The Maldives is one of the most popular destinations around the globe. In this article, we have discussed the best luxury resorts and luxury hotels in the Maldives.

The Maldives depends primarily on tourism and the hotel industry in the country has ensured that as a tourist you get nothing less than the best of the hospitality industry.

Whenever you think of the Maldives, you think of blue waters surrounded by off-white sand.

The Maldives is also known as ‘the tropical paradise’ which is completely justified.  These islands attract a lot of tourists due to which hotels in the Maldives thrive.

This article will discuss some of the luxury hotels in the Maldives that make the place even more special.

Most of these hotels actually can be better termed as Luxury resorts in the Maldives but they all come under the hotel industry umbrella and thus we still classify them as hotels.

Let us first take you on a visual tour of Luxury hotels in the Maldives with the below 2-minute video.

Have a look!

The Maldives is a famous spot for tourists.

Tourism makes up 28% of its GDP and 60% of foreign exchange.

The Maldives is surrounded by beautiful islands. Now through the below pictures and list of luxury hotels and resorts, enjoy a cool escape to the Maldives.

The Special Service in the hospitality of Maldives makes the country even more appealing.

7 Best Luxury Hotels in Maldives

Maldives is a famous destination for celebrities and people who enjoy luxury in general.

Following are one of the best luxury hotels in the Maldives you can pick if you are one of those who enjoy luxury.

There are a lot of great hotel and resort destinations in the Maldives. You can spend a week at one of these hotels and still feel that you have not yet explored everything.

These hotels and resorts are also among the most favoured destinations for hospitality job seekers. However, our our earlier posts reflecting on career sites of major hotel chains and on Average salaries in Maldives are ideally suited for active job seekers in the hotel industry

Back to the list now for you to explore luxury hotels in the Maldives:

1. Six Senses Laamu

Six Senses Laamu is the only resort in the Laamu Atoll of Maldives and thus we start with this to populate our list of luxury resorts and hotels in the Maldives.

Instead of competing with its surrounding natural beauty, the resort actually complements it.  The palm trees can be seen all over.

The resort consists of both on land and on water villas. The villas are made of sustainable material.

In this luxury resort, you can enjoy delicious meals made by the best chefs from both the east and west.

As a hospitality industry professional, you can already expect the customer delights in the hotel but here is an aerial view for attracting travel and hospitality enthusiasts.

Image Courtesy- Six Senses

2. One & Only Reethi Rah


This is a place that combines the luxury of a Spa resort, country club and a billionaire’s playground.

It is a hotel that is fabulous and glamorous. If you are planning a luxury vacation in 2016 then this is your go-to destination.

You can choose between beach and water villas. You can enjoy diving in blue waters right from your deck if you choose a water villa.

This is luxury redefined. There is much more to explore than what is mentioned above coupled with culinary delights to soothe your taste buds.

Surrounded by nature, this is an ideal place for a couple. But, families should find it equally mesmerising.

3. Huvafen Fushi

Now, this is what you call real luxury.

Huvafen Fushi provides a beautiful escape from your routine life. You will have a thrilling and beautiful vacation. It is a magnificent resort in the Maldives that stays true to the Maldives traditional beauty.

Huvafen is famous for its underwater spa and twinkling star infinity pool.

The resort is a 40 minutes speed boat drive from Hulhule islands. The thrill begins right there and continues with the resort providing a divine experience.

This is an ideal place to unwind yourself completely.

The thrill begins right there and continues with the resort providing a divine experience. This is an ideal place to unwind yourself completely.

4. Maalifushi by COMO

This is a new resort by COMO. You will be treated with luxury by COMO’s own cosmetics provided in the bathrooms.

Moreover, you are bound to enjoy the COMO Shambhala spa. It will certainly beat your expectations.

This is offbeat and this is what the travel and hospitality enthusiasts love most.

When you want a treat directly by nature, this is a Hotel resort in the Maldives to explore and enjoy.

If you want an uninterrupted view of the blue water with some greenery here and there, Maldives is a place to beat among the destinations across the globe.

Maalifushi resort by Como does justice to the real Maldives.

5. Soneva Fushi

The idea behind this resort is to recreate the experience of the barefoot luxury beach vacation. Isn’t it novel?

It is the first resort of Sonu Shivdasani and Eva, who are a power couple in the hospitality industry. Some of the villas are designed like tree houses. Each is surrounded by lush greenery.

This is a place even loved by celebrities and entrepreneurs who want a quick escape for some time from their busy world.

A truly mesmerising experience for those who want to have barefoot beach experience. A place to be if you want to have a dip into nature.

Super Luxury Soneva Jani Resort is another fabulous addition to the Soneva Hotel resorts of Maldives.

6. Niyama

Now, this is a special mention because of various reasons.

This hotel resort is unique in itself. Niyama captures the elegance and peace of Maldives.

You will never be bored as you will be offered a variety of activities.

It is famous for its underwater nightclub. That must be fascinating and exciting, isn’t it?

You will also love the weekly movie nights.

7. Velaa Private Island

As they call it ‘The island for all senses’. This is one of the best Luxury Hotels in the Maldives.

On the expensive side but a destination ideally suited to thrill and soothe all your senses as they mention it clearly on their website.

This luxury resort in the Maldives consists of 45 villas and is the image of luxury.

It is one of the most expensive destinations in the Maldives. You will be thrilled by the walk-in snow room in the spa.

You can also enjoy the three-person submarine.

If you are willing to spend thousands per night to stay in a luxury resort, this is your place.


Gili Lankanfushi is the bonus one for the list which we must mention here as it is considered the best Luxury Hotel of Maldives on the basis of TripAdvisor ratings and reviews.

There are a lot of other hotels which are worthy to be on this list of Luxury resorts in the Maldives.

Maldives is a great place to spend your vacation. It never fails to surprise you. The blue waters and the sandy beaches are always a great escape.

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