Ace Hotel Jobs- Why work for Ace Hotels?

In this post, we have discussed Ace Hotels and Ace Hotel Jobs.

The hospitality Industry is full of opportunities and while the Largest Hotel Chains steal the limelight, new hotel chains are actively competing with the bigwigs of the hotel industry.

Though the first Ace Hotel swung its doors open to guests in 1999, the chain has burgeoned from its humble beginning to become a formidable force to reckon with, wielding enough punch to take on household hospitality brands like Hilton Worldwide, Carlton-Ritz, Marriott International, IHG, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and so forth.

So, those looking for a hospitality job actively need to put Ace Hotels on their wish list.


About Ace Hotels

Established by three pals, Wade Weigel, Alex Calderwood and Doug Herrick, and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Ace Hotel chain has extended its reach and bottom line, and now operates hotels in London, Portland, New York, Palm Springs, Seattle, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and Panama City, Panama.

And the list keeps growing year in, year out.

As you might expect from a hotel chain that attracts a huge number of guests year-round, Ace Hotel jobs are aplenty.

The hotel usually posts an extensive list of job vacancies, covering the entire spectrum of the hospitality industry, from housekeepers all the way to hotel managers and every post in between.

So what are you waiting for; if you have some experience and training in the hotel industry, Ace Hotel jobs might be dead right on the spot for you.

Well, not all Ace Hotel jobs are created equal.

Herein, we will walk you through an array of the best reasons why you should consider applying for a job at Ace Hotels across the globe.

If there is no Ace Hotel in and around your area, you might have one soon.

Look at the Top Hospitality Companies in the US list and most of these employers are the top employers around the world.

But, before you do!

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Keep reading to learn if you are the right match.

Why Work at Ace Hotels?


A Place to Ace Your Career

As a newbie, someone fresh from college or a hospitality institution, you need a springboard to launch your career into the sector.

Even if you have longstanding experience in the hotel niche, you may want a hotel chain that’ll offer you that career-changing opportunity.

A chance to showcase your talents — what you can truly bring to the table.

That’s exactly what Ace Hotel jobs are all about. The hotel chain offers a thriving ground where creative thinking – “thinking outside the box” – is encouraged.

Do you deem yourself capable of bringing about segment-changing innovations?

If yes, then look no further than Ace Hotel Los Angeles jobs and other locations.


Meet VIP Guests

Ace Hotel chain has cut a niche for itself among entrepreneurs, who is who in the entertainment sector, world-renowned comedians, politicians, and sports stars.

Who doesn’t want to meet a celebrity, right?

Working at Ace Hotel jobs, you will get the ultimate opportunity to not only meet VIPs but also offer your expedient services.

Who knows; you might get an autograph from your favourite A-lister.


Work Your Way up the Career Ladder

Much like its other facilities, lifestyle and design, the Ace Hotel management approach rewards hard-working and creative employees.

Here, you will get a career-changing opportunity to speed-track your career from an entry position to management in no time.

All it takes is to show that you have the guts and capability to execute your tasks and responsibilities with little or no supervision.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that often hard-working junior employees are named the “employee of the month” at Ace Hotel.


Handsome Pay and Remuneration

It’s no secret that every employee’s desire is to get promoted as well as earn better pay. Again, Ace Hotel jobs reward those who work earnestly.

The longer and better you work at Ace Hotel, the higher your wages.

Even right from the outset, Ace Hotels pay the lowest-ranked employees, the housekeepers, a handsome starting wage of about $15 per hour.

Not too shabby, right?

Those in higher positions, including the hotel managers and executive chefs, receive salaries in the neighbourhood of $70000 plus each year.


Friendly Coworkers

Peer reviews for Ace Hotel London jobs and other locations show that the chain boasts some of the most friendly colleagues.

Whether your tasks seem arduous, especially during the first few days of work or you feel ill, you can rest assured that someone has got your back.


Fantastic Work Environment

Ace Hotels features an ample and serene working ambience.

With friendly coworkers, better work-life balance and fabulous guests (including celebrities), working at Ace Hotels are certainly effortlessly smooth and fun.



If you are looking for amazing hospitality career options, the Ace Hotel chain is certainly one of the top hospitality employers.

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Well, wouldn’t be nice to have coworkers who can remember and are ready to celebrate your birthday or engagement?

That’s what you get when you apply for Ace Hotel Los Angeles jobs.