Top 10 Celebrity Chefs in the World – And 6 Famous Female Chefs

Chefs are crucial to the success of a foodservice outlet and the hospitality organisation. After all sumptuous meals are a prerequisite for a successful vacation. In this post, we bring you a few of the Celebrity chefs in the world which are popular like movie stars and sports icons.

In the past few years, celebrity chefs have become instrumental in society because a lot of novice cooks, professionals in the industry and enthusiasts of fine dining look up to them as inspiration as well as for cooking tips and advice.

In this post, we also list some of the most famous female chefs. Chefs hold one of the highest paid jobs in the hospitality industry. While a lot of industries complain of a gender balance, the glass ceiling has long been shattered in the hospitality industry.

When we speak about women in the hotel industry, not all top leaders are chefs. Our post on Top Women Leaders in the hospitality industry covered a few of the most successful women in the hospitality industry.



Top 10 Celebrity Chefs


Famous chefs are influential and popular not only because of their unique and innovative cooking techniques but also for their capacity to create successful brands.

Here is our collection of top 10 celebrity chefs in the world which we have not listed in any order.

Following this list, don’t forget to check the added list of famous female chefs in the world.


 1. Marco Pierre White


Chef White is said to paved way for a lot of other celebrity chefs.

Marco is a well-known British TV chef, who is also known as the godfather of contemporary cuisine.

He is believed to be the first celebrity chef and is known to have trained other successful chefs like Gordon Ramsay.

He has been part of several super hit television shows like MasterChef Australia and Hell’s Kitchen.

He is also the youngest chef to be awarded 3 Michelin stars.



Remarkable and inspiring is all we have to say more for Marco Pierre White.

Even after retiring he continues to inspire and train the best chefs around the globe. Have a look at his  Official Website.


2. Anthony Bourdain


This celebrity chef started out his career as a part-time dishwasher after dropping out of college. He was a well-known travel and food expert that has worked in top-rated hotels.

He graduated from the Culinary School of America and then worked in several classy restaurants. He maintained a larger than life image in the restaurant fraternity of New York City and globally.

Anthony Bourdain further rose to a celebrity chef status through his extremely popular television shows like ‘The Layover’, ‘A Cook’s Tour’ etc. He has also appeared as a judge on several television shows.


Image Courtesy- Anthony Bourdain web Site 


Bourdain has also written few best-selling books like ‘Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly’, ’A cook’s tour’ etc.

Inspiring! Isn’t he?

As an update, Bourdain was found dead in his hotel room on 8th June 2018. Surprisingly, the cause of death was termed as suicide. The exact reasons for the suicide of this celebrity chef is still a mystery.


3. Paul Bocuse


Paul is a legend in France and in many parts of the world. He has mentored many chefs that have continued to create successful brands of their own.

The hotel industry is staying neck to neck with innovation through its Innovative Hotel concepts but culinary innovation has arguably helped the hotel industry the most.

Paul has been an innovation evangelist for the Food and Beverage sector of the Hospitality industry.

He is a celebrity chef who is associated with high-quality restaurants and novel concepts in cooking and cuisines.

At the age of 91, he has all the reasons to slow down but a lot of his students and followers are committed to taking the legacy forward in the decades to come.


4. Gordon James Ramsay


Most Hoteliers are aware of this extremely popular celebrity chef.

Gordon Ramsay is a high profile celebrity TV chef. His Hell’s Kitchen is an extremely popular TV show.

He has been a part of several other extremely popular TV shows like Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef US.

He is renowned for his personality and unusual cooking skills.


Image Courtesy- Gordon Ramsay Website 


He was once a footballer but gave up on the sport to become a chef after sustaining a football injury.

He now owns a lot of classy restaurants across the globe.


5. Alain Ducasse


This is another popular French chef that is the first celebrity chef to open several successful Michelin 3 star restaurants.

3 Michelin star for a restaurant is like a 5-Star rating for Hotels.

His elegance and style which reflects in his restaurants have raised his status to a globally renowned celebrity chef.



Look for more about Chef Ducasse at his Official Website.


6. Wolfgang Puck


Puck is one of the richest celebrity chefs on the planet.

He is an Austrian-American who is extremely popular in the USA and around the globe.

Aside from cooking and owning successful restaurants, he is a successful businessman that has an entire range of high-end cooking equipment and cookware line.

He has to his credits numerous awards and television shows.

He is popular for his Californian, French and Fusion cooking styles.


7. Jamie Oliver


As far as celebrity TV chefs go, Jamie Oliver’s face is instantly recognisable.

He is known for his successful TV shows that focus on organic food.

He is popular for his cookbooks that are successful in the UK and internationally.


Image Courtesy- Jamie Oliver Website 


He is youngest of the celebrity chefs on this list who is well known for his English cooking styles.

His documentary Jamie’s Kitchen earned him an invite to Prime Minister’s residence in the UK.

Every Chef wants to become a celebrity but Jamie Oliver has the star quotient attached to his name which is pretty much displayed in the below infographic (Courtesy- Behance). Have a look!




8. Sanjeev Kapoor


Sanjeev is a popular Indian chef, TV host, author, and businessman.

He also serves as a judge in successful cooking shows such as ‘MasterChef series 3’ and his Show ‘Khana Khazana’ is the longest-running show of its type in Asia.

He has also come up with a lot of innovative recipes that have won him a lot of accolades in India and globally.

He also owns a lot of restuarants which run under his name.


9. Thomas Keller


Thomas is also a renowned author and a successful restaurateur.

He has managed to build a name and reputation for himself despite having received no culinary training at all.

Known for his famous restaurant in Napa Valley, Chef Keller gave Adam Sandler cooking tips for the Hollywood Movie Spanglish.

He has also published books and has a lot of awards to his name making him one of the most popular celebrity chefs in the world.


10. Charlie Trotter


Charlie is an American chef from Chicago and is one of the most popular TV chefs out there.

He is also well known for his successful show PBS.

He has run several successful restaurants in the US and rose to fame through several awards won and the TV show.

Unfortunately, we would not be able to see any other brilliant piece of work from Chef Trotter as he took his last breath on November 2013.


Now moving on to the famous female chefs. The chef world is populated with star chefs without any gender divide. Have a look.


Top Female Chefs in the World 



We have not numbered the list just to refrain from ranking these female chefs.

They are all successful equally and deserve equal attention.


  • Rachael Ray


Rachel Ray is a celebrity chef, author and an American businesswoman. she has also been a part several series on Television and has authored a lot of books. 

She has inspired a lot of chefs with male and female. She is inspiring a lot of new age chefs with her success. Explore more about her profession, success, recipes, shows and books on her official website.

Check it all on Rachael Ray’s website. 





  • Anahita Dhondy


She was a Chef Manager in a restaurant at the age of 22 and at the age of 29 she has achieved celebrity status. She hates to be called Female Chef or Celebrity chef as she believes in equality in the kitchen and outside. 

She fits in our list of top female chefs as she has won the Hospitality Sector “Indian of the Year Award” as well as Times Food award. She also has a successful entrepreneurship venture to her credit.



She also has delivered a couple of successful TEDx talks. Explore more of her story at Yourstory. 


  • Ravinder Bhogal


Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey has labelled her as modern day Fanny Cradock.

From vegan menus to a high-end restaurant, she has various mentions that have helped her stature grow to become one of the most talked about female chefs.

Check more about her and over a dozen other top female chefs in the list by The handbook.





  • Katie Lee


Katie Lee is an American Cookbook author, television personality, food critic, author and much more. Quite a list when we mention that she is only 37 as yet. 

Lee did her studies in journalism but found peace in creative cooking and worked in various restaurants in her career. 

Lee has ever since authored successful books and has also appeared in several television shows. She is a regular member of a lot of celebrity chef lists. 

Check more about her career and achievements on her Wikipedia page. 




  • Nadia Giosia


Nadia is a celebrity female chef, actress, singer and television producer. She has to her credit an extremely popular TV cooking show. Nadia G as she is popularly known as is an extremely famous Canadian cooking personality.

At the age of 38, that’s quite an achievement. 

She has been ranked in the top 20 of the famous female chef list by Ranker. 





  • Tarla Dalal


One of the most successful female chefs of all time was Tarla Dalal. She specialised in Indian cuisine and has a lot of awards and accolades to her name.

She has published a lot of books including the bestseller “The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking”.

Her books have been translated into numerous other languages and she has also appeared on various television shows. 




Indeed, good Chefs are difficult to find and Chefs have brands associated with them. They have much more than a culinary degree in them (a few of them don’t even have a degree :)).

Well, we wish we could have gone on and on with the list but every good thing comes to an end.

Oh yes, before we leave we must also admit that cooking good food is not one of the easiest jobs in the world. It actually is one of the most creative jobs in the world.

So, we wind up our list of top celebrity chefs and the most successful female chefs with a promise that we will keep adding more to this list on a regular basis.

If you can’t have enough of these top female chefs, please make your way to the following comprehensive list of hundreds of popular female chefs on Wikipedia here.

Hope you also enjoyed our quick visit to the world of female chefs who have made a name of themselves. They have not only broken the glass ceiling but have also motivated a lot of others to believe that success is not gender constrained. Well, we certainly believe that!