Are you looking for a Hospitality Job in Dubai? It would be a wise idea to check the cost of living and salary beforehand. While it is extremely difficult to give a precise figure, the table at the end of the post gives a rough guide to the average Salary offered in Dubai in the Hospitality industry.

The salary of a Hotel General Manager in Dubai can range from AED 15,000 to over AED 30,000 a month. 

A Corporate executive chef can earn something between AED 20,000 to AED 30,000 a month in Dubai along with various other perquisites.

The Hotel Management professionals find Dubai an extremely attractive destination. The salary, in particular, is for those offered in Dubai to the hotel industry professionals. Please check the lists on this post for an indicative salary range for various positions in Dubai (and in the United Arab Emirates in general) for hotels and restaurants.

Salary for Hotel Management Professionals in Dubai

Salary in Dubai for Hotel Professionals

Most of the Hotel Management salaries mentioned in the table below are based on the extensive research exercise that we undertook and we keep adding data on an evolving basis. This involves online research from various websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, Payscale along with feedback and surveys of over 1000 hotel industry professionals in Dubai and over 50 Human Resource professionals from various top hotels.

A similar survey was also carried out for our article on Hotel Industry Salaries in the Maldives. However, the below figures are for indicative purposes only. Kindly also have a look at our definitive guide on Hotel Management Salary for a broader outlook on this subject.

The below figures are indicative based on client research and candidate survey and this SOEG Career and Learning Portal in no way claims the accuracy of the below-average figures. Let’s get started with the tabled lists now.

Food & Beverage Service Department Salary in Dubai

Whether the query is about a Food and Beverage director’s salary in Dubai, a waiter’s salary in Dubai or any other position in the Food and Beverage Service department, we have tried to cover the same in the table below.

These salary ranges are indicative as the hotel industry in Dubai and in the UAE overall is mammoth-sized (including RAK, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman).

Have a look!


Trainees / Busperson600-1,100
Food Server/Waiter/Waitress1,000-1,400
Hostess1,500- 2,500
Bartender1,500- 2,000
Food and Beverage Supervisor / Bar Supervisor 2,000- 3,000
Banquet Supervisor2,000- 3,000
Guest Relation Executive2,000- 3,000
Restaurant Manager / Bar Manager / Banquet Manager5,000- 8,000
Cafeteria Manager / Outlet Manager5,000- 6,500
Assistant Food & Beverage Manager6,500-12,000
Food & Beverage Manager8,000- 14,000
Assistant Food & Beverage Director9,000- 14,500
Food Service Director12,500- 20,000
  • Service charges are extra on top of these salaries and vary depending on the hotel. Service charge depends upon the business of the particular hotel.
  • The range is even bigger at times but the above range would hold good for most of the best hotels in Dubai and in UAE along with top restaurants and hospitality organisations.
  • Salary in Dubai for Top hospitality job positions like that of Director and Assistant Directors have a huge range and would depend on last drawn salary, departmental budget and salary negotiation skills of the person.
  • Additional language skills like Arabic, German, Russian etc. can earn hospitality professionals an additional language allowance in some hotel employers in Dubai.
  • The salaries are tax-free and most of the properties provide free accommodation, food, transportation, medical insurance and service charges on top of the fixed salary.
  • For a good 5* hotel in Dubai, the average service charge is approximately AED 200-900/month which is quite a large range and depends on season and occupancy rates.

Food & Beverage Production (Kitchen) Salaries in Dubai

Listed below in the table are positions and salaries for the Kitchen department of hotels and restaurants. This includes chef salary in Dubai, commis chefs remunerations, sous chef salary in Dubai and more positions from the food and beverage production department. 

The salary offered differs depending on the property and location in Dubai, UAE. The below table provides an indicative range of a few positions in the hospitality industry. The salaries are even higher for expatriates from Northern America, and Europe.

Commis Chef (II and III)1,000-1,800
Commis Chef (I)1,500- 3,000
Demi Chef De Partie (DCDP)2,500-3,500
Chef de Partie (CDP)2,000- 3,000
Sous Chef6,000-8,000
Executive Pastry Chef7,000 – 14,000
 Executive Sous Chef9,000- 14,000
Executive Chef10,000 – 20,000

Front Office / Reservation Departments Salary Range in UAE

Listed below in the table is an indicative salary range for salary in Dubai and in UAE in general for front-office positions in hotels. 

We have clubbed reservations for ease in listing salary ranges.

Receptionist / Guest Service Associate1,800- 2,500
Telephone Operator1,800- 2,500
Reservation Agent1,800- 3,000
Reservation Executive3,000- 4,000
Head Concierge3,500-4,500
Guest Relation Executive1,800-3,200
Assistant Front Office Manager4,500- 6,500
Duty Manager4,000- 6,500
Front Office Manager6,000- 8,500
Reservations Manager6,000- 10,000

Housekeeping Department Job positions Salaries in Dubai

Listed in the table below are the housekeeping salaries in Dubai.

We have tried to cover most of the general housekeeping positions in a typical hotel but there are a lot of positions and the post name and designations may vary depending on the hotel.

Public Area Attendant1,000-1,400
Room Attendant1,000-1,400
Linen Attendant1,000-1,400
Laundry Valet1,500- 3,000
Housekeeping Supervisor1,800- 3,000
Sr. Supervisor-Housekeeping2,500-4,000
Assistant Manager Housekeeping5,000-6,500
Laundry Manager8,000- 12,000
Executive Housekeeper9,000-12,000

Maintenance Department / Engineering job roles salaries in Dubai

There are multiple types of jobs in the hospitality industry. Check out the average salaries in Dubai for hotel industry professionals in the Engineering and Maintenance department in the table below.

Make your most educated guess around the given figure. Additional resources are provided in this article for a more precise knowledge of the salaries.

Plumber1,800- 3,500
HVAC Technician1,800- 3,500
General Technician1,800- 3,500
Electrician1,800- 2,500
Maintenance Supervisor2,500-4,000
Maintenance Manager5,500- 10,000

Indicative Salaries in Dubai for other key hospitality positions

Listed in the table below are some of the positions that have been clubbed for easier representation.

These job positions are in no way less important than those mentioned above. On the contrary, the below list includes some of the most important positions of Human Resources and Sales and Marketing. These have been clubbed for the sole purpose of ease in presenting Hotel management salary ranges in Dubai.

Have a look!

Spa Manager6000-8,000
Spa Therapist2,000-3,500
Sales Executive / Sr. Sales Executive3,000- 5,500
Human Resources Officer / Executive3,500 – 6,000
Sales Manager6,500 – 14,000
Marketing Manager7,500 – 14,000
Human Resources Manager8,500 – 16,000

If you want to check the Hotel management salary in Dubai in USD, Euro or Indian rupees, you can check the currency conversion websites like Xe to compare these salaries. 

Also, there are enough resources on the World Wide Web to match the salary offered with the cost of living in Dubai. An interesting article provides details of the Cost of living in DubaiIf you are looking for hotel jobs, also check our post about Career site of top Hotel Chains Globally.

Hospitality Salary in Dubai for freshers is in line with the starting salary of Hotel industry jobs and starts at around AED 1,200.

The salary for Reservation jobs ranges between AED 1,500 – AED 12,000 depending on the position (from Assistant to Manager). The figure is quite similar for Accountancy and Engineering Jobs.



Hope you found this information useful in planning your job application process for Dubai or any other place within the UAE.

We will update this space regularly for more profiles in the table and with the current range of salaries.

These salaries will be updated accordingly in future revisions.

There are a lot more positions in the hospitality industry and every effort has been made to include the key positions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding hospitality salaries in Dubai, UAE


  1. How do service charges affect the overall salary for hospitality jobs in Dubai?


Service charges are extra money added to the basic salary in hospitality jobs in Dubai. They vary depending on the hotel’s business and can be a significant addition to the overall income. For example, if a hotel has a busy season with high occupancy rates, the service charges could be higher, leading to increased earnings for employees.


  1. Are these salaries inclusive of benefits like accommodation and transportation?


Yes, these salaries usually include benefits like accommodation, food, transportation, medical insurance, and service charges. For instance, a hotel will offer free accommodation in shared staff housing and provide free meals at the staff accommodation cafeteria, allowances or free duty meals at the hotel’s restaurants.


  1. What factors determine whether a salary offer falls on the lower or higher end of the indicated range?


The salary offered in Dubai depends on various factors like the job position, experience, qualifications, and negotiation skills. For example, a Food and Beverage Manager with several years of experience and additional language skills may negotiate a higher salary compared to a less experienced candidate.


  1. Do these salary ranges vary depending on the type or size of the hotel or restaurant in Dubai?

Yes, the salary ranges can differ based on the type and size of the hotel or restaurant. For instance, a five-star luxury hotel in Dubai may offer a higher salary range for positions like Executive Chef compared to a small boutique hotel. Similarly, a large chain restaurant may provide better salary packages than a local café.


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