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Are you looking for Cruise line jobs? Here we provide some actionable tips. A lot of hospitality professionals are not aware of how to apply for cruise line jobs. In this post, we have outlined methods that would help you apply for cruise ship jobs.

Lots of people look upon Cruise Line jobs as adventurous and exotic. If you are looking for a job on cruise ships, then you are not alone. Even those people who are too young to remember “The Love Boat”, it looks like great as well as an interesting job.

Moreover, it is also extremely well paid.

In this post, we will cover the basics of cruise line jobs and provide you with ample resource and links to explore Cruise ship jobs further.

This post would discuss the following (please keep reading for details):

  1. What are Cruise Lines and what are the types of jobs available?
  2. How cruise lines hire team members?
  3. How can you get selected for a Cruise line?
  4. Estimated salaries for Cruise ship jobs
  5. Basic requirements for cruise ship jobs



While we have outlined a lot of cool tips here, there are professionals who help in order to make the task easy.

But, we have made efforts to ensure you have the right guidance and information to land your dream cruise jobs.

Read on for more information.


1.     What types of jobs are available on cruises?


Cruise line jobs constitute a key segment whenever we discuss the career paths in the hospitality industry.

Cruise ships are just like floating resorts, a complete team at sea.

Whether you have just seen Love Boat, Titanic or you just returned from a cruise trip, you know very well what the cruise vacation is all about.

With increasing developments in this sector of the hospitality industry, more and more companies are launching cruises. You must be aware of the details of Cruise ship jobs to know how to apply for Cruise ship jobs.

Each ship hosts thousands of employees which serve in multiple sectors. The two major division of service on a cruise are:

  • Marine Operations Division: In this division, people are required to manage the operations of the cruise. It mainly includes sailing operations and engineering tasks which help the cruise float smoothly. Know more about it at the Royal Caribbean’s page for Details about Marine operations division.
  • Guest Service Operations Division: Guest operation division deals with hotel management, food management, and guest handling services to make the time of people more worthwhile. It is this division which is visible to the guests.

Cruise ship jobs are varied in nature and categories available in a typical cruise ship includes the following:


Types of jobs available on Cruise Ships

  • Captain and Assistant Captain and the navigation crew
  • Engine department jobs
  • Entertainment Jobs that include Casino and Gaming jobs
  • Engineering and maintenance jobs
  • Hospitality and service jobs
  • Deck jobs
  • Spa and recreation jobs
  • Office and administrative jobs
  • Medical jobs
  • Offshore location jobs including sales, customer assistance, Information technology (IT) Jobs, Accounts and others

It is fun, service and entertainment. By landing a job with any cruise line you can get the best of both world’s; travel, adventure and a steady Paycheck.

Did you know that there are over 300 types of jobs on these ships plus lots of wonderful opportunities at cruise line headquarters around the world? Here you can have a look at various types of jobs on Cruise ships.

Just imagine yourself travelling to such places in the world you have always dreamt of and then getting paid for it.

However, you need to work relentlessly and you would need to be away from home on the ship for 6-9 months every year. So, adventures, exciting but as the people on board say;

Cruise ship jobs are not for everyone.


2.     How Cruise Lines Hire New Workers?


Cruise jobs are extremely suitable for those who have a passion and a drive to work on Cruise ships. Can be Students, Retires, and career changers.

In order to answer how to apply for Cruise line jobs, it is equally important to know the process of hiring at cruise ships.

The hiring process is not as simple as of hotel industry and Cruise ship jobs are not actively advertised on social media platforms and job portals.

Cruise companies always hire such peoples who have experience in, tourism, hospitality, entertainment, Bars & restaurants, childcare, sales, teaching, gaming, customer realities, fitness, beauty, health, Healthcare & medicines, and financial management.

In the below video you can learn more about how the application process works in Cruises



If you want to work in cruise ship line then your number 1 priority as a cruise line worker is to provide a fun, safe as well as a memorable vacation experience to customers.

Cruise companies always hire dependable competent workers with positive and outgoing attitudes.

They do follow due diligence but mostly communication, personality and passion outweigh experience and knowledge.


3.     How can I get hired at a Cruise Line?


If you have a nudge for adventure and fun then travelling on a cruise could be the best thing you could do. The problem is that not all of us can afford a luxury trip on an expensive cruise.

So, the solution is to get a job on the board. Yes, applying for a job on a cruise could help you fulfil your dream of travelling on a cruise.

Getting a job onboard isn’t easy as companies look to hire the best in the lot. This needs you to do your homework to ensure your resume climbs to the top of the pile when hiring starts.

First of all, you need to know about the best cruise lines companies and you will easily find the cruise lines most likely to hire you.

Which are the best cruise lines?

Look at the career sites of Cruise liners for best Cruise line jobs.

This is the best option.

Just do a Google search and you would find a lot of authentic options to apply for cruise jobs.

You would be elated to know that most of these would be direct.


This is what came up with when we made a Google search and you can do this too rather than opting to pay some unnamed consultancy. 



Also, do research on who is adding new and latest cruise ships?

Apply for the top cruise lines companies first.

Familiarize yourself with your ideal company product.

Where do these cruise ships travel? For what facilities are they best known for?

If you are hired for the job in cruise ships, then one thing you need to keep in mind is that “your customers are your ultimate employers”.


When you are looking to search for jobs in cruise lines, one of the essential elements of a successful job search is the development of the job leads.

How can you find significant sources for the new job vacancies in your own field? In this section, we are going to share 5 ways to search jobs in cruise lines.

The key question you need to ask yourself is how can I get a job on a cruise ship? These 5 ways will help you a lot in discovering the largest number of new vacancies in cruise lines.


  • Employment Agencies for jobs in cruise lines


Cruise lines have very few agencies that they authorize to work for them. So, think twice before a job agency claims to land you a decent job in cruise lines.

There are hundreds of agencies populating fraudulent jobs and charging hefty amounts. Stay safe and work your way out through authorized agencies only.

One of the secure employment agencies and one of the most reputed one is The Seven seas group which is authorized by most of the cruise lines. This group is based in Europe and the USA.

Be careful of fraudulent local agencies operating with the same name.

Look out for local authorized agencies. Most of these agencies don’t charge the candidates.

Stay in touch with regular employees of the cruise lines company and let them know that you are willing to work in their company.

So this way your comment or application will get attention and company management will mark you as a candidate who is well networked.



  • Company Career Websites


Here is the right way to approach your job search based on the company websites.

  • Research on the companies you want to apply
  • Make a spreadsheet clearly mentioning the name of each of these companies
  • Search the career section and copy the web link in the spreadsheet
  • Look for contacts through Linkedin or Facebook who are already working on the Cruise ship
  • Check the job description and make suitable changes in your CV
  • Make your CV look personalized. It must not be generic.
  • You are now ready to apply. Click on the links you have compiled and keep a proper track of the applications through a section in the spreadsheet which mentions application date.

If you are terrified of the above list, relax as we have done half the work for you.

If you are going to find the ideal job for you according to your skills, then you can easily get the information about the jobs from the career section of any company’s websites.

If you watch for new jobs vacancies on these websites, then there is a great chance you will find the ideal job you have been waiting for.

Also, read our post on the Good and Bad of Working on Cruise ships to know the various aspects of cruise line jobs.


  • Networking for landing jobs in Cruise lines


There was a comment on Linkedin when someone was complaining that he was not able to get a decent job through Linkedin in the past 5 years. There are more who complain about the same.

Has Linkedin promised you a Job or does it charge you anything? It will just make your job search easier and will keep you networked. You can’t rely on one thing.

The job search can be a tiring and heartbreaking process but the rewards are high once you are successful.

The importance of social networking sites especially Linkedin is to act as an icebreaker. You will stay involved in the job search.

If you already don’t know about the importance of networking, you will miss out on a variety of jobs leads.

Here is how you can use Linkedin for your hospitality job search.

Jobs developed/discovered by networking are more effective than any other method.

Networking also includes using vast numbers of people such as friends, customers, neighbours, associates and vendors etc. for the purpose of getting information about new jobs vanities.

Using Facebook can be more than a handful in terms of sourcing the right opportunities. Lookout for groups and pages of your desired company, domain or career sites.


  • Job Boards and Career Websites


How much time do you spend online?

Research says that Indian people spend at least 30 minutes a day on Facebook and even more on WhatsApp.

So, you are already online on your phones, tablets and laptops.

Start building profiles on various job boards. Look for suitable jobs and start applying.

Nowadays job boards and career websites are a great way to search jobs in cruise lines.

Many jobs boards have moved toward a virtual format.

If you are looking for most reliable hospitality job boards, look nowhere else and just go through these hospitality job portals.

So get online and start exploring the oceans of opportunity.


  • Career magazines, career fairs and newspapers


You might be thinking of magazines and newspapers as an old school thing. You are grossly mistaken. Cruise lines still promote their jobs through career magazines and fairs.

Most of the career magazines have moved on towards technology and have their websites. Magazines like Transitionsabroad,  Institute of Hospitality are a few among many who keep coming up with excellent career opportunities.

Also, keep looking at career pages in the local newspaper as you might be surprised to see a career fair in your city within the next few days.

Look for opportunities and stay alert. You never know when you land up with an opportunity to get your dream.

Stay in the hunt and stay positive. All the best!


4.     Salaries for cruise line jobs


It is equally important to discuss the benefits of a cruise job.

There are many benefits which you can enjoy if you apply for cruise ship jobs:

  • Save Money: Food, accommodation, and medical are free, so you save a lot of money.
  • Travel: You get to travel for free. You will enjoy your work as you will have a unique experience.
  • Family Travel: Many high ranked jobs on cruise ships allow people to take their families along with them.


One of the biggest attractiveness for cruise ship worker is the ‘Pay’.


By working with cruise ships you are able to save lots of money because most of the expenses are left behind.

Lodging and meals are provided to you for free. No more rent, gas, grocery or electricity bills.

Sample current monthly pay range for cruise ship jobs are as follows:

Average salaries for Cruise line jobs:

  • Casino manager- $2,000 to $3,000
  • Gift shop retail sales- $1,000 to $1,500
  • Beautician- $1,000 to $1,300
  • Spa Therapists- $1,000 and above
  • Foodservice Manager- $ 1,200 – above
  • Bartenders- $900- $1,800
  • Chefs- $1,200- above
  • Shore Excursion Manager- $1,800 to $3000

The above salaries are indicative and vary depending on the employers. Check the individual websites for a more accurate figure.

Some more indicative salaries can be found at Cruise salaries by Payscale.

Our guide on hotel management and salaries in the hospitality industry also has some resources to find more information on Cruise line job salaries.


5.     What are the Requirements for Cruise Jobs?


Health requirements and being able to fit the job role is the key but there are other technical requirements to go with for getting Cruise line jobs.

So here are a few basic requirements that you would need to fulfil if you want to be a member of any cruise line company.


Minimum and Maximum Age criteria for cruise line jobs

Although most of the cruise lines companies hire applicants with the minimum age of 21, there are crew members on cruise ships who are able to get hired at 19 and 20 years. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to get hired for hospitality Cruise Line jobs if your age is more than 35 years.


Language proficiencies

It is a must for the applicant to ensure that he or she is able to understand and speak English fluently if he/she wants to work at any cruise line company.

Additional languages are a big advantage.


Police Clearance for Cruise Line Jobs

Every large cruise line company requires police clearance from the applicant that would prove that the applicant doesn’t have any criminal record.

Besides these, there are several other soft skills requirements for Cruise line jobs.





To bring things all together in order to know how to apply for cruise ship jobs. There are certain things which you can do to get a job on a cruise:


  • Strengthen your Resume

The most important thing you can do to raise the prospects of getting a job is, strengthen your resume. It makes a lot of difference in your chances of getting a job. So, tailor your resume according to the needs of the job.


  • Write a Cover Letter

Most of the people miss this. The key with Cruise ship jobs is to get ahead of the pack.

Write a convincing cover letter which you will submit along with your resume. The cover letter should address the reasons why you’re a perfect entity for the job you’re applying for. Make sure the Cover letter is not over 1 page in length.

Once you have developed a convincing resume along with a cover letter, the next you need to do is apply for a cruise ship job. There are certain ways you can apply for a job on a cruise ship:


  • Apply at the Online Job Portals

We have said this earlier and we will say it again. What you are selling is your own brand. So be your best when you apply.

Never feel shy of applying and never apply underprepared.

The Internet is the best source to apply for a job on a cruise. You can search for blogs discussing how to get a job on a cruise ship. Moreover, you can go through job portals of multiple shipping companies as well and drop your CV.


  • Engage with Recruitment Agencies 

There are many recruitment agencies which hire people and then provide staff to cruise services around the globe. You can affiliate yourself with one such agency in your area.

Trust only the best ones and do your research before applying and a word of caution; never pay any recruitment agency until and unless it is administrative or visa charges and confirm the same with your employer.

Few reliable names to search jobs on cruise ships are Seven Seas Group, Hospitality Net, CTI GroupCost a way etc.


  • Ask Someone Experienced 

Personal approvals serve the best purposes. If you know anyone who has already served on a cruise, interview them and ask them to guide on how to get a job on a cruise ship.

Learn more about the best ways to search jobs in Cruise lines.



There are a lot of other queries you might have regarding cruise ship jobs.

Look at some frequently asked question in the FAQ section of Cruise Ship jobs for a detailed list of frequently asked questions about cruise line jobs.

Think, prepare and act. Get your research in order and start applying.

All the best! Please keep coming back to get more information on the hospitality industry and Cruise related information. We will see you around.



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