10 Best Skills to Include in Your Hospitality Resume (with Examples)

Skills are currencies that can help you achieve success in your career in today’s world. While progressing in your career in the hospitality sector, there are different skill sets that you need to work on and, most importantly, include in your resume. 

You must add soft and hard skills as recruiters look into these two types of skills. Having the right mix of these skills can impress your hiring manager. 

Now, let’s explore the ten best skills you can include in your hospitality resume. By the way, we will look into some examples too. Using skills carefully is one of the crucial hospitality resume tips.

So, let’s get started!

10 skills to use in your hospitality resume with examples

Communication Skills

As a hospitality professional, it is integral to have communication skills. 

Knowledge of multiple languages is also a big plus. It helps communicate with multicultural customers. Communication proficiency must be included in your resume. It includes your interpersonal communication skills and fluency in English and other languages. While adding communication as your skill, it is beneficial if you have a language proficiency certification, validating it further.

Customer Service Skills

While working in the hospitality sector, you will have to deal with different customers daily. 

Whether it be a receptionist or a manager, you will interact with different types of people. Therefore, adding this skill to your resume can benefit you. 

You can bring examples from your previous job experiences to validate this skill.

Problem Solving Skills

There could be different problems or crises you have to manage as a hospitality professional. 

You can quote examples from your experiences to showcase how you have helped resolve issues. 

For example: Solved 97% of customers’ problems and ensured customer satisfaction.

Service-based Selling Skills

It is a hard skill essential in the hospitality sector for hospitality professionals like you. 

You can mention how you have consistently worked on up-selling different services and products.

For example, you can mention how you used your skills to upsell a room.

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Management Skills

You can include management skills like project planning, task delegation, organizational skills, etc. Having this skill is vital in the hospitality sector.

You would be dealing with people from diverse communities and at times people from different countries. Add to that a mix of leisure and business customers, customers from different cultures and countries and various events.

All this makes it managing a hotel or a hospitality company excessively difficult. Thus, you can mention some of your management skills.

Example– Managed a team of 350 with an attrition rate of 6% annually while ensuring a 27% reduction in overall complaints and a 12% reduction in cost. 

Leadership Skills

If you have worked in a managerial capability, you can explain how you have collaborated as a team player and a leader. 

A lot of Personality Resume Builders would have multiple options to select from in terms of leadership skills. You can display your cultural fit and display leadership skills by creating personality CVs that stand out.

For example: Addressed 98% of concerns faced by team members and focused on facilitating the needful assistance at the right time.

Complaint Resolution Skills

As a hospitality professional, you might receive complaints from your team members, customers, vendors, etc. In your resume, for example, you can add how you have attended 100+ calls every day and helped them overcome their issues.

Another example can be how you used your wits and customer understanding in dealing with a complaint of a group from your regular corporate client. 

Time Management Skills

Time is a crucial factor in the hospitality sector. You can mention your time management skills and validate them further by including a relevant pointer on how you performed them. 

For instance: I prioritized tasks based on job requirements and worked on multiple tasks without compromising on quality to facilitate the deliverables on time.

Process Streamlining Skills

Process streamlining is yet another hard skill integral to the hospitality sector. 

You can depict this skill with examples like reducing the onboarding process time, creating customer support email scripts, etc.

Computer Skills / Tech Skills

Currently, this is a skill that takes the front row in every resume. As a hospitality professional, you can mention having skills like spreadsheets, email management, word processing, etc.

Thus, including these skill sets in your resume will enhance your visibility and chances of landing an interview.


Here you go,  a quick complication and recommendation of the top 10 skills to include in your hospitality resume.

Use this in a succinct manner in your resume while snoring so that you don’t oversell yourself.