Whether you are an event planner or a manager in the hospitality business, the chances are that you’ll be required to work during the upcoming holiday period. Of course, this may not seem like the ideal way to spend such a magical time of the year. 

However, you can rest assured that there are ways to make this experience more enjoyable, meaningful, and, yes, even fun! In this guide, we’ll look at a few strategies you may like to try to make this holiday season ever so memorable. Let’s get started!

Organize Themed Office Decorations

Creating a festive atmosphere at your workplace starts with organizing themed office decorations. You can turn this into a fun activity by getting everyone on your team involved. For instance, if you choose a traditional holiday theme, employees could bring in ornaments or other decor related to that theme. 

Holding a decoration party where everyone contributes can be an engaging communal experience that breathes life into the office environment.

Celebrate With Other Staff Members 

A large number of people in the US enjoy the luxury of paid time off during the holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. However, this isn’t always feasible for professionals across all fields. Take the healthcare and hospitality sectors for instance – it’s not unusual to find entire teams on duty even during festive periods. But why not turn this into an opportunity? Embrace your co-workers as your holiday family and plan a collective celebration post-work hours!

Send Digital Holiday Cards To Friends And Family

Even if you’re on the job this holiday season, you can still spread some cheer by sending out digital holiday cards. If you are after ease and sophistication, Mixbook’s holiday cards are a perfect choice for your needs. Not only are these cards of the highest quality, but you can also customize them to your liking and add a personal touch. To make things even better is the fact that delivering the cards digitally saves time and adds a modern twist to this beloved holiday tradition.

Schedule Time Off – Or Plan A Vacation!

Scheduling some rest and relaxation time after the holiday rush can be a lifesaver. It might seem insignificant, but having something like that to look forward to can make your working days more bearable. Consider actually planning a vacation or just taking a few days off, this could be your post-holiday payoff!

Dedicate Time After Work To Self-Care And Relaxation

Burnout is real: 77 percent of people admit to feeling it in their current roles. While working over the holidays, it’s essential to make time for self-care and relaxation after work hours to combat this issue. From a warm bath to a good book, finding your own personal oasis can make those extra shifts feel a lot more manageable.

Involve Your Guests Or Customers In The Celebrations 

Involve your guests or customers in the celebrations to make working during the holidays more enjoyable. It can be really heartwarming to offer a themed welcome gift, like mini Christmas trees or personalized holiday cookies. Not only will this small gesture make their experience memorable, but it can also uplift your spirits and instill a sense of joy in your job.

Incorporate Festive Dress-Up Days 

No matter the industry, implementing festive dress-up days can bring an air of cheer to a usually mundane workday. Start by working with your manager to designate specific days leading up to the holiday for employees to showcase their festive outfits. 

Not only will this add a sense of fun and anticipation, but it also allows staff members to express their creativity. Consider setting themes such as ugly Christmas sweater day or whimsical winter hats to keep everyone engaged!

Make Sure To Visit Your Loved Ones

Work during the holidays can be hectic, yes, but that shouldn’t disconnect you from your loved ones. Even if you can’t join them for the Thanksgiving feast or on Christmas Day, make some time to visit your closest family and friends. Embrace even those short, sweet moments with them amidst your busy schedule. After all, holidays are about kindling relationships and cherishing the joy of being together!

Gift Joy By Spending Extra Time Volunteering 

Just because you’re working over the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t spread some joy. If you find yourself with little time to spare between your work shifts, volunteering is a great way to put your goodwill and energy to use. 

For example, consider helping out at a local soup kitchen or retirement home – you’d be surprised how much of a difference just a few hours can make. Alternatively, if your workplace allows it, why not organize an in-office toy or food drive for a local charity?!

Set Aside Time To Do All Of Your Favorite Holiday Activities!

Make sure to set aside some time for your favorite holiday activities, even though you’re working! For instance, enjoy your favorite festive treats in between work schedules. You could spend an evening relishing gingerbread cookies or sipping on a warm cup of eggnog! 

For after-work entertainment, how about dedicating some of your downtime to watching beloved holiday classics?! Consider inviting your work friends around or making this an opportunity to reconnect with your inner child!

Share the Burden With Others

When it comes down to covering shifts during the holiday season, it is important that every person in your team shares the right amount of responsibility. For example, if you have given up your free time to work this year, make sure you’ll have free time during the summer holiday, or talk to a colleague to ensure that they’ll take on your shift next year. 

This simple trick can help you avoid negative feelings of unfairness or envy, and can ensure that you’ll make the most of this alternative, but still fun, holiday season!

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