In the current era of cut-throat competition and uncertainty, self-employment can be a good option. Lots of hospitality professionals also look for a side hustle apart from their daytime job. To help the hospitality industry professionals, we have listed in this post some of the freelance job websites that can be useful for hospitality industry professionals.

In today’s world of fast-paced technology, working freelance has become easier. In our earlier post, we have already outlined freelance hotel and hospitality jobs that would require no investment and you can get started in minutes.

A lot of freelance jobs online help you embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

Best Freelance jobs online websites

With lots of freelance websites like Fiverr, Guru, Upwork,  Freelancer, Craigslist etc. you will never fall short of options to work towards your passion. But, before you start scrolling through the mentioned sites, read on for some useful information to approach your freelance job online.

There are a lot of benefits to having a Freelance job apart from a better work-life balance. If you are interested in travelling and if you love the hospitality industry, there are a lot of options for hospitality jobs online to select from.

If you are an experienced hospitality professional, you can choose to become a Hospitality Consultant. One of our earlier posts discusses Hotel Management Consultants in detail. Once you free yourself from the shackles and get geared up for freelance jobs online, you will observe a lot of benefits.

You don’t need to worry about hikes, you are your own boss and most importantly you don’t need to be your boss’s bitch anymore for promotions and hikes.

Flexible schedule and freedom have been the most liked aspect of freelance jobs and if it meets your passion, can you ask for more? Now that you have made up your mind to take up a freelance job online, here’s a question for you.


Being clear about what you like would help channel your efforts in the best possible direction.

We have also highlighted in this post a few of these freelance websites in detail after going through the job category list.

So, do visit these sites to kick-start your freelance career online.

Herein, we will walk you through some of the best freelance hospitality and tourism job websites that you can find on the internet. Read on to get your online freelance career in hospitality and tourism off the ground.

  • Fiverr 

One of the most popular and reliable places for creative professionals worldwide.

This platform is more than useful for beginners who are not sure what they can offer while working as a freelancer.

This is one of the best freelance job sites for beginners and equally valuable for experienced campaigners of the freelance job world.

Fiverr gives you multiple options and you can customise your own Gig. Make multiple gigs if you have multiple services to offer.

No hassles for payment or customer service as Fiverr support takes care of that in lieu of up to 20% commission.

Explore more about freelance jobs on Fiverr and open your account to start selling on Fiverr.

With 50 Million plus transactions done and a new gig on offer every few seconds, this platform has opportunities for one and all.

  • Freelancer 

Considered the number 1 platform for Freelance jobs, Freelancer provides over 600 categories to select from.

Make your profile online and bid for available projects with your own quotes.

This unique platform allows you to work at your own pace and at your own price.

This is a job network for over a million freelancers.

So, get going and explore your talent and become a freelancer at this trusted network. Check out the Freelancer Network for opportunities and to sign up for free.

  • Upwork

Considered the world’s largest workplace. Most numbers of freelancers from around the world work on this platform.

Actually, it is a platform to build your own online business.

This also has all the options for freelance hospitality and tourism jobs online.

So, if you think you have had enough of the day job that you hold, then it’s time to work for your passion.

Get your passion to work for you. Over 4 million clients get work done through Upwork.

So no hassles of finding the right client.

What should be stopping you to look for your freelance hospitality job online?

  • Elance (now owned by Upwork)

Another trusted name in the freelance jobs arena.

A name you can bank upon for your exploration of freelance hospitality and tourism jobs online.

As an update, Elance has been taken over by Upwork and all work has moved to the Upwork site on 30th May 2016.

Elance is now powered by Upwork and can be accessed through the link above of Upwork.

  • Craigslist

Now, this is a strange one for looking for hospitality freelance jobs online. Isn’t it?

You might think of Craigslist as a classified to buy sell things but not many know that you can buy sell work as well on this platform.

If you are not ready for a freelance hospitality and tourism job online as yet or don’t want to risk losing the daytime job, this is for you.

You can scroll the gig list to check if there is something for you for some extra cash to pay your utility bills or your next vacation.

Explore the available gigs on Craigslist for freelance jobs online.

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