Looking for jobs in hotels? Here’s your guide to career sites of global hotel chains. In this post, you can look at various hotel career websites.

The Hotel jobs market is changing and so is the application process. It is a lot easier now to apply directly to hospitality establishments.

These Hotel job websites would help you with applying to the most relevant and up-to-date hospitality jobs. All authentic no fluff!

Creating a profile directly in the job portals of Hotels helps the candidates in receiving regular emails on vacancies.

Stay with us! We have given you all the links in this post.

So, go ahead and create your profiles on these job websites of reputed hotel chains. It would add momentum to your existing hospitality job search.

Let’s begin with the list now.

Top Hotel chains career websites- Apply jobs directly

1. Hilton Worldwide careers

We can’t think of a city which doesn’t have a Hilton Hotel.

If you are looking to work at Hilton, it is advisable to screen the direct career website of Hilton as well.

Hilton Careers is one of the most streamlined career websites in the hotel industry.

With 550 upcoming hotels and a presence in 6 continents, this hotel chain is every hotelier’s dream organisation.

Hilton’s career website is one of the top hotel websites to apply for jobs directly. The user interface is just perfect and fresh vacancies are added regularly.

Just follow the link below to search for jobs in the topmost Hilton Hotels in the world and if any job fits your profile, apply now and set job alerts. Hilton hotel careers – Link

Hilton Worldwide career website

2. IHG Hotel jobs

Intercontinental Hotel Group is one of the fastest-growing hotel chains. It is also known to be one of the most employee-friendly hotel chains in the world.

The hotel chain has an extremely robust website making it one of the best hotel websites to apply for jobs.

IHG is also known for its customised job portal which is extremely user-friendly and highly centralised.

So, if you apply once, you stay in the portal forever.

Here is the link to the shelter of 350,000 plus employees in over 100 countries- Careers page IHG.

3. Hyatt Hotels Career Website

Did you know that Hyatt has one of the best employee retention systems in place?

Friendly and flexible work environment, relaxed work schedule and employee friendliness are a few terms to define this hospitality abode.

The hotel is ranked regularly in ‘100 best places to work’ by Fortune magazine and other reputed rating organisations. That makes it one of the best hospitality companies in the world.

If you are looking for a change in your hospitality career, did you check the recent jobs at Hyatt? It’s a must if you have not done so already.

Go for it now. Here’s the link to all Hyatt Jobs.

4. Accor Hotels – A great place to work

With a spectrum of hotels in its kitty, you are never short of options.

With deluxe five-star properties to budget hotels; they have everything in their kitty.

Accor Group is a brand of brands. It is the largest hospitality company in Europe and the 6th largest in the world at the time of the last update to this article.

If you are a hospitality professional. It is highly unlikely that you have not heard of Accor.

Think of names like Raffles, Sofitel, Novotel, Fairmont, Banyan Tree Hotels and the list goes on and on and on.

This brand of hotels employs over 280,000 employees from all across the globe.

So, now that you are interested in exploring Accor hotel jobs, there is no better to start than the official career webpage of this decorated hotel chain.

Explore jobs at Accor here- Jobs at Accor. They have embraced creativity and are known for their competitive salary.

5. Kempinski Hotel Career

How can we keep the German hospitality firm off the list? Certainly not.

Can the stylish and classy European hotel chain be kept away when we are discussing top hotel job websites in the world?

Kempinski shines on all parameters and has a reputation for being extremely generous towards its employees.

With a tradition that dates back over 120 years, this hotel chain is like a dream for all hospitality job seekers.

After all, employees are internal customers. Here is the link to explore all Jobs at Kempinski.

Even the Career section of the Kempinski Hotel website oozes class and elegance. Have a look at the image below that explains it all.

6. Jumeirah Group- Career 

Think of Dubai hotels and this would come in everyone’s minds.

Jumeirah is a landmark in Dubai and has now become a global chain with hotels in London, Maldives, Shanghai, Mallorca and several others.

This hotel chain is known for its generous pay structure and excellent career growth opportunities.

Dubai still steals the show as far as elegance and job attractiveness are concerned.

The opportunities are immense and the Dubai World Expo has just added to the charm.

Our other article also explores hotel Salaries in Dubai to help you understand the pay structure and job attractiveness.

Jumeirah Group is a prized organisation as far as work culture, benefits and career growth are concerned. So, this must be on your wish list.

Here is where you can keep exploring all jobs of Jumeirah-  Jumeirah careers.

7. Radisson Hotel Group Career

You must be thinking now that the opportunities are countless in the hospitality industry.

Radisson has several new hotels coming up all around the globe.

This group also has Park Plaza, Park Inn and Country Inns by Suites apart from multiple other hotel brands.

Due to the huge number of hotels, the official website of this hospitality company also has a lot of international hotel job vacancies.

Here is where you can explore all jobs at Radisson – Radisson Jobs.

8. Best Western

Tired of the jumps in your career?

Want stability in your career? Best Western is the right place to be for those who believe job-hopping is the norm in hospitality.

The biggest consortium of hotels around the globe will make sure you have enough options to move up the ladder.

To know more about the career options at Best Western, why not have a look at the job portal of the hotel directly?

Check all recently available hotel jobs at the Best Western Career page.

9. Marriott Hotel Careers

Marriott is said to be the most innovative hotel chain.

It also is the largest hotel chain now after the acquisition of Starwood. So, job opportunities are limitless.

Options are set to increase in one of the most actively sought career websites of the hotel industry.

Exceeding customer’s expectations is what they believe in and with their cutting-edge technology and research, they have made it into Forbes’s list of 100 most innovative companies on a regular basis.

They continue to be on most of the lists for best places to work and in terms of innovation.

Here is the link to explore career options at Marriott. The hospitality career options are indeed limitless as is displayed on their career website’s homepage.

You would certainly not fall short of job options.

As you are already aware, Starwood Hotels and Resorts is now part of Marriotts.

If you are aspiring to be at St. Regis for work, this luxury chain is a part of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. It’s all under the Marriott umbrella now.

With regular efforts to enrich the customer experience, this hospitality entity is looking for a lot of talent from around the globe.

If you don’t see a job matching your liking, create a profile and you will be notified by the Marriott Career website automatically once the vacancy arises.

10. Shangri-La Hotels Career

Shangri-La Hotels and resort chains are synonymous with luxury. They say that ‘we build careers and simply don’t give jobs’.

Landing a decent job in this chain means a lot to the applicants as this is a hotel chain for employees.

Trust, care, respect and equal opportunities are given high importance at Shangri-La.

That makes it one of the best places to work for hospitality professionals from around the world.

Explore more career options and about how life is at Shangri-La through the Careers page Shangri La Corporate careers.

11. Four Seasons Limited

Again, this is one of the most popular hotel career websites for hospitality job seekers.

Four Seasons Ltd is coming up with new luxury 5-star deluxe properties in many attractive destinations.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have developed a name and place of their own. They boast of a few of the biggest hotel properties around the globe.

Interested in these hotel jobs? Here you can find all the details about Four Season Hotel Jobs – Four Season Jobs.

12. Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts has a presence all across the globe.

It is also one of the world’s largest hospitality companies and employs over 40,000 employees across the globe.

This hotel chain also runs a lot of hotels through franchises and is your place to be for more international hotel job opportunities.

You think of a place and Wyndham is right there looking for the brightest of the industry.

Build a profile on their career page and set up alerts for jobs at various international locations. With Wyndham, you can be sure that you will never be short of opportunities.

Here is the Career page of Wyndham.

13. Choice Hotels

A well-established name in the hospitality industry, Choice is to be found everywhere with 6,200 properties.

Choice also boasts of having the healthiest employees around the globe.

It also has one of the most robust hotel career websites.

Choice Hotel is truly innovative in providing the best possible employee benefits. These range from retirement plans, medical and dental insurance and vacation plans.

In their recent effort, Choice Hotels has even introduced financial and emotional wellness programmes for their employees.

Indeed, Best Hospitality Jobs are not only tempting in terms of salary but also include ever-increasing perks.

Isn’t it innovative and unheard of in the hospitality industry? We love this hotel chain for its innovative ways of caring for employees and customers alike.

So, to be fit and happy in hospitality, Choice is a choice to make. You can take a look here at Career Pages of Choice hotels.

14. Dusit Thani Hotels and Resorts

Dusit Thani is more of an Asian brand but has developed a name in itself in terms of redefining luxury.

Dusit gives a taste of ‘Thai Hospitality’ to its customers.

If you are looking for top hospitality employers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Thailand or Maldives, Dusit has a grand presence in all these places and is attracting the most talented candidates from around the globe.

Dusit Thani also has started to show its presence in India and in the USA.

Learn more about this brand and drop your resume on the career page of Dusit Thani.


Hope you liked the collection of portals and career websites of global hotel chains. We have certainly missed a few great hotel chains here and we will make it a point to keep adding them in our future updates to this article.

Applying directly through hotel job websites might look like a tiring process but it’s worth it as you make your profile once and it stays there forever.  There are a lot of hospitality job portals as well to help you land your ideal job. 

Just update it once in a while and keep the same e-mail ID and password for all the applications.

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Share this post and spread the joy. We will keep adding to this list so that you keep coming back for enhanced job options.

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