Self-assessment tools can be extremely useful to check your own weaknesses and advantages. Using self assessment tools is not very common for the hospitality professionals. However, with a greater focus towards soft skills, these tools are becoming more and more common in the hospitality industry.

It helps the hospitality professionals in knowing the best skills and areas which need development and focus.

There are few considerations to make to ensure that these tools can give you the best results. Let’s check them out here.

Here are a few ways to ensure that these tools are used in best possible ways for career growth in the hospitality industry.

How to use Self-Assessment tools to skyrocket your career?

Know the Key self assessment tools

There are numerous self assessment tools. The most useful ones for the hospitality fraternity can be:

  • MAPP Self assessment tool
  • Keirsey Tools
  • Big Five personality test assessment
  • MBTI personality type assessment
  • Psychometric tests for hospitality professionals

And the list goes on. These self assessment tools are well covered in our other post. These would be extremely beneficial for the hospitality professionals to help them grow in their career.

Tests results are not prototypes, customize it around your personality

Their purpose is to make suggestions about the sort of person you are likely to be and to prompt you to think about yourself in a new light.

If you are a Chef, think what are you great at, where can you improve and if the score that you have received indicate any trend.

Same goes for all other roles across the hospitality sectors.

May it be a restaurant manager, a hotel manager, a housekeeping attendant or any other role; try to find the tools that could assess you in the best possible ways.

The tests are not infallible and should be used only as a basis for helping you to think about the areas of work which are likely to interest and fulfil you.

It is important that you take the test as a tool to recognize and not to completely alter the person you are.

Test results are just the tip of the career iceberg

Only you can decide exactly what type of person you are and what career within the hospitality industry is right for you.

Personality tests are based on your response to the questions and so it is important to take it positively and grab opportunities to strengthen the person you are.

Never let such personality tests break you, but allow it to make a better person of you.

In reality, people are individuals, each with unique personality traits and characteristics.

Personality types are generalizations and it is very likely that your exact character will not fit precisely into one of them.

Every person is put into one category, but the truth is not all members in the same category are similar.

Each one will have different specific traits to themselves that cannot be well distinguished by a personality test.

Hence, make sure you do not put yourself into a box.

Learn to experiment with newer traits and remember to alter the flaws that you have recognized. It is always possible to change your personality type if that is what you want.

Multiple tests should be used for self-assessment

This will ensure that you gain a balanced view of yourself.

The hospitality industry is extremely challenging and competitive. Don’t let one test judge you in completion.

Since each assessment is likely to analyse slightly different factors. The field of psychology is improving and newer research has produced more efficient and apt personality tools.

Hence, it is important to be updated with the latest. It is wise to take three or more tests because it will help you get a broader understanding of yourself.

A single test holds possibilities of miscalculations and we do not want to react over that.


Here you go. We have mentioned here ways on how best can we use these self-assessment tools so that hospitality professionals can benefit the most out of these.

Use these tools on a regular basis for continuous growth. Also, hospitality professionals can use these self assessment tools to find their strengths and weaknesses when they go for their interview.

After all, the whole aim to keep becoming a better versions of ourselves. Isn’t it!

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