The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc all across the globe. It has led to damage to lives and economies. One of the most affected industries has been the hospitality and travel industry. This has raised doubts in the minds of prospective hotel management students and fresh graduates if hotel management as a career is still worth it.

First to answer this in a nutshell- yes, it’s still worth it. However, like almost every other industry it has its pros and cons.

Expect a huge number of hiring in 2023 and 2024 once people start going out for vacation and eating out again. 

The hospitality and travel industry has been one of the very few industries that has only seen growth in the past many decades. Consider this pandemic as a pit stop for the industry and expect the hospitality industry to bounce back in style and with rapid growth.

Why do we expect so? This is what we would try to explain in this article. Let’s begin!

Expect a plethora of innovations to help the hospitality industry bounce back

Adaptability is the key to manage the Covid crisis and the hospitality and travel industry has reacted well in this adjustment process.

The restaurant industry has come up with numerous innovations and so has the hotel industry.

With new technologies, processes and continuous innovation, expect the hospitality industry to bounce back within a year or two. This would mean more jobs created and better career prospects.

Have a look at the video below to see what are some common innovations that are changing how industries, especially the restaurant industry, are boosting growth and recovery through innovation.


Pros and cons of hospitality career

Let’s first begin by listing the pros of hospitality as a career.

  • Flexibility in working hours and work week
  • Being one of the biggest industries, it provides stability and growth
  • An experience of working in a truly global industry
  • Hotel management opens up a lot of creative career choices
  • Easier entry and growth than most of the other industries
  • Lots of career paths to explore within and outside the hospitality industry
  • Lots of options to travel and meet people from around the world

Now time for a few cons of having a career in hotel management

  • Long working hours especially during peak seasons.
  • Entry jobs have lower salaries when compared to other industries.
  • Lack of training especially in smaller hospitality organisations.
  • Higher staff turnover when compared to other industries

The pros would certainly outweigh the disadvantages of working in hospitality. However, if you love meeting people and love exploring new cultures and food then hotel management can be a career option that you would certainly love.

One of our previous articles covers these pros and cons of hospitality career in greater detail.

Hotel management as a career is easier to pursue for extroverts who love meeting people and exploring new cultures.

The travel and Leisure industry is still one of the fastest growing one

Hospitality and travel is still a great option as a career. 

This is visible from the data by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Let’s look at some of the data.

  • The unemployment rate has improved to 13.0 from a disastrous 16.7% in December 2020.
  • Job openings have grown by over 50% in just two months from December 2020 in the USA.
  • Similar v-shape recovery has been visible all across the globe for countries which are recovering from COVID-19 impact.
  • The overall employment rate is coming back to normal and soon the travel and hospitality industry will be one of the biggest employers in the world.

Have a look at the snapshot from the website that throws some supporting data showing how the travel and hospitality industry is getting back on track.

Why should you choose a career in hospitality?

To focus on the positives, let’s see why hospitality is still a great career choice.

  • It is a global industry- get ready for international exposure.
  • Easy entry and growth-focused industry
  • Diversified industry- Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, cruises, Aviation, Events, Facility Management, Cinemas, Theme parks, Travel companies, startups and more, you have endless options in your career.
  • Cosmopolitan culture- Get ready to work in one of the most diverse multicultural workplaces.
  • Be a part of the powerful tourism industry which has been one of the fastest growing industries for decades.

There are endless reasons to believe that hotel management is still a great career choice and will continue to be so.

One of our earlier posts on 6 reasons to chose hospitality career covers the benefits in greater detail. So, if you are looking to find more benefits for having a career as a hotel management graduate, have a look at the same.

Technology has made hotel management as a career more lucrative

In today’s knowledge economy, we can’t think of career progression without being tech-savvy.

Technology has ensured that the hospitality and travel industry keeps coming up with new and creative career options.

You can be a software engineer, U/X designer, Cybersecurity specialist, designer or social media manager. There are numerous number of additions to the orthodox job options of the past.

Moreover, a lot of technology jobs are extremely well paid as well.

So, if you are a tech-savvy hotel management graduate, you can explore a lot of technology jobs as well which can give wings to your hospitality career.

Summing it up

From engineering to food and beverage; from housekeeping to front of the house management; from pilots to cruise managers and we can keep going with the list. Numerous career paths in hospitality and travel make it one of the most lucrative career choices.

So hospitality management continues to be a great career choice for students as graduates have the option to select from numerous career paths available in the hospitality industry

Moreover, technology and innovation are only going to make things better for those seeking a hotel industry career. 

So, hotel management is definitely a great career option. There is a lot of negativity around hotel management jobs which has worsened due to the COVID pandemic. However, rest assured that the hospitality and leisure industry will continue to be one of the fastest growing industries offering limitless opportunities to its employees. 

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