Next time you visit a resort with striking landscape features like water fountains or rock formations, take a step back and think about the professionals behind it. Landscapers or landscape architects are the people you want to call when you want to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

They design, create, and maintain gardens, parks, and other outdoor areas in a variety of settings – from residential homes to corporate offices to hotels and resorts. In fact, the hospitality sector and landscaping businesses have been working together for a very long time. 

However, since people don’t see landscapers work (they just admire the result), it may be difficult to understand the role these professionals have in the hospitality sector. So, in today’s article, we are going to discuss some of the most important roles attributed to landscaping businesses when it comes to the hospitality sector.

The Role of Landscapers in the Hospitality Sector

Landscaping Businesses and the Hospitality Sector

Ever been swayed to book a hotel/resort by picturesque images of resorts featuring lush greenery? It’s professional landscapers who create such inviting spaces.

Landscaping businesses play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics of hospitality venues. A beautiful garden, well-kept lawns, colorful flower beds – these elements can drastically elevate a property’s appeal.

Another important aspect is sustainability. With their knowledge of local flora and eco-friendly techniques, landscapers help promote sustainable practices within the sector.

Overall, landscaping businesses are an integral part of the hospitality industry. In fact, there are plenty of landscapers specialized in creating outdoor spaces for hotels, resorts, event venues, and restaurants.

So, if you are a landscaper looking to cut yourself a slice of the hospitality market, you will face some fierce competitors. The businesses that are already established in the industry won’t relinquish their customers easily. However, hard work and creativity can help you stand out in front of possible customers. 

Also, it helps to make sure your internal processes are running smoothly to avoid any mistakes or delays. The good news is that you can use a platform like Joist to keep track of your projects and enhance customer satisfaction.

The Top 3 Roles of Landscaping Businesses

1. Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels

Guests like being welcomed by an enticing green lawn or seeing colorful blooms around the hotel premises. Therefore, when done right, landscaping creates an exceptional first impression, which usually leads to improved customer satisfaction levels. 

Customer satisfaction is also influenced by how comfortable they feel during their visit. An environment designed with shade-providing trees or relaxing water features creates soothing spaces where guests can relax, improving their enjoyment and comfort levels.

So, it’s safe to say that hotels and resorts with beautiful outdoor areas where guests can enjoy some peace and quiet will have better reviews and happier customers. Also, guests will be more motivated to participate in various customer loyalty programs, which means more money for the property.

2. Help Hotels & Resorts Attract Customers

Landscapers can help transform outdoor spaces into functional areas that cater to specific requirements. This might be creating an open-air café, designing a play area for children, or crafting perfect spots for hosting events like weddings or corporate functions.

Green spaces also facilitate activities like outdoor dining, weddings, or barbecues, which create more leisure opportunities for guests. All this translates into more people interested in booking a room or an event with the property.

Moreover, landscaped environments can be therapeutic. Numerous studies show the positive impact of nature on our mental wellbeing. So there’s no wonder that people will choose to spend their vacation in a hotel where they can feel surrounded by exquisite natural beauty.

3. Help Properties Keep the Utility Bills Lower

Trees and plants help reduce the noise of the city and create a natural barrier from the outside world. And when you’re walking in a manicured space, where the trees, bushes, and flowers create a synergy of colors that enchant the eye and the soul, you forget for a moment about the crazy fast pace of the world outside.

Landscaping also helps with heat reduction, which is definitely becoming a huge problem during the summer months. Shade from strategically planted trees around a building can help regulate indoor temperatures and decrease dependence on air conditioning. 

There are also other techniques, such as green roofing (covering roofs with vegetation), that help reduce heat absorption, thus saving significant costs for cooling down the building.

Likewise, the usage of plants such as shrubs and groundcovers provides an insulation layer that helps reduce temperature variations. This way, heating and cooling units don’t have to work extra hard to maintain a pleasant indoor climate.

Wrap Up

Landscaping helps with both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the hospitality industry.

Hotels, resorts, venues, and other such establishments have a lot to gain from working with professional landscapers in order to create mini-oases that will attract new customers and keep the existing ones happy. 

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