10 Most Unusual Hotel Industry Jobs

The hotel industry is one of the most diverse industries in terms of the workforce. The Travel & Hospitality Industry has all the jobs in the book to offer and also a few unusual jobs which can’t be found in books. Let’s explore a few of these weird & unusual hotel industry jobs in this post.

Unusual Hospitality Jobs in the world

Most of the popular hotel chains in the world are job-creating hubs where you will find new positions invented to give guests unique services. There are numerous hospitality industry job roles and the hotel industry employs the biggest chunk of these.

Most are created by hotels to provide surprising, intriguing, fascinating moments for their guests. While, there are numerous creative hotel industry jobs, over the years hotels come up with interesting job types as well. Here, we are not discussing the well-known Chef jobs, restaurant jobs, Bar jobs, Housekeeping or Casino management jobs. In this article, we will be looking at the 10 most unusual hospitality industry jobs in the world today. They include:

  • A Bed Warmer

As unusual as it sounds, this unusual hotel job is gaining so much ground around the world’s top hotels. According to Reuters, One of the largest Hotel Chains, Holiday Inn, experimented with this unusual hotel job back in 2010 in three of their hotels in Britain.

This type of service entails a worker of the hotel at the request of a hotel guest to help create a warm and cosy ambience in a hotel room. We are not sure if Hotel guests would be happy to pay for this or not but as per reports, this unusual hospitality job is gaining some ground in other parts of the world as well.

  • A Bedtime Storyteller

Working as a bedtime storyteller in a hotel involves telling a bedtime story to hotel guests on their request.

Hotel guests no matter their age may need someone to read or tell a story to them, they can now get this rare hotel job by making a request for a bedtime storyteller.

The bedtime storyteller comes into the room of the guest, reads or tells a story until the guest sleeps. Well, if you’re travelling with kids, you know what to check before you book a room.

  • A Dog Surfing Instructor

As weird as it sounds dogs do actually surf but not like humans.

Some top hotels have this one of the most unusual hospitality jobs to help create a lovely and playful environment for guest’s pets especially Dogs. They can learn how to surf on shallow waters before progressing to the tides.

Image Courtesy- Dailymail

Under the tutelage of a trained dog surfer instructor, dogs can enjoy their very own surfing lesson.

Well, Pet lovers would love this. Most Pet-friendly hotels in the world have much more than this for the guests travelling with pets.

  • A Falconer

This unusual hotel job is found in hotels where bird pests are causing a nuisance to its environment.

The hotel that experiences this sort of situation then employs a falconer to train certain pest controlling birds such as a hawk, falcon, and owls to drive away environment disturbing pests. This sort of hotel job is found mostly in southern California, USA.

  • Surf Concierge

At most hotels guests can learn how to swim or enhance their swimming skill on the guidance of a professional surfing concierge.

This is another unusual hospitality job that was first introduced by the Four Seasons Hotel.

They can learn this water skill at their own time scheduled with the concierge. So, in case you love to surf, you don’t need to be a pro to explore the same during your travel to a beach. Surf Concierge will take care of the same. Interesting, isn’t it?

  • An In-room Mixologist

This job position was created out of a hotel guest’s desire to have a mixed cocktail of their own choice in their hotel room.

The mixologist mixes unique drinks done up with certain ingredients for the guests to enjoy their privacy. This is an unusual hotel job, but a much-needed one.

  • Fragrance Butler

If you think butler is all about taking charge of drinks and wines or taking charge of other employees, then you haven’t met a fragrance butler.

A hotel’s guest may have forgotten to come along with his/her cologne. This is what most hotels exploit to create this job. The fragrance butler will serve the guest with a range of body scents to choose from and make use of.


So, in case you missed to bring your expensive perfume on your Honeymoon, this unusual hospitality job is a delight for you.

The Fragrance Butler program is an innovation by the Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, claims HospitalityNet.

  • Soap Concierge

This again is a weird hotel job. This set of hotel job allows their guests to choose from organic custom handmade soaps by the soap concierge incorporated with varying degrees of different scents.

A soap concierge can also help a guest make a handmade artisanal cleaning solution according to their choice. Interesting is what can be said about this super unusual hospitality job.

  • Duck Master

This again is a super interesting and one of the most unusual hotel industry jobs.

It’s getting more and more interesting. A duck master is charged with the responsibility of catering for the well-being of the ducks within the hotel. This duck care treatment involves training, feeding, and protection.

  • Sunglass Repairer

Just as the name suggests, sunglass repairers or perhaps, sunglass doctors help hotel guests repair their damaged sunglass. These include a sunglass that has a loose screw of a damaged lens.


So here were 10 super interesting and unusual hotel industry jobs. The COVID-19 crisis brought the world to a halt in 2020 and among the most impacted industries due to the pandemic was the hotel industry. So, it’s time to come up with unusual and unique experiences to bring the tourist back to where they belong in 2023 and beyond. Hotels need to be filled again with the bustling crowd.

These unique and unusual jobs would certainly add to the experience guests expect and deserve. The delight element we speak about regularly definitely needs creativity and these unusual jobs are certainly creative.