The hospitality industry is going to be the biggest job creator in the coming years. The expanding hotel industry is creating a lot of jobs. In this article, we have covered a few of the most creative hotel industry jobs.

Additionally, most creative hospitality jobs have a high potential for rapid horizontal movement, which allows you to make your way up the ladder very quickly.

Let’s quickly get started with the list of a few of the most creative jobs in the hotel industry.

Most creative hotel industry jobs

1. Chefs – Of course!!

How often are you amazed by the presentation and taste of food at a restaurant or when you are served in the room?

We want a great presentation and an exceptional taste from our food during travel and the Chefs amaze us with their creativity. Don’t they?

Every hotel needs a creative Chef and cooking is an art. Chefs require creativity and innovation to be successful; they are some of the most creative professionals. Some of the Chefs have even achieved celebrity status due to their mastery of the creative art of cooking.

Chefs are not just craftsmen and business people; they are curators of dishes and menus that stimulate and excite patrons.

They are expected to come up with innovative plating techniques; new ways to manipulate ingredients and interact with new technological advancements which can allow them to maintain cutting-edge designs.

2. Banquet Managers- Here’s the why?

Been to theme parties, shows, and events at Hotels and Convention Centre? You would know the importance of a creative Banquet Manager then.

It is definitely one of the most creative Hotel industry jobs.

Banquet managers are also commonly known as event service managers.

They are tasked with the duty of providing an authentic and meaningful experience to all the guests at the Banquet.

An event services manager effectively and proactively monitors the operations and duties of the event department.

This includes providing support and guidance to the events team, the catering team, and the design team.

So, to be a successful event manager you need to master the art of creativity in terms of presentation, setup, design, food, welcome, etc. You would need every bit of your creative juices for the events.

3. Creative Directors

Now, the job role says everything about the creativity involved in performing this role in the Hotel industry.

Creative directors are in charge of any creative development that occurs across marketing channels.

A creative director ensures the highest level of consistency when telling the brand narrative across various channels such as on social media.

Most creative directors do not necessarily need training in the hospitality sector; however, they must have the uncanny ability to grasp the essence of a hotel’s brand.

4. E-commerce Manager

IT jobs are getting more creative and with technology stealing the show, why should the Hotel industry fall behind in the race?

E-Commerce Manager is another creative job in the Hotel industry.

An E-commerce manager needs to be super creative in terms of creating a competitive advantage in the online selling space for the hotel.

The online space is already stacked and the IT wizards need to step up to the challenge to create brand awareness, ensure ease of online sales and a lot more.

A lot of other IT jobs in the hotel industry have to be equally creative.

5. Online Content Developer

IT has affected the hotel industry in various ways from mobile check-ins to online advertisements and marketing.

Linked to IT in hotels is the use of social media and various online platforms such as blogs to attract customers and enhance the customer experience.

For hotels to launch successful social media campaigns and posts, they need a professional content developer, who is charged with the duty of curating online content, which can attract customers and give them the necessary information that they may need.

This is also one of the best Freelance Jobs online and thus the flexibility offered by this role makes it one of the best IT jobs in the Hotel industry.

6. System Analyst 

Every hotel that has a functional computer network needs a system analyst who can handle all the staff questions about computer applications and IT assets as well as troubleshoot any computer problems.

From server-related queries to the intranet, a system administrator needs to be an expert at his/her job.

System Analyst is going to see good growth in terms of demand.

A system analyst is also charged with the duty of determining the source of computer problems and advising staff on any appropriate action which might need to be taken.

Most successful system analysts in the hospitality sector must have a qualification in IT or computer science on top of relevant experience.

7. Graphic Designer

In the hotel industry, graphic designers are typically included as part of the creative and marketing team. However, this job needs a thorough knowledge of IT.

It is extremely well paid which makes it one of the best IT jobs in the hotel industry.

Graphic designers are hired to curate visual and sometimes written content which can advocate and brand the hotel to increase brand awareness.

Think of creative menus, promotional campaigns, and cards. The Graphic designer has a key role in the marketing initiatives of the hotel.

Head graphic designers typically oversee the creative development and production of a hotel’s marketing material and promotional activities.

They also develop a comprehensive content strategy, which is aligned with the hotel’s demographics or target clientele.

8. IT manager 

Since technology is advancing at a faster rate, the expectation of hiring managers in the hospitality sector has changed, which has forced more hotels to look for IT-savvy professionals and members of staff.

The Future of Hospitality Industry has Information technology written all over it that needs the support of IT wizards. Along with System analysts, Software engineers and IT Managers job roles are a few of the topmost tech jobs in the world.

The IT manager is tasked with the role of directly taking care of, planning and controlling all the activities of the IT department.

They also manage the day-to-day operations and projects relating to IT.

As such, an IT manager must have the right hands-on knowledge and approach required to manage a subordinate team of IT professionals.

The IT manager also introduces new staff to the internal computer systems of the Hotel. The role is even more attractive with the cloud covering the IT ecosystem.

If you are looking for one of the best IT jobs in the hotel industry, you can have a look at the Top Hospitality Job Portals.

9. Sommelier – The Wine Artist

This again is one of the most creative hotel industry jobs.

For those who love wines know about the importance of Sommeliers in the hotel.

There are hundreds of exquisite wines.

We have named a few of the Most Expensive Wines in another post.

All these wines go well with certain kinds of food and even the conventional pairing of Wine and Food and there is enough scope to display creativity in these pairing and serving of wine.

How to become a sommelier
Image Courtesy- Winefolly

Sommeliers are generally responsible for every aspect of wine services such as food and wine pairing in a hotel or restaurant.

Sommeliers are well-trained and knowledgeable; however, they must also be able to creatively make pairings that can enhance a guest’s experience.

10. Concierge – They are of multiple types

There are a lot of things that put the role of Concierge on our list of most creative hotel industry jobs.

Concierges must come up with creative activities that can suit guests and cater to their thrills.

The concierge attends to the needs of the guests, which is essential for guests to have the best experience possible.

A person working as a concierge must be highly resourceful, astute, creative, proactive and discreet to be successful.

These include the likes of Sleep Concierge and YouTube Concierge.


Here you go. Some of the most creative hotel industry jobs.

Our guide on hospitality career paths explores all hospitality job types in detail.

So, if you are keen to research this area further, please check our other resources as well. Please use the search box on the homepage to explore anything and everything about the hospitality industry.

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