There are numerous ongoing events all around the globe with a new one coming up every single day. Considering the expanse of the hospitality industry, the number of events are still on the moderate side. In this article, we have discussed why events are crucial to the hospitality industry.

Events are more crucial to the hospitality industry than it has been ever before. COVID-19 pandemic has halted the growth march of the hospitality and tourism sector. This industry has taken the biggest hit due to the pandemic.

With maximum human interaction, maintaining social distance is always going to be difficult and managing things like food, linen, drinks make the industry even more vulnerable to contaminations.

While we already have a few large hospitality events across the globe, they are still only a handful given the expanse of this industry. Let’s explore further why it is crucial to promote events within the hospitality industry.

The world is shrinking and going online

Everything and everyone is going online. The world has shrunk to become a global village.

Hospitality industry still has a minimum presence online as compared to other industries.

More events both online and offline would make the hospitality industry less vulnerable to macroeconomic shocks.

Events help in integrating the hospitality industry

With more events, the key players from various sectors of the hospitality industry would interact more. This will help create a more integrated hospitality industry in which the top players could cooperate and help the new players.

Currently, there is no defined structure to make this interaction more fluid and interactive.

The events are thus crucial to the hospitality industry as that will help to unite sectors like Airlines, Hotel industry, Food services, Cruises, Travel agencies, Entertainment and more. This will help in creating a better and bigger hospitality industry.

Events promote innovation

Innovation is the need of the hour for the hospitality and travel industry. While top hotels are busy trying to innovate, this industry lacks the platform that promotes the sharing of technology and innovation.

There are various smaller hospitality companies eager to innovate and various technology hospitality startups with expertise, willingness and flexibility to transform the hospitality and travel industry.

More events would help bring these innovators and creators come to the mainstream and share their innovation. This will help the industry overall.

Events facilitate better networking

The hospitality industry is a labour-intensive industry. The importance of networking is immense to enhance career, train staff, share expertise and more.

Hospitality events with a focus on a niche can help hospitality professionals network the right way.

Reaching out to the right people in this industry can be a tough nut to crack. While LinkedIn and Facebook are a couple of social media tools but these are too packed and individual or niche networking is close to impossible.

These events help in making hundreds and thousands of micro-networks which can benefit the overall industry.

Events help in skilling hospitality

People get to know about new skills and innovation at various hospitality events.

A lot of events are focused towards providing a particular training. A lot of these are even free to attend.

More of these events would help hospitality professionals to add multiple skills to their service armoury. It can help their career and improve job satisfaction.


These were few of the many reasons to display why events are crucial to the hospitality industry.

The top industries like Information Technology and Finance have understood the importance of events. You can see multiple new events coming up almost every single day. But, the events are too few for the hospitality industry. This is, however, changing now and for good.

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