When it comes to Halloween, people ring in this day with a little trick-or-treating and/or watching scary and gory films. They may even watch out for the creepy clowns at the local haunted house. However, if you want something even scarier to experience, consider these 10 top Haunted Hotels in Europe where you can spend one night in.

These are some of the most haunted places in Europe and around the world.

Don’t expect a good night’s sleep in one of these – they range from medieval castles with a bloody past to a former prison with creepy ghosts.

These hotels and Haunted castles of Europe appear in most of the haunted lists by travel magazines and media houses.

Some of these are also proud members of the List of Most Haunted Hotels in the world. Without a delay, let’s look at a few of these haunted places.

Ballygally Castle, UK

This is one of the spookiest haunted hotels in Europe for sure.

This Irish castle, which was developed in 1625 and overlooks the Irish Sea, has 54 rooms that are equipped with iPod docks.

According to the legend, the resident-friendly ghost of Lady Isabella who is said to have thrown off or jumped the top of the castle.

The hotel has designated one room called the Ghost Room. Here’s one of the pictures of the popular Ghost Room at this Haunted Castle.

Bunchcrew House Hotel

The Scottish Bunchcrew House Hotel was built during the 17th century and is noted for hosting a kind, elderly ghost that goes by the name of Isobel.

Interested in experiencing paranormal activities? Just take a stroll in this haunted house in the dark.

It’s been noted that this ghost leisurely roams the halls after dark.

The hotel’s atmosphere gets even more mysterious with its squeaky floorboards and log-burning fireplace embers.

Castle Leslie Estate

Bring the romance and scare together with the 19th-century Castle Leslie Estate.

Castle Leslie Estate is located in the Irish countryside and is thought to be haunted by a number of spirits.

One of these spirits is Normal Leslie who died during WWI and is said to be shacked up in the Red Room.

Lady Marjorie Leslie, who stayed in the room, reportedly saw his ghost several weeks after he died.

Image Courtesy- cntraveler

Castello della Castelluccia Rome

For people who love the idea of spending nights in castles and want to see a ghost, the Castello della Castelluccia is the place to be.

It’s a 23-room hotel, converted from a medieval castle, and located in an area adjacent to Rome.

The castle is believed to be haunted by many ghosts – Emperor Nero, a native alchemist who died after being struck by lightning and even horses.

The Shelbourne Dublin

Coming to another spooky yet one of the best-haunted hotels in Europe.

There have been several famous folks who have visited this Renaissance hotel in Dublin including Liam Neeson, Julia Roberts and former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

These folks may have come and gone, but some hotel guests have stayed behind.

For instance, Mary Masters is a young girl who died on the property and decided to stick around and roam the hotel’s corridors.

Chateau de Marcay

France’s Chateau de Marcay is a 15th-century castle hotel located in the Loire Valley that includes a tennis court, outdoor pool, walking trails and even the supernatural.

Spend a night at this Haunted Hotel to experience paranormal activities.

Since the hotel’s opening, staff and guests claim they’ve run into an apparition of a young woman wearing a white shroud.

According to the legend, one lady of the Chateau became a werewolf at night. Due to being mistaken for a creature, she died after she was shot by a local farmer.

She was secretly buried and has been haunting the grounds since.

Malmaison Oxford Castle

It is one of the most haunted hotels in Europe with a lot of stories to go along.

After she poisoned her father in the early 1750s, Mary Blandy was hung at the Malmaison Oxford Castle.

Many people who’ve stayed here said they saw her ghost and the white-robed monks as well.

The castle was first turned into a prison (before becoming a hotel) and was home to a number of criminals and still offers many dungeon-like punishment cells on the property.

Ruthin Castle Hotel

The Ruthin Castle Hotel goes back to the 13th century and is located in North Wales.

It includes luxurious guest rooms and a lavish spa along with a drowning pool, frightening dungeons, a whipping pit and peculiar, mysterious noises.

Have an afternoon tea at this haunted Castle in Europe and try to experience the eerie calm.

It was learned that the Ruthin Castle Hotel included several murders including Lady Grey, who was sentenced to death after she killed her husband’s mistress and has been at the castle since that time.

Spitbank Fort

The 19th-century naval defence base was turned into an eight-room lavish hotel that sits a mile off England’s southern coast.

The only way to get to the hotel is by private boat, but worth it.

Guests can enjoy the fire pit, rooftop hot tub, sauna and the ghost of a soldier who died on the site.

Langham Hotel London

The Langham Hotel in London has 380 rooms and is home to a number of ghosts including a German prince who jumped from a window on the fourth floor.

Other notable events that make this place spooky are of Emperor Napoleon III who spent his last days in exile and a doctor who killed his wife before he committed suicide on their honeymoon.

The 1865-built hotel includes a salt sauna, a luxurious spa and an array of amenities with a side of the ghost sighting.

And, if you really want to be spooked out, stay in Room 333, which is believed to be the most haunted room in the hotel.

Winding it all up

Here you go, a quick list of popular haunted hotels in Europe that according to reports are said to have experienced paranormal activities.

So, this Halloween, get spooked by staying at or visiting one of these haunted places in Europe.

It is one of the interesting hospitality facts that over the past decade ghost tourism and haunted house have developed a following of their own. This is set to increase in the future.

These are the places for ghost hunters and for ghost adventures if you would like to have one.

Look out for these places if you are in Europe or planning a trip to Europe.

So, if you were thinking of some real adventure this Halloween, one of these places might be something to have in your plan of things.

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