We are all obsessed with apps. Aren’t we? We have an app for everything. There are amazing apps for the hospitality industry as well. In this post, we look at 8 of these awesome hospitality apps.

There is no denying it- apps are here to stay. Most of these mobile apps would help hoteliers cut costs and deliver better services.

Nowadays, it seems as though there is an app for everything, and the hospitality sector is no exception.

Most of the hospitality apps designed to specifically for the industry are compatible with iPhone as well as Android phones.

Let’s check some of the great ones for the hospitality industry.

Amazing Apps for the Hospitality Industry

Most are free for download from the Play Store, however, some attract a negligible fee.

These apps for the hotel industry are instrumental not only for the professionals in the sector but for guests and customers as well.

So, getting on with the list, here are 8 Amazing apps for the hospitality industry which are not ranked in any order:

  • Snappii 

This is an app that allows you to build your own apps customised to your needs.

Snappii can thus be an extremely beneficial app for hospitality companies which have such diverse requirements from menu selection to customer satisfaction that can be strengthened with technological intervention.

So, use it to build your customised apps for the hospitality industry.

This is a mobile app that can allow personnel to improve customer satisfaction by allowing employees to save the time that is spent on the entry of important data.

Or, a customer service app that can help in satisfying the customer.


Service in the Hospitality industry is the key to success.

This Hospitality App allows you as a hotelier or hospitality professional to engage with your guests by taking the hassles of data entry away.

  • Chef’s journal

This great Hospitality app was grabbing a lot of eyeballs when it was launched almost a decade ago.

This app allows people to share their recipes with followers and friends.

It offers different ways to capture a recipe, either by taking a picture, sharing an audio recording or through text.

This app is for the Chefs out there and the foodies from all around the world.

We have heard that this app will be updated again with a lot of new features as the first version couldn’t meet users expectations well.

Well, we loved the concept and hope to see the new avatar of Chef’s Journal soon.

  • eMenu Pro

eMenu is created for restaurants and eateries.

It is an interactive restaurant menu that allows users to browse an attractive and graphics menu that shows pictures of the food on offer as well as the wine or alcohol list.

This amazing app for the hotel industry allows touchscreen browsing of the menu with awesome images of the dishes.

If you are not aware of the language of the menu, the images could still help you order the best meal. Isn’t that interesting?

Look out for other interesting features like the Sommelier tool and No Wi-Fi working mode.

  • Food order tracking Apps

We all love to order food online to our taste.

There are several amazing hospitality apps to help us bring our food to reach us in minutes at the best possible price.

We have decided to group a few food ordering apps to give our users with enough options to select from.

Some of the amazing hotel industry Apps for food delivery are:

  • delivery.com
  • Uber Eats
  • Seamless
  • Grubhub
  • Zomato
  • Swiggy

These apps enable professionals and customers to order quickly online from restaurants.

This is not all. There are more features for a new experience altogether.

It can be used by servers to check on the status of an order or to reserve a table for clients.

It also tracks all takeaway orders that a restaurant may have.

A lot of these amazing Apps for the hospitality industry also have order tracking and other in-built interactive features.

  • AssessTEAM 

This is one of the advanced apps relevant to the hospitality industry and other industries.

Hospitality Industry is still a labour-intensive industry and the effectiveness of operations is determined by the performance of the team.

Image Courtesy- Assess Teams

This is a continuous feedback app that promotes business intelligence; it reports employee performance and also tracks the profitability of a business.

This is an amazing app for the hospitality industry to evaluate the performances of employees.

While Employee Satisfaction Surveys are common now in the hospitality industry, an app like this would only add to the effectiveness of the overall appraisal process.

  • The Hospitality Inspection app

This app is ideal for conducting hospitality inspections on location.

It captures information easily and saves it to your choice of device for accessing later.

It also facilitates the sharing of information through email or by uploading the information on cloud drives.

This is a very useful mobile app for the hotel industry and can help cut overall costs.

A lot of operations would need automation in the post-COVID pandemic era.

These smartphone apps for the hospitality industry would make a lot of tasks easy.

  • Free Hotel Coupons 

We all love freebies. Don’t we?

We all love to save a few bucks on our travel through discounts.

Free Hotel Coupons is an amazing hospitality app for all this.

This is one of the best apps to use when planning for a holiday or vacation.

It allows people to search for deals and coupons on hotels and it also enables booking to occur through the app.

The whole purpose of the app is to offer amazing deals and discounts on hotels and resorts.

We have also listed other amazing Travel Booking sites for cheap Hotel rates online.

  • OneTab

OneTab is a secure mobile system that allows payment to occur.

It integrates with a hotel or a restaurant’s POS system. It allows patrons to track and settle their tabs using their devices.

The system is secure and protected and it safeguards venue owners from being given stolen or fraudulent credit cards.


Apart from these amazing hospitality apps, there are several other Hotel Management Software online that are changing the experience of the hospitality industry professionals.

There are several other super useful hospitality apps like HotelConnect, Book it now, Resnexus and more.

Data analytics and cloud computing in the hospitality industry have led to a flurry of other apps which might be of great use to hoteliers.

Standalone restaurants and budget hotels need these apps to compete with bigger players.

Here you go. A quick list of the best apps for the Hospitality industry. Start using them right away to flaunt your hospitality awareness.

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