Running a hotel business successfully is not easy. It is important for hotel managers to keep finding new ways to attract and retain customers. Making customers’ experience memorable by giving away welcome gifts is certainly one of the winning ways. In this post, we have listed some of the amazing welcome gifts that can be given to your hotel guests.

Hotels can make the right first impression by giving away a gift during guest check-in. As is said, well begun- half done. There are many ways to impress hotel guests and memorable gifts are certainly one of the most important ways. 

Let’s get started with some of the wonderful ideas for these welcome gifts.

Snack Basket / Cookies / Chocolate Hampers

At times guests arrive at the hotel after a long journey. Getting something to munch as soon as they check in can help them ease into the surroundings.

Double Tree of Hilton Worldwide has been using fresh and delicious warm cookies as welcome gifts. 

The Hotel chain has been using Warm cookies for over 3 decades now at Check-in. This has been so iconic that they have even shared its recipe now on their official website.

Image Courtesy- Hilton

A lot of boutique hotels use custom-made snack backseats and chlorates as welcome gifts. 

Usually, these go well with the welcome drink on offer. 

Special Welcome Gift for Special Occasions

If you are hosting guests on special occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s day, making the day memorable helps justify premium costs. 

A memorable welcome gift helps set the tone.

Hotels charge a premium price on rooms as well as food and beverage on occasions like Valentine’s day. Thus, selecting the right gift is important to make the couple feel welcome.

There are numerous items that hotels can choose from as an ideal gift for Valentine’s day like Gold plated metallic Rose, A personalised Coffee Mug, Flower Bouquet and so on. There are numerous high-quality websites catering to Valentine’s day Gifts. So, it’s only worth it to get in agreement with a few of these to create personalised and memorable gifts for guests.

The same is true for occasional like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Boxing day and more. 

Spa Gift Set

This again is a special one as Hotel guests would love a box set with soaps, scents and other items. 

This is a win-win for the hotel and guests as it can be tailor-made to promote the in-house Spa. 

The gift set can be complemented with a spa discount voucher. 

Wine Bottle (of Choice)

This again would suit an occasion like an anniversary, honeymoon etc.

A wine bottle nicely decorated and of choice of the hotel guests (from a Catalogue) can make the check-in memorable for them. 

For teetotallers, it can be replaced with a non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine. 

Beauty Gift Set

Again, this can also be cost-effective and appealing to hotel guests. If the Hotel can team up with a beauty brand to create these welcome gift sets, you double the fun. 

This type of welcome gift helps retain the brand in the minds of customers for a longer time.

Food & Beverage Vouchers

Why not make the deal compelling for hotel guests to dine at the hotel itself?

Give nicely designed discount vouchers for guests to use at the Hotel’s food and beverage outlets. 

As an example, Marriott Hotels regularly use guaranteed welcome gifts in the form of loyalty bonuses and gift vouchers for premium members. For Platinum and Titanium Elite members, Marriott and various other subgroups offer $10 Food and Beverage Credit (or loyalty points) in Us and Canada.

The same is true for a lot of other top hotel chains. Using these vouchers during check-in makes the guests feel special. 

Local Treats

Hotels guests love this. Treat them to something local. Like a handmade basket with local flavours of Cheese, Jams, local chocolates etc.

Consider the things which guests might want to take back to their residences. This again helps in creating experiences. And, happy customers mean extra business loyalty.

Business Travel Kit

This is true, especially for Business Hotels, Airport Hotels etc. 

Corporate travellers would love this welcome gift. 

travel kit can include, a pen, letter pad, coffee mug, universal adapter and so on. Treat your business customers by making them willing to return to your Hotel again and again. 

Fruit Basket

Show your guests that the Hotel cares for them. 

A Fruit basket is a healthy treat to freshen up guests who have just arrived. 

Adding some local fruits will make the basket even more attractive and memorable for guests.

Sanitizer and Mask or a Health Kit

So to the customers, you treat the health and well-being of customers as a priority.

Welcome guests to your hotel with a custom-made Mask and sanitizer. Your customer will keep using it for a long time and will remember the experience they had at the hotel.

Also, they would feel safer within the hotel premises as you set an example by giving away a Health kit as soon your guest arrive. 


Here you go, some of the ideas for welcome gifts for your hotel guests.

A welcome gift not only set the tone right away but also ensures that customers have something to keep cherishing even after they come back home. 

Also, it is equally crucial to know that these gifts make the guests feel that the hotel considers them special. 

Happy customers mean returning customers and better brand visibility. So, use these welcome gift ideas to wow your hotel guests. 

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