Best Hospitality Job Portals for Canada Jobs

Canada is one of the favourite destinations for hospitality professionals. Canada enjoys proximity to the United States which is the biggest hospitality market. Canadian Hospitality is not very far behind in terms of business and size. In this post, we present a few of the top Hospitality Job portals for Jobs in Canada.

Our Comprehensive guide on Canada Hospitality Jobs already covers a lot of resources for hospitality professionals from outside Canada. The guide covers a lot of resources and information regarding work permits and agencies for initiating a job search for Canada hospitality industry.


Best Hospitality Job Portals for jobs in Canada


Canada is one of the top hospitality job creators in the world thus making it a lucrative job market for both domestic as well as international job seekers. There are some common names whenever we discuss hospitality job portals.


  • Eluta


Canada has an extremely diverse hospitality industry making it one of the most lucrative countries for hospitality job seekers. Thus there are numerous local job search engines. One of the most popular ones is Eluta.

It is the official search engine of Top 100 Employers of Canada. So, this makes it one of the best places to start your hospitality job search for Canada.

Eluta is a Canada Specific Job engine that lists hundreds of thousands of jobs including tons of hospitality jobs.

So, if you are looking for jobs in hotels or in other sectors of the hospitality industry, start with Eluta.


  • Indeed (Canada)


Indeed’s Canada specific website is one of the best hospitality job portals for jobs in Canada. Indeed job search engine is a common name in all of our posts listing the hospitality job portals. Indeed is one of the global job portals with numerous hospitality jobs making it one of the best choices for all hospitality job seekers from across the globe.

Indeed has a Canada specific website that caters to the needs of job seekers looking for Canada Jobs.

We found numerous hospitality jobs listed on the website. Hospitality job seekers are sure to find the website useful.


  • Workopolis


Workopolis is again one of the top job portals in Canada which also has a lot of hospitality positions listed on the portal.

Headquartered in Toronto, this job search platform has its presence in 8 cities in Canada. Workopolis also allows you to search by location and sector.

This extremely popular Canadian job portal has a huge number of jobs listed from across the industries.


  • Robert Half


Robert Half is an extremely reputed recruitment agency and job portal. While it is not limited to the hospitality industry, it does have some exciting opportunities on its portal from the hospitality and travel employers.

So, if you are looking for assisted job search, this consultancy is well worth to reach out to for further information.


  • Monster


Monster is another generic name whenever job portals are discussed. It is used by almost all employers and has jobs form all industries.

There are also several value-added services. While this may not be an ideal option for finding positions from the hospitality industry due to the vastness, it can still be one of the options.


  • Canadajobs


With over 200,000 listed jobs, this portal does give good options to the job seekers.

We did find a few hospitality jobs on this portal but the portal that has been around for a couple of decades now still has limited hospitality and travel direct postings.

This is one of the local job search engines of Canada and an extremely popular one. So, explore options here for your next career move.




Here you go, a quick list of the best hospitality jobs portals for jobs in Canada.

Glassdoor and LinkedIn are also reliable job portals for jobs in Canada with a good number of hospitality positions. There are also several reputed agencies like Robert Half and Hcareers which are well known in Canada for multiple hospitality opportunities.

These agencies along with the portals listed in the post should give you a great mix to explore future opportunities in the Canadian Hospitality industry.

60 million candidates are registered to the Glassdoor website and this in itself shows the popularity of the portal.

LinkedIn has a strong presence in Canada and all hospitality job seekers must keep LinkedIn as one of the most preferred routes to look for jobs while using other options around it.

There are other regional but strong job portals like Jobboom that can offer decent hospitality options.

Hopefully, these portals would help you with the next career move in Canada from within Canada or from outside.