6 Zoom Interview Tips for Hospitality Industry Jobseekers

Gone are the days when the hospitality industry was all about physical face-to-face interviews only. Technological advancement and then a pandemic have changed the equation completely.

We get more and more online interviews nowadays and Zoom has almost replaced Skype as far as video interviews are concerned. Let’s discuss some of the tips that can help hospitality professionals ace their Zoom interviews.

But, before we get started, let’s quickly discuss what exactly a Zoom interview is!

For those who have given multiple Zoom interviews already, please skip a paragraph to continue with the tips.

Zoom interviews are video interviews hosted on the platform of Zoom Video Communications Inc.

Zoom Video Communications is a publicly listed company based in San Jose, California, USA. It has made a market for itself due to the ease of conducting and giving interviews. 

After all, technological innovation is the name of the game these days. And, like our very own hospitality industry, it’s all about customer service and ease of operation. It’s so easy to operate that hospitality professionals can set up the whole thing minutes before the start of the interview (we don’t, however. recommend getting started minutes before your interview).

Now, let’s get started with the tips for Zoom interviews.

1. Install the Zoom App

Now, this is not just about the Zoom interview. 

A lot of hospitality professionals are still tech-averse. 

Gone are the days when hospitality professionals needed to wait for hours in the internet cafe to get a decent internet connection. And, top that up with issues about sound, video, interruptions and more.

We are much better placed in terms of tech in the era of Zoom interviews.

So, we advise all hospitality professionals to check the app store / Play store for the Zoom app. Download it and make it functional now to get used to its functions. Download it both on Laptop as well as your smartphone. 

With over 500 million downloads, this application seems to be the go-to app for video interviews.

2. Check Your devices (Better to have a backup) and Connection

Yes, hospitality professionals have long working hours and may need to work on weekends.

However, that doesn’t give you the license to not be ready with devices.

Try to set up the Zoom app on your laptop/desktop well before the day of the interview (Do it today if you are looking for hospitality jobs currently). 

If you don’t have a laptop, seek support from your coworkers. 

Also, have a backup in terms of a properly functioning and fast Smartphone. 

Ensure that both the laptop and the smartphone are fully charged.

Wired internet / Broadband should be your best option for a Zoom video interview. In case you are relying on 4G/5G internet, you are better off using a fast smartphone with good configuration.

So, prepare your devices and please don’t wait till the day of the interview.

3. Do the Drill- Mock test is necessary

Once you have set up the Zoom app, check the video and audio.

There are options within the app to check your mic, audio and video.

However, it is advisable that you connect with your colleague or a friend for a quick video call.

This is more important if this is going to be your first interview on the Zoom platform.

During the mock drill with your colleague, check the buttons, backgrounds, mute option, closing video option and more.

This will help in terms of making yourself comfortable with the application before you have a real hospitality employer on the other side.

4. Prepare like a regular hospitality interview

Please don’t take a Zoom interview lightly. 

You would need to maintain eye contact throughout. You would not be able to recite answers from a paper or by writing on the screen.

A lot of hospitality professionals waste precious time trying tricks and hacks for cheating during online interviews.

Don’t do it! It’s just a waste of time.

Check all the Hospitality interview questions with answers beforehand like What are your strengths? Tell me about Yourself. Why did you take a break and so on?

Prepare well as you would do for a face-to-face hospitality interview. It helps to be 100 % prepared as you might find voice interruptions even from the other side. 

5. Dress professionally like a normal hospitality interview

It is important not to imitate social media memes in Zoom interviews.

Like sitting with just a business suit on while in boxers. 

At times hospitality recruiters would ask you to stand up.

You should be dressed exactly as you would do for a face-to-face interview. From an ironed shirt to properly polished shoes and everything in between. 

It is also a good idea to wear your favourite perfume during the interview as that can be a confidence booster.

Moreover, a properly dressed candidate looks confident from within. It would reflect in your answers. So, please dress accordingly.

6. Log in at least 15 minutes before the interview time

You would normally reach at least 15 minutes before time to the interview location for a face-to-face interview.

Do the same for your hospitality interview on a Zoom platform.

Log in 15 minutes early to check the connection, video, sound etc. Also, adjust the lighting of the room, background and symmetry of your face and body in the video. 

These 15 minutes also help in terms of settling the nerves. So, give yourself that much time to settle before the interview starts.


Here you go, some of the useful Zoom interview tips for hospitality professionals. these might look simple, but we have found that a majority of hospitality candidates fail to incorporate these tips. This leads to a below-par interview. Thus, preparation is crucial and these tips should certainly help you ace your next hospitality job interview online.