Are you looking for a Job in the Maldives in any of the hospitality establishments? It would be a wise idea to check the cost of living and salary beforehand. While it is extremely difficult to give a precise figure, this post gives a rough guide to average Salary offered in the Maldives for the most popular Hospitality industry jobs.

This post includes key positions in the hotel industry.

So, if you are exploring Maldives hotel job salaries, stay right with us here.

Hospitality Management salaries in Maldives

If you are exploring hospitality salaries in Dubai, we have another post covering the Average salary in the hospitality industry in Dubai.

Let’s get started with listing the Maldives hotel jobs salaries in general below.

Food & Beverage Service Department Salaries

We will try to cover the salary range of the most common hospitality positions in the Maldives here for the Food and beverage department.

Whether it’s a query about a Waiter’s salary in the Maldives or that of a Bartender or the salary range of a Food and Beverage Director, we have tried to cover it all here.

  • All figures mentioned in this post are in United States Dollars ($). Please convert from US$ to your local currency from any of the currency conversions sites like or OANDA.
Job PositionSalary Range / Month  (US$)
Food Server/Waiter/Waitress400- 650
Hostess400- 800
Bartender350- 750
Food and Beverage Supervisor / Bar Supervisor600- 900
Hotel Service Supervisor2,000- 3,000
Bar Manager / Outlet Manager1,000- 2,500
Cafeteria Manager / Restaurant Manager1,200-3,000
Assistant Food and Beverage Manager2,500- 4,500
Food and Beverage Manager3,500- 6,000
Food and Beverage Service Director5,000- 8,000

The salaries in the Maldives in the hotel industry are normally tax-free and most of the properties also provide free accommodation, food, transportation and medical insurance.

Service charges are provided which vary from property to property.

Service charges are normally very good in the Maldives normally falling in the range of $150- $800 a month.

This is a big range but even the hospitality industry is huge in the Maldives and Hospitality and Tourism is the major source of income for this island.

Food & Beverage Production Department / Kitchen Salaries

If you are looking for Chef salaries in the Maldives, we have got this covered for you right here.

The salaries in the Kitchen department are even vaguer as they depend on a lot of factors including experience, cuisine expertise, presentation, last-drawn salary and more.

We have listed some of the chef salaries in the table below. Have a look!

Job PositionSalary Range / Month  (US$)
Commis400- 750
Commis Chef -1400- 900
DCDP (Demi Chef de Partie)500- 1,200
CDP (Chef de Partie)700- 1,800
Sous Chef1,800- 3,000
Executive Sous Chef2,000 – 4,000
Executive Pastry Chef2,000- 4,000
Executive Chef3,000 – Above

A comprehensive list of salaries is compiled by Paylab that has included almost every position in the Maldives not limited to the Hospitality business.

You can explore all the salaries at Paylab should you find that the position of your interest is missing here.

We have however tried to cut short your work by listing all details and covering the wages of the most common hospitality job roles in the Maldives.

Check out the screenshot grab below that displays the minimum and maximum wages in the hospitality industry in the Maldives (the figure is in local currency MVR and includes service charges and bonuses).

Housekeeping Department Salaries in the Maldives

The housekeeping department normally employs the maximum number of staff in most hotels.

They need to deal with the upkeep and cleanliness of the overall hospitality establishment.

If you are looking for room attendant salaries or other housekeeping positions in the Maldives, then the below table does exactly the same.

Job PositionSalary Range / Month  (US$)
Room Attendant / Linen Attendant / Public Area Attendant350- 600
Housekeeping Supervisor500- 800
Sr. Supervisor Housekeeping600- 1400
Assistant Manager Housekeeping/


Assistant Executive Housekeeper

1,500- 3,500
Executive Housekeeper3,000- 5000

Front Office and Reservations Salary averages

There are a lot of positions in the Front desk and reservations department of the hotel chains.

We can’t, unfortunately, list all the positions here as that would be too many.

Covering all Maldives hotel jobs salaries would be very difficult but we have ensured that you have enough resources here to make an educated guess for the remaining positions as well.

However, you can make an educated guess by looking at the below salaries which includes salaries in the Maldives of Front office associate, supervisor and managerial level.

You can map roles based on broad categories and get a fair idea of what remunerations you can expect while working in the Maldives in the Hospitality sector.

We would like to reiterate here that these are average wages offered in the Maldives.

Service charges as already mentioned are offered on top of the basic salary.

Service charges are dependent on the business of the hotel and would vary from hotel to hotel.

Let’s now check out some of the salaries in the Maldives for Front Office and Reservations Department jobs.

Job PositionSalary Range / Month  (US$)
Receptionist / Front Office Associate500- 1,000
Reservations Agent600- 1000
Guest Relation Executive (GRE)800- 1,200
Front Office Supervisor900- 1,800
Duty Manager2,500- 4,000
Head Concierge2,000- 3,500
Front office Manager / Reservations Manager3,000- 4,500

Other Key Maldives Hospitality Jobs Salary ranges

There are various other positions in a hotel and more broadly in the hospitality industry.

There is probably no position in the world that might not have a presence in the hospitality industry.

Our article on career and hospitality job types and positions has covered a lot of details about the many career paths and job positions in hospitality.

We have listed below some more salaries in the Maldives for the hotel department.

Apart from those mentioned in this article, these job positions are extremely popular among expats who cherish working in the hospitality industry in the Maldives.

Job TitleFront OfficeDepartment
Assistant Human Resource Manager1,000- 2,000Administration / HR
Chief Engineer3,500- 5,000Engineering
Conference Services400- 700Conference
Head Concierge2,000- 3,500Front office
Human Resources Associate 800 – 1,400Administration / HR
Human Resource Managers3,000- 4,500Administration / HR
Sales Manager3,500- 6,500Sales & Marketing
Spa Manager3,000- 5,000Spa
Spa Therapist700- 1,200Spa

The average salary of hotel General manager in the Maldives is between USD 3,200 and USD 7,500.

If you are still with us, we have saved this key information for the last.

However, there is no salary bar for the perfect fit for this crucial job role.

Most would fall in this range as is evident from the details and screengrab from Payscale. This website has a lot more data about salaries and can help you do a lot of research on expected wages, cost of living and more.

It is also important to know the cost of living for a better judgment.

There is an interesting article here with the link providing details of the cost of living in the Maldives. This will help you estimate your monthly expenses.

Wrapping it all up

All the above figures on average hotel job salaries offered in the Maldives are indicative based on client research and web research.

This is to support job seekers in their research and in no manner do we claim the accuracy of the below-average figures as this may vary from time to time.

The mentioned figures are accurate to the best of our knowledge and also include information and feedback from hospitality professionals who are working in or have worked in the Maldives.

We will continue updating the salaries and add new positions to keep the post updated.

Also, read the Hotel Management Salary Guide for more insights on how much hoteliers earn around the globe.

The salary offered differs depending on the property and location in the Maldives.

While a lot of resorts pay higher salaries, restaurants barring the high-end ones pay lower salaries.

Salaries are also dependent on years of experience, previous salary and unfortunately at times nationality.

There are a lot more positions in the hospitality industry and every effort has been made to include the key positions for this post on average salaries in the Maldives.

Cruises and Aviation jobs tend to get higher salaries than the Hotel industry. Our future revision of this post will also include a few salaries for positions in cruise lines and the aviation sector.

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