In this article, we have decided to go a little offbeat. This one is to celebrate the hard work of all the hoteliers around the globe. Read this post for some extra motivation. These hoteliers are not only in the elite rich club but they also teach us methods to replicate their success. If they could do it, you can do the same. So, let’s begin our article about the richest hoteliers in the world.

Let’s find who are a few of the richest and famous hoteliers in the world today and to have ever graced the hospitality world.

While we have named the topic as Top 8 Richest Hoteliers in the world, we have ensured to include resources for many more. We have kept this article short and crisp to ensure you get a quick list of rich hoteliers and further readings for rich club enthusiasts.

list of the Top 8 Richest hoteliers in the world

We have not numbered the list as we found that numbering or ranking these super-talented and rich hoteliers would not be just on our part. 

So, we leave it to you to decide the order as that would vary depending on individual choices. All these hoteliers are an inspiration to all of us. Let’s begin. 

Sheldon Adelson

Have you heard of The Palazzo in Las Vegas? The Hotel Moghul and Real Estate Tycoon, Sheldon Adelson’s net worth in 2014 was over 30 Billion USD. As quoted by multiple sources mentioned in Wikipedia, Adelson comes from a humble background and saw his fortune rise to over $24 Billion and then crash to less than $2 Billion before rising back to $37 Billion.

Yes, he has incorporated and run over 50 companies and has been a serial entrepreneur.

Adelson comes from a humble background. His father drove a taxi and his mother used to have a small knitting shop to support her family.

It was his resolve that ensured the giant Las Vegas Sands to come up which is one of the largest hospitality management firms in the USA and the world.

At the age of 85, he is still not retired and continues to lead as an example within the hospitality industry. He is definitely one of the richest hoteliers in the world.

Resilience and Perseverance have been his winning traits over the years. Truly inspirational, isn’t it? 

Simon and David Reuben

The two brothers have a portfolio of businesses.

Simon and David have invested in hotels and pubs all over the world. They own some excellent hotels and hotel apartments in the United Kingdom. Some of the notable properties they have stakes in are Grosvenor House in London, The Plaza New York and Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club.

They have fortunes worth over $15.5 billion. That’s some money for sure.

Neil Bluhm

Neil Bluhm is a casino and real estate magnate.

He owns several Casinos and Casino hotels in the USA and Canada. He is worth over $6 Billion as per the standing by Forbes in 2023.

Donal Trump

Donald Trump who was the President of the United States is also considered to be one of the wealthiest hotelier moguls in the world. He has been the proud owner of various Trump hotel properties and casinos.

He is worth a lot more now but his financial fortunes as reported by Forbes stand at $ 2.51 Billion.

Bill Marriott Jr. 

Who doesn’t know Bill for his contribution to the Marriott Hotel chain which now is the largest hotel chain in the world after the acquisition of the Starwood Hotel chain? 

He has a personal Financial Worth of over $2.2B. He dropped off the Forbes list in 2014 and continues to inspire hoteliers across the globe in 2023.

He is said to be an inspirational hospitality leader as he inspired millions through his work ethic and through his Midas touch of understanding the customer taste and need for innovation. 

Ty Warner

Ty Warner is a famous name in the hotel industry as well. However, he is more popular due to his stint as an actor and as a creator of the super popular plush toy Beanie Babies. 

While Covid-19 pandemic led to losses for a lot of hoteliers. Ty Warner saw his wealth more than double in the post-Covid era. Have a look at how the graph looks for his wealth over the years.

His Las Ventanas al Paraiso Resort in Mexico is a super romantic gateway. You won’t find many more Romantic hotels in the world than this resort. 

An interesting fact is that The Ty Warner Mansion in this hotel rents for $35,000 a night. 

His net worth on the date of publishing this article is $6 billion according to Forbes

Vikas Oberoi

First and foremost, Vikas is not related to the family that owns the Oberoi group. Vikas is a real estate magnate who owns Westin Hotel in the Mumbai suburbs and is opening the first Ritz Carlton hotel in Mumbai.

Vikas Oberoi is one of the top 100 richest people in India with a net worth of $2 Billion making him one of the richest hoteliers in the world.

Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi

The current owner of the Oberoi and Trident brand in 5 countries is said to be an inspirational hotelier. 

While his financial fortune stands at a comparatively lesser number at a little over $ 500 Million, he is a great fit for this list of richest hoteliers because he is one of the best leaders and a philanthropist. He is extremely popular in India and adjoining countries making him one of the most popular hospitality leaders in the area. 

Then there are some of the best names in the hospitality industry like Conrad Hilton, Cesar Ritz, Stephen Wynn and a lot others who have influenced the lives of most hoteliers in some form or the other.  

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Top legendary hoteliers in the world

And there are several super-rich chefs who could very well grace this list of richest hoteliers in the world. We, however, have a dedicated post that lists the Top celebrity chefs in the world


Here you go, a quick list of the Richest hoteliers in the world.

We would have loved to continue with the list as these hoteliers have lived an inspirational life. They have shown others the best ways towards success. The hospitality world is full of superstars and in one of our articles, we have mentioned a few Top Women Leaders in the Hospitality industry as well.

Hope this article gives you a shot of inspiration to illuminate this industry through your expertise, positive attitude and resilience. If you are not from the hospitality industry and stayed along with us this far, hope it served the purpose of outlining some success traits that transcend industries. 

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