10 Great Ways to Impress Your Hotel Guests

The profitability of any hotel depends on the guests. Better customer retention and acquiring more customers are the keys as far as competitive advantages of a hotel is concerned. So, it’s a no brainer that all hotels should focus on impressing hotel guests.

So, let’s have a look at some of the top service tips to help delight the hotel guests. We have listed 10 ideas to help hotels impress their guests.

Let’s get going!

10 Great Ways To Impress Your Hotel Guests

1. Freebies and Gift hampers

A glass of wine, freshly baked cookies or a cute teddy bear; think in terms of offering extra to the hotel guest.

Always try to provide something extra than what is promised. It will definitely wow your hotel guest.

A customer is expecting the routine things. Even a little extra is an icing on the cake.

2. Connect with the customers on a personal level

This is a crucial customer service tip for the hotel industry.

Addressing by names always gives a special touch to the hotel guests.

Know their interests, make them feel at home, pass smiles.

Hotels are dealing with humans with emotions and not machines. It is crucial to be more humane in dealing with guests. That would do wonders to keep seeing those guests again and again.

3. Stay connected with hotel guests

Sending thank you messages make your hospitality guests feel extra special.

Keep a note of birthdays and anniversaries and send special deals.

Stay connected and keep making your hotel customers feel special through non-intrusive and intermittent emails and messages.

4. Food and Beverage Offers

A culinary delight is something all guests cherish.

Give their taste buds something to remember. That would force them to come back.

Offer your guests a complimentary speciality dish or bottle of house wine. Or a special sweet dish directly from the Chef’s closet.

Something extra always pleases your guests.

5. Offer Kids club and Nursing services

If you take care of kids and elders, your paying customers would have a gala time.

Give them that peace of mind, even if that is offered for a price.

Give extra attention to the kids and elderly- If kids and elderly love the place, guests will certainly return.

6. Have Pet Zones or allow Pets

Why lose the customers who have pets.

Become pet-friendly or at least have a few pet-friendly rooms for guests with canine friends.

Why not have a separate zone for guests with pets? It helps tapping an unexplored market segment.

With Covid 19 pandemic crippling the hospitality industry, it’s time to cater to a larger market.

7. Offer Sightseeing

You would know the place better than your guests.

So, why not offer them a quick escape to an unexplored destination in the area?

Offer a complimentary half-day tour- It’s the experience after all that they will remember.

Also, it will make them purchase other tours that your hotel might offer.

8. Look to Upgrade Services for Customers

Hotel Guests love upgrades.

A room with a nice view!

A larger room or an ensuite room!

Room with a bigger bathroom or with a bathtub!

If it’s not too busy don’t shy away from upgrading your hotel guest rooms. They will love it.

9. Give Loyalty Bonuses

If you don’t have a customer loyalty program already, it’s time to have one.

All Top hotel chains in the world have great customer loyalty programs.

Give your customers additional loyalty bonuses from time to time. This is an added motivation for them to return.

10. Show your guests that you miss them

Keep sending personalised greetings and gifts to your loyal customers.

Go the extra mile in terms of showing that the guests are being missed. Your guests would love the extra attention.