Employee Satisfaction Surveys are important to all firms these days. In this post, we have explained why these employee satisfaction surveys are even more important in the Hospitality industry.

Employee Satisfaction Survey is not a new concept to the hospitality industry, but it is now more important than ever before.

Hotels, for instance, depend on well-pumped and highly motivated staff to deliver sterling services.

Using a well-curated questionnaire on employee satisfaction in hotels can lead to improved job satisfaction in the hospitality industry.

Employee Satisfaction Survey in Hospitality Industry

One crucial way employers use to gauge their employee satisfaction is through a series of survey questions.

Which begs the question: why are the employee satisfaction surveys vital to the hospitality sector?

Employee Satisfaction Surveys in Hospitality- Best Practices

Mentioned here are some of the best practices required to create a meaningful and useful satisfaction survey for the hospitality industry employees.

  1. Start with creating a customised questionnaire for hotel employees.
  2. Carefully customise questionnaire on employee satisfaction based on relevant hospitality job roles.
  3. Clearly defining the purpose of these hospitality surveys.
  4. Participation should be encouraged for maximum reporting.
  5. Confidentiality is key for honest employee reviews.
  6. Actions post the outcome of these employee surveys must be clearly defined.

Given below is an image of a basic employee satisfaction survey sample.

The below template for employee surveys can be used for a lot of hospitality job roles. A lot of top hospitality companies already use these employees surveys, especially in the USA.

Image Courtesy- Pinterest

There are various categories of these employee engagement surveys. Some of them are:

  • Rewards and Remuneration
  • Training and Learning / Career Opportunities
  • Culture of the hospitality organisation
  • Work-life balance
  • Leadership and Management
  • Teamwork

and others.

Simple questionnaires can be created for various categories of employee engagement related to the hospitality industry.

If you are looking for hotel satisfaction survey questions or more employee satisfaction survey samples and templates then visit free resources like SurveyMonkey, QuestionPro etc. these have both free and paid options.

There are a lot more websites which have ample hospitality survey samples and are easily available on the world wide web.

These hospitality surveys are crucial due to multiple reasons.

Listed below are some of the benefits.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys in Hospitality Industry- The Benefits

Here is a quick list of benefits which makes these surveys crucial:

1. Building Better and Positive Employee Relations at the workplace

It’s all about relationships. Especially when we are discussing the hospitality industry.

Top management typically uses employee satisfaction surveys to gain insight into their employee relations.

It is important to know how the employees feel. Think of the question below:

How does middle-tier employees feel about their supervisor or superiors?

It’s been established that companies lose top talents not because they hate working for the company, but rather working under a supervisor.

Employee satisfaction surveys are, therefore, crucial in determining if there’s any disagreement or friction between employees and supervision wing.

It’s only when executives have a good glimpse of this relationship that they can act in the interest of the hotel or restaurant.

After all Service in Hospitality industry is the key differentiator and thus we need to stress more on relationships management.

These surveys help in understanding people who work for us.

2. Bolstering Positive Work Environment in organization

As a Hotelier, work timings, lower wages or extended work weekends might have an impact on your morale.

But, there is always a fun side attached to the things if one aspires to view the bright side of things.

Also, there are a lot of wrong notions about the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is the fastest-growing sector of the world today.

Coming back to the Employee satisfaction surveys.

These surveys help hospitality companies understand you better.

We all know the benefits of the Positive Work Environment. Don’t we? The allure of the concept is easy and straightforward: happier employees work better, translating to more vibrant customer experience.

Indeed, the benefits of a positive work environment are immense.

So, what do we do to ensure that we have a positive work environment in place?

The working atmosphere in any hospitality business, primarily a hotel, should be conducive for the employees.

It’s through employee satisfaction survey questions that employers can have the right tools and knowledge to build a positive work environment, a workspace that is harassment-free.

Also, feedback gives them an opportunity to build on the positives.

If employee free meals, for example, are popular, management can devise ways of making the program even more enjoyable.

3. Establishing Passion Factors

Hospitality is all about passionate people. People who go out of their comfort zone to make others happy.

At times this can be a thankless job, but it’s the passion that drives all the employees up against the ladder of success within the hospitality sector.

Employees, especially those in hospitality, have been known to have a passion for a particular aspect of the hospitality industry.

Be it cooking, floral arrangement, customer service, decoration, and much more, employers can encourage these emotion factors for the betterment of the company and even higher employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction survey opens up the passion factors of all employees which help the organization as well as employees to achieve greater success.

4. Talent Retention is crucial

How else would management know if an employee isn’t satisfied unless it deploys employee satisfaction surveys?

Today’s hospitality industry is rife with cut-throat competition as newer and more robust players come into the picture.

That’s why every hotel or restaurant is trying to retain its top talents.

Art of hiring and retaining hospitality employees is of immense importance for competitive advantages. If you lose your Michelin-rated chef, for instance, your guests will start going to the competition.

So, it’s imperative that managers use an employee satisfaction survey to understand their staff better, a move that would help them retain top talents.

5. Increasing Productivity

Saving best for the last. These employee satisfaction surveys boost productivity.

Actually, it does much more than this as has been stated by the National Business Research Institute.

Effective hospitality establishments focus on reinforcing employee satisfaction to get the most productivity out of their human capital.

The good news is that they can garner some of the best employee satisfaction survey samples online to create better and pleasurable workplaces.

Final thoughts

Employees are the key assets. This is even more important for the hospitality industry which relies on human interaction.

Employees are internal customers in the hospitality industry.

So, for all hospitality employers or employers of any other industry per se, please start using employee satisfaction surveys. Use some of the best practices used for employee satisfaction surveys.

The best practices would lead to a holistic and inclusive approach.

This would lead to improved and inclusive work culture. It helps a lot in devising benchmarks and strategy.

Start using the employee surveys in your hospitality organisation. You will be glad you did.

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