8 Amazing Freelance Hospitality Jobs Online

Hospitality and tourism are certainly a multi-faceted industry with myriad job opportunities across the globe. In this article, we have provided a list of best freelance hospitality jobs online.

Freelance Travel jobs are in abundance for those looking for it and we have supplied a quick list here for our readers.

While we have focussed on the hospitality industry in our list of freelance jobs but, these are useful for anyone looking to build a career outside the 9-5 zone.

These hospitality jobs online will help you break the shackles of your regular daytime jobs.

While we have listed here a lot of offline and online freelance jobs options from the hospitality and travel industry, we have suggested a lot of freelance job websites to help you look for hospitality jobs online. These websites would help candidates from all industries to take up freelance options online. So, stay with us until the end.

A lot of you would be dreaming to set up your own venture in future or work for yourself online. If you think so, you are not alone. If you are smitten by the entrepreneurial bug and looking to become a moonlighter to sustain yourself, then read on.


Best Freelance Jobs Online- 8 Freelance Hospitality Jobs to Break Free


Here’s a fact about freelance hospitality and travel jobs online.

There were over 50 million freelancers in the US alone a couple of years ago with around 15 million ‘Moonlighters’ who did freelance jobs while keeping their daytime jobs as well.

This number has increased steadily over the two years and the trend is similar in other parts of the world.



Image Source- Harvard Business Review 


Over 15 Million in the US, alone are engaged in Freelance jobs online. Rest are in some form of freelance work on-site or off-site as part-time or temporary work.

We thus recommend that for talents who know the ins, the outs, and the ropes of hospitality and tourism, freelance online jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector could be your best bet.

The problem is that knowing what kind and where to find these jobs can be a little hectic, if not downright disparaging.


Best Freelance Hospitality and Travel Jobs Online


Best Freelance Jobs Online- Top Amazing Freelance Hospitality Job Options


Out of hundreds of available hospitality career paths, a few can be taken up as a freelance and online and we list here the most prominent and popular hospitality jobs having freelance options.


1. Reviewing Hospitality and Tourism Businesses


Hospitality jobs are getting more competitive especially when you climb up the ladder and then you feel that the work-life balance is not there anymore.

The competition is cut-throat, the pay is sometimes small, and the industry itself is more demanding and more stressful than ever before.

If you don’t have one of the best Hospitality Jobs in the world, you might have a desire to hang your boot.

So, you don’t have a choice! or do you?

Yes, of course, you do have a choice.

The ‘no jobs available’ myth is not true anymore. The choice is yours and now you have limitless opportunities.

Let’s come to the point now by discussing this Freelance gig.

This is a freelance job for the experienced one in the industry. A tough nut to crack to start with but yields high rewards in the long run.

This can be considered to be the highest rewarding freelance job in the hospitality industry.


Image Courtesy- Freelancernews 


Although this freelance gig isn’t exactly based online, much of your work plays out online.

You have to contact hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, landmarks, and so forth to get an invitation to review their facilities, products, and services.

Think of travelling to Unique and Fun places in the World or of staying at the most Romantic Hotels and then writing about it.

It is difficult to get in the groove initially but once you become an established writer and an influencer; this freelance job can be the best decision you have ever made.

It’ll be a little challenging at the beginning, but when you land your first review, it will be the best feeling ever.

I know you are rolling your eyes at the moment thinking how reviewing such businesses will earn you a living.

Of course, that is your central tenet, isn’t it?

For one, you can partner up with hospitality and tourism online magazines, blogs, and so on as a freelance travel consultant. Their pay is always decent if your work is high-quality and genuine.

Any material that will resonate well with their readers will earn you a premium.

Travel advisory sites like TripAdvisor and Priceline.com can also use high-grade, expert reviews.



2. Become a Travel and Tourism Blogger


This again is one of the most favourite freelance hospitality and travel jobs globally these days.

Did you know Huffington Post started out as a blog-like venture?

The good news is that there are myriad of online travel and hospitality blogs that are poised to generate the same buzz as HuffPost.

Freelance blogging has become a popular mode of earning recently and within no time you can start writing and earning.

Become a ghostwriter to get a feel of it before you think of making it big in the industry.

Here, you can share your love for travel. You can write on a niche or several niches of tourism and travel and earn money as a blogger.

You might soon get a chance to register yourself in Travel blogging associations and if you are good, you might get noticed immediately in the blogging arena.


Image by-  Travel Bloggers Association 


The more traffic you drive to the blog, the more cash you will earn. According to Payscale.com, travel bloggers can make about $30,000 each year by following their passion part-time.

So before you quit your daytime job, try to get a zest of blogging for next few months and once you have contacts with several blogs, you will understand if blogging is your cup of tea or not.

If this freelance job option does hit the right chord, you would love to leave your full-time job and work for your passion.

Travel and tourism blogging can also be pursued as part-time along with your day time job.



3. Become a Freelance Social Media Consultant Focusing on Travel and Tourism Sector


Do you know enough about the hospitality industry but you are also a social keyboard warrior?

You can turn this passion into a fully-fledged social media manager. Become a freelance hospitality consultant.

Well, there are a couple of ways you can do it effectively in the online scene.

First, you can start your own social media consulting firm with a focus on tourism and hospitality industry.

There are several sites on the worldwide web that pay you for your social activities to kick start your freelance career online.

A word of caution- Don’t get caught up in scams. There is no shortcut to success.

What we present here are legitimate ways to express yourself and there is nothing that succeeds like success through hard work.

Working as a Freelancer is definitely not easy. It’s hard work that comes with rewards like self-satisfaction, money, peace and work-life balance.

Another option in the social media field is to work alongside established social media managers.

Again this a well-paying freelance tourism job, with most consultants raking in over $35,000 annually.

To get a feel of it, you can work through freelance websites to start with and slowly move towards connecting to the big wigs of the hospitality world.

We have showcased a few of the prominent websites for freelance work after this list of freelance job categories.

There are a lot of FREE Online Hospitality Management courses and a lot of hospitality Industry Certificates to help you get self-employed in the hospitality and tourism industry.


4. Become a Virtual Travel Agent


This again is a fascinating hospitality job online.

Being a work-at-home travel agent isn’t something new in the freelance realm. As a freelance travel agent, you can help people plan,

As a freelance travel agent, you can help people plan, organise, and book travel accommodation, tickets, and so forth.

To start off, you must have an IATAN, CLIA or ARC membership number. Partnering with a travel agent franchise is the absolute best way to start a virtual travel agency career on the right foot.


5. Become a Travel Writer


Freelance travel writing has gained increased traction with individuals with a knack for writing and love for travel and tourism. You can write travel articles for magazines, travel guides, websites, and newspapers.

Your topics can range food to exotic travel destinations and everything in between.

Think in the line of adventure travel, eco-tourism, family-friendly accommodations, and so on; the possibilities are numerous.

There’s more – you can also get some writing gigs from best freelance websites like UpWork, Fiverr, among others which are discussed after this list.


6. Become a Cruise Planner


This is another interesting category of Freelance jobs online in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Cruise planning has created much freelance tourism jobs lately. Companies like Cruise Planners offer you a chance and tools to start a cruise planning business and work right from your home.

Time to take up a freelance job and venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

A lot of Hotel and Travel startups have started small and then eventually grew to fame and tasted success.



The good news is that their commission goes from 14% all the way up to 21%.

If you do a little maths, you will realise that you can give your bank account a bump of something between $490 and $730 a week.

Not too shabby, right?

Want to know more about this. I am sure you do. Check the official web page to become a Cruise Planner.


7. Become an American Express Travel Consultant



American Express offers you a chance to become a freelance travel consultant. The travel card company always offer rewards and discounts for its loyal cardholders.

In essence, your freelance job online will have to do with creating a pleasant and memorable travel experience for American Express clients.

Explore for yourself to have a meaningful career with American Express in the hospitality and travel industry.


8. Become a Freelance Hospitality Job Consultant online


Have you been looking for a job in the hospitality sector with little or no luck? Are you frustrated with meagre salaries that hotel and tourism businesses pay to do a load of work?

If yes, then it might be high-time you switch gears and discover the allure of online freelancing.

There are a lot of available freelance consulting jobs online in the hospitality and travel industry.

Get introduced to the world of freelance jobs and work to your strengths.

You must be having a lot of contacts as you are an experienced hotelier. Why not provide recruitment services to hospitality firms and recruitment companies.

After some research, you can easily earn a handsome commission for your referrals.

Now there are several ways to establish yourself as a hospitality job consultant. The below tips might help:

  • Scroll through the LinkedIn postings to see current job postings and get in touch with recruiters for paid referrals. Get in touch with agencies instead of direct employers who would be more receptive to your demands.
  • Check LinkedIn recruitment groups and identify key people and send them private messages asking for referral work.
  • Although a little unreliable, check Facebook groups of hospitality jobs to locate hospitality recruiters.
  • Surf Freelance job websites like Guru and others listed in this post below who provide hospitality consultant freelance jobs.


Next, we present here a few of the many Freelance job sites for working part-time online.

There are a lot of listed hospitality online jobs on these freelance websites.

While the worldwide web is full of these resources, we present here only the most reliable and popular freelance job sites.



Best Freelance jobs websites for Hospitality Jobs online


Best Freelance jobs online websites

In today’s world of fast-paced technology, working freelance has become easier. In this post, we have outlined freelance hotel and hospitality jobs that would require no investment and you can get started in minutes.

A lot of freelance jobs online help you embark upon an entrepreneurial journey.

With lots of freelance websites like Fiverr, Up work,  Freelancer, Craigslist etc. you will never fall short of options to work towards your passion.

But, before you start scrolling through the mentioned sites, read on for some useful information to approach your freelance job online.

There are a lot of benefits to having a Freelance job apart from a better work-life balance.

If you are interested in travelling and if you love the hospitality industry, there are a lot of options for hospitality jobs online to select from.

If you are an experienced hospitality professional, you can choose to become a Hospitality Consultant.

One of our earlier posts discusses Hotel Management Consultants in details.

Once you free yourself from the shackles and get geared up for freelance jobs online, you will observe a lot of benefits.

You don’t need to worry about hikes, you are your own boss and most importantly you don’t need to be your boss’s bitch anymore for promotions and hikes.

Flexible schedule and freedom have been the most liked aspect of freelance jobs and if it meets your passion, can you ask for more?

Now that you have made up your mind to take up a freelance job online, here’s a question for you.





Being clear about what you like would help channel your efforts in the best possible direction.

We have also highlighted in this post a few of these freelance websites in detail after going through the job category list.

So, do visit these sites to kick start your freelance career online.

Herein, we will walk you through some of the best freelance hospitality and tourism job websites that you can find on the internet. Read on to get your online freelance career in hospitality and tourism off the ground.



  • Fiverr 

One of the most popular and reliable places for creative and professionals worldwide.

This platform is more than useful for beginners who are not sure what they can offer while working as a freelancer.

This is one of the best freelance job sites for beginners and equally valuable for experienced campaigners of the freelance job world.



Fiverr gives you multiple options and you can customise your own Gig. Make multiple gigs if you have multiple services to offer.

No hassles for payment or customer service as Fiverr support takes care of that in lieu of up to 20% commission.

Explore more about freelance jobs on Fiverr and open your account to start selling on Fiverr.


  • Freelancer 

Considered as the number 1 platform for Freelance jobs, Freelancer provides with over 600 categories to select from.

Make your profile online and bid for available projects with your own quotes.

This unique platform allows you to work at your own pace and at your own price.

This is a job network for over a million freelancers.

So, get going and explore your talent and become a freelancer at this trusted network.


  • Upwork

Considered as the world’s largest workplace. Most numbers of freelancers from around the world work on this platform.

Actually, it is a platform to build your own online business.

This also has all the options for freelance hospitality and tourism jobs online.

So, if you think you have had enough of the day job that you hold, then it’s time to work for your passion.

Get your passion work for you. Over 4 million clients get work done through Upwork.

So no hassles of finding the right client.

What should be stopping you to look for your freelance hospitality job online?

Start now with Upwork- Build your business


  • Elance

Another trusted name in the freelance jobs arena.

A name you can bank upon for your exploration of freelance hospitality and tourism jobs online.

As an update, Elance has been taken over by Upwork and all work has moved to the Upwork site on 30th May 2016.

Elance is now powered by Upwork and can be accessed through the link above of Upwork.


  • Craigslist

Now, this is a strange one for looking for hospitality freelance jobs online. Isn’t it?

You might think of Craigslist as a classified to buy sell things but not many know that you can buy sell work as well on this platform.

If you are not ready for a freelance hospitality and tourism job online as yet or don’t want to risk losing the day time job, this is for you.

You can scroll the gig list to check if there is something for you for some extra cash to pay your utility bills or your next vacation.

Explore the available gigs here on Craigslist for freelance jobs online.


Over to you now


Hope this article could provide you with an interesting list of freelance hospitality jobs and freelance job sites that can change the direction of your career.

The article also provided various categories for hospitality jobs online.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep following us for all the interesting information and NEWS about the hospitality and tourism industry.