How does an airport hotel differ from a normal hotel? Airport hotels are hotels that offer accommodation and, are located outside the terminal, but on the airport’s property.

They may even be a few kilometres from the airport itself but provide airport shuttle services.

There are numerous airport hotels throughout the world at any location that has a decent airport.

Airport Hotel
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For this reason, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the airport hotel in which to stay.

However, there are great airport hotels that beat their counterparts in terms of pricing and services.

Here is a quick list of things that make an Airport Hotel different from Normal hotels.

  • Airport hotels target airline passengers who have overnight layovers or suffer cancelled flights, business clientele, airline staff and any travellers whose business does not take them far from the airport area.

  • The airport hotels, unlike normal hotels, charge their guests by the hour instead of daily or nightly charges. They, however, have different rates depending on the level of their quality.

  • They are located in the airport terminal or off the terminal with a shuttle service that transports the guests between the airport and the hotel.
Airport Hotel
  • They are mainly meant to be functional and do not have the added aesthetic quality most normal hotels have such as breathtaking views and quiet relaxation. The latter is mainly because they are located near the airport and are therefore susceptible to the noise by the aircraft as well as the hullabaloo from the airport’s numerous activities. However, most modern airport hotels are now soundproofed to combat such noise.

  • Airport hotels are restricted in terms of design and height as they are near flight paths. Therefore, do not enjoy the same amount of freedom of design, height and utilities that normal hotels do. However, like normal hotels, they may be independently run or part of a hotel chain.

Some of the best airport hotels are part of popular chains located in the world’s major airports or in close proximity to these airports.

They include but are not limited to:

1. Hilton Hotels

We can’t keep Hilton worldwide out of any hotel list.  It is one of the Top 10 Hotel Chains in the world.

This is a luxurious chain with a lot of Airport Hotels that have soundproofing and Wi-Fi.

If you are looking for a luxury experience in your Airport Hotel, this is a hotel chain you can bank on.

2. Ibis Hotels

These are affordable Hotels near the airport with great services and close proximity to major airports all around the globe.

It belongs to the Accor Group which again is one of the most renowned hotel chains across the globe.

Ibis Hotels near airports range from Limited-service hotels / to Select service hotels.

3. Premier Inn

This hotel chain has some of its hotels located near airports and is more family-oriented and therefore, great for those travelling with their families.

There are a lot of other chains that operate in the Airport Hotel segment.

Did you believe that the airport hotel was meant to be only for transit visitors or business visitors? Think again!!

At times these hotels can be booked at a cheaper price and are conveniently located from all nearby attractions.

Look at cheaper airport hotels if you are looking for the best facilities at affordable prices. You will be glad you gave this a thought before you booked a hotel for your next vacation.


Here you go. A quick summary of how the Airport hotels are different from normal hotels.

Airport hotels can range from full-service to limited service and will have a huge range of prices depending on the season, flight traffic and competition.

So, if you have done your homework well, don’t be surprised to get a full-service Airport hotel deal at an astonishing price.

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