We live in a world in which our career has turned out to be our sheer identity.

It is not just about means to pay our utility bills but to essentially discover our spot in this fast-paced world. It’s here where personality traits come into play.

While choosing a career it is very important to be content and fulfilled with its results. Hospitality industry is a service based industry that is fuelled by passion to serve the customers.

Thus, hospitality recruiters look for interpersonal skills, sociability, customer centric approach and more from the prospective candidates.

Let’s look at a few personality traits that will help you get an immediate competitive advantage over your competitors.

Apart from that, there are few significant points to be noted while appearing for an interview or deciding about a career.

Here are 6 of the most important personality traits that interviewers look out for


A character that is essential for everyone who wishes to climb the ladder of success.

Integrity is all about being oneself, but it is not as simple as it seems. Attaining Integrity is a challenging character as it drives one to be loyal, truthful and meek.

To be precise, it holds forth an idealistic nature. A person with integrity is respected and loved by all.

There are a lot of traits that can be industry specific. One of our other article discusses key personality traits of hoteliers. Those are specific to hospitality industry. However, all these positive personality traits are easily transferrable across industries.


To be ambitious is to be ready to seize that dream job and do everything possible to do it well.

In simple words, you must be a go-getter.

Most employers want candidates who are shrewd and determined.

As per a human resource trainer:

We definitely do not want an aimless fellow walking around with no intention of helping himself or the company. An ambitious person is strong-minded and holds the key to unlock success.


In a workspace, there is one goal and it is important to be able to work together to get the desired goals. When it matters to stand together, it also matters to be reliable.

Hence if you do not have that as a sharp feature, then it is better that you start working on it as it is one of the key personality traits that define workers and the workplace.

Allow people to rely on you, as it is satisfying and it will definitely boost your career. Take responsibility and try to help even when the project doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea. In a nutshell, be a reliable team player.

For the hospitality industry, this is extremely crucial. You would be working in multicultural and at times super busy environment. You are expected to rise to the occasion. Thus reliability is paramount when hospitality recruiters are judging you during interviews.


Being creative is again a bonus to your profile. It is indeed the most important personality trait in today’s world.

The good thing is, being creative takes some effort but it is not impossible.

Creativity always varies depending on the field. It can be an idea or designs or maybe words that help the innovation process.

Wherever you are, creativity matters, it determines your ability to think critically.

In the hospitality industry, you need to come up with creative solutions in terms of:

  • Managing complaints
  • Handling pressure
  • Accommodating customer requests
  • Innovating new technology solutions for customers
  • Bring in new innovation in menu design
  • Food display
  • Room design

And the opportunities to show your creative self are limitless in the hospitality industry.

Positive attitude

Positive attitude is a strength for the team, and it is definitely what most interviewers look out for in terms of personality traits.

It is the positive attitude that can allow a person and the team to make things happen even in the face of adversities.

During an interview, cynical remarks or appearing to be negative can turn your assessment curve downwards.

Stress is something that can cripple people of their work-life but a positive attitude fights against such pressure and all other obstacles. However, make sure that you don’t mistake being positive to jabbering.

Answering questions can be more specific and a positive tone to it will always be taken well.

If you belong to the hospitality world this link of Hospitality questions with answers might be helpful.


Confidence is an essential nature but must be in the right amount.

A little ahead, and overconfidence can wear you down. A little behind it and you will simply fail.

It is one of the key personality traits that the employer look for.

Confidence in you is always important. If you do not believe in yourself then why would they risk it?


Most of these personality traits are qualities that are essential and easily attainable ones, but at the same time, they are not castles in the air.

Apart from all of this, it always matters to hold the knowledge of the firm with an enthusiasm that will satisfy the interviewers.

So what’s going to be your unique selling point in the interview of your dream job?

Think in terms these 6 subtle personality traits. If you have these cultivated within, there is no stopping you for sure.

What else do you think is crucial personality trait that interviewers look for? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section.

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