking and Skiing.
  • Enjoy Turkish baths, jacuzzis and saunas, and an indoor-outdoor pool during warm weather.

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Vigilius Mountain Resort South Tyrol

How about a 5-star resort that sits on the top of a mountain? Yes, that’s Vigilius Mountain Resort for you.

That too in the Alps of Italy in South Tyrol. Fascinating, isn’t it?

This hotel is located near the Italian-Austrian border.

What is more interesting is that you don’t need t fret over driving up the mountains.

This hotel can only be reached by a cable car.

Awesome rooms, an infinity pool, sumptuous food and lots of serenity apart from the luxury amenities of a five-star hotel is what you can expect here.

There is no road to this hotel. So, expect a noise-free, calm and serene outing.

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria

This again is a ‘Leading Hotel in the World’. Grand Hotel Excelsior is a landmark hotel in Italy.

You get to see the same view as was seen by the best celebrities like Oscar Wilde.

The hotel is located on a cliff overlooking the harbour in Sorrento, Italy.

Key Facts about the Hotel

  • The hotel is owned and operated by the Fiorentino Family since 1834.
  • The hotel has 3 villas each built in the 19th century with a lot of pillars and columns from the 18th century.
  • The hotel has two restaurants with one serving food in the elegant 19th-century style while the other with a terrace providing breathtaking views.
  • Boats are also available on hire to enjoy during the stay at this hotel.

II San Pietro di Positano

This again is a unique setting and an entrant to most of the Best Hotels in Italy lists.

This unusual Hotel descends with each level down a cliff. II San Pietro is a treat for its guests.

Rooms are positioned on the cliff so that each room has a terrace with a unique view.

The entrance of a Hotel is a small chapel from the 17th century giving it a heritage look.

Take the lift to the private beach and enjoy cocktails at the seaside bar.

One can also enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean from the swimming pool on the cliff and the rooftop Italian restaurant.

Grand Hotel Quissiana Capri

It gets as grand as your imagination.

Grand Hotel is definitely one of the best hotels in Italy. The hotel was once termed as a famous hideout for famous supermodels and actors.

It still continues to be so.

19th-century design, numerous number of mirrors give the hotel a posh look.

Amazing rooms, awesome galleries, restaurants, a Pool and an outdoor cafe make it a grand affair as far as luxury in the hospitality industry is concerned.

Hotel Eden Rome

When in Rome do as the Romans do.

You might have heard of the phrase and staying at this hotel would give you this very experience.

Hotel Eden Rome is one of the best hotels you can stay when in Italy.

This is one of the favourite hotels of tourists while travelling Roma as Rome is called in Italian.

The hotel has over a hundred well-appointed rooms and even being located close to major tourist spots, the hotel is well-secluded from the hustles and bustles of the city.

The Hotel Eden is just a few blocks from the Spanish Steps, one of the main tourist areas of Rome.

Antique furnishing and an amazing view of the city make it an exquisite hotel in Rome.

Great shopping areas, attractions and restaurants all make this Hotel stay a prized one for sure.

San Domenico Palace Hotel Taormina, Sicily

This Hotel is as good as it can get in Italy. One of the proud members of the Leading Hotels, San Domenico Palace sits on a hill above Taormina.

The hotel offers lovely views of the volcanic peaks of Mount Etna.

San Domenico Palace Hotel hotel is a 15th-century Monastery with an amazing terrace and garden.

The interior has been changed to contemporary settings.

The hotel has all the luxury of the hospitality industry in the house.

Don’t forget to enjoy a sumptuous meal during your stay at the two-star Michelin restaurant of the hotel.

Hotel Forty-Seven, Rome

Another boutique hotel sneaks into our list of best hotels in Italy.

Hotel Forty-Seven is a place for art lovers.

Each floor has Italian art from the 20th century.

The highlight of the hotel is the rooftop restaurant that gives an amazing view of ancient Rome along with a delicious Mediterranean dinner.

Hotel Gritti Palace Venice

How could we keep Venice out of our trip to Italy?

Gritti Palace is a gorgeous hotel that was once a Palace in Venice. It belongs to the ‘Luxury Collection’ and is among the best hotels in Italy.

Just steps away from San Marco, this hotel is ideally located in the city of Venice.

This is an award-winning hotel with over 97% positive reviews from guests.

The highlight of the hotel is the Terrazza Restaurant which offered a breathtaking view of the Grand Canal.

Hotel Spadari al Duomo Milan

The middle name in the hotel means Fashion. Yes, Hotel Spadari is indeed a style statement.

True to its name the hotel is extremely fashionable and is a destination for a lot of fairs.

Beautiful rooms with contemporary paintings make it a beautiful place to stay while in Milan.


Well, we would love to continue but every good thing comes to an end.

There are other excellent hotels in Italy like:

  • Hotel Capo d’Africa Rome
  • Grand Hotel et de Milan
  • La Sommita Relais Culti Ostuni, Puglia
  • Grand Hotel Continental Siena
  • Lungarno Suites Florence

Even we will have to end our journey to Italy here. We have listed a few more amazing hotels in Italy that are equally good to make it to the top hotels in Italy list.

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