Let’s face it; becoming a successful hotelier isn’t always a walk in the park. There’s more to it than most people think. In this article, I have discussed a few of the personality traits that are specific to hoteliers. This post further elaborates on hospitality traits that can give a competitive edge to all hoteliers.

I have further discussed in this article a few more personality traits that can make you more employable and loved at the workplace.

In fact, there’s a famous saying in the hotel business arena and it goes like this (This is not my quote, so apologies if this goes a bit too far in expressing the truth);

A good hotelier is a Democrat, a diplomat, an acrobat, an autocrat, and a doormat, all wrapped in one.

There’s some truth in the saying, but being top-notch and a winning hotelier takes more than luck.

To present in a nutshell, Big 5 personality traits are:

  • Openness
  • Extraverted
  • Conscientious
  • Stable
  • Agreeable

The above traits might sound way too academic, but what I have done in this post is to have these jargons broken down to suit the hospitality industry.

A recent study has shown that top hoteliers tend to possess these big five personality traits. Read on;

Big Five personality traits for the hospitality industry

Big Five personality traits for the hospitality industry

1. A Visionary

In this personality trait list for top hoteliers, visionary come as a priority. Think in the line of thinking outside the box.

Visionary hoteliers don’t shy away from “what if” questions.

They want to know if a new technology will shape the hotel industry.

They want to know if new research by Oxford makes sense in today’s hospital industry.

Even if it means stretching out of comfort zone, a visionary hotelier is willing to risk short-term to reap long-term.

They keep themselves updated with the hospitality industry trends and look to improve all the time.

2. Decisive

One of the key personality traits that need to be inculcated to be a top hotelier is the ability to be decisive.

Top hoteliers can make decisions in a snap. That doesn’t mean their decisions aren’t informed.

They have the innate ability to think on their feet and present practical decisions on the fly.

More often than not, being visionary and decisive is the right mix to make calculated business risks.

They don’t ever meddle with the problem; they act and they typically have an alternative plan.

3. A People’s Person

Now, this is the most important of the Big Five personality traits for hoteliers. Hospitality is about people and customer service.

This doesn’t imply that is just pleasant and always smiling. It means that they actually love people and fancy working with them.

And they are dead right on the spot. Thus, among the big five personality traits of an excellent hotelier, being a people’s person trumps all.

In fact, a study by a leading Oxford research centre has established that customers aren’t satisfied with what you can do for them, but by the fact that you actually care.

It’s that simple.

Here are a few more tips to become a great hotelier.

4. They Are “Jack of All Trades.”

Managing a hotel isn’t exactly climbing Mt. Everest, but having a multitasking trait will certainly tide things over in your hotel.

A top hotelier is actually a master of a lot of trades.

Here’s the fact about being a hotelier: there’s no duty in managing a hotel that isn’t part of your job description.

It is important to know a bit of everything to be one of the best in the hotel industry. You would need a lot of acquired knowledge in day to day functioning of your hospitality organisation.

5. Team Builder

Top hoteliers command respect from other employees. There’s no question about that, but they must also have team building traits.

Team building traits are the esprit de corps that inspire hotel crew to work in harmony – and efficiently.

This trait is more of being a good leader than anything else.

A perfect team builder also pays attention to gender and cultural balance within team.

The Hotel industry is one of the very few industries which has an immaculate gender balance.

Women leaders play an important role in shaping the hospitality world. The ladies of today through their attitude and personality traits have broken the ‘glass ceiling’ that existed in some industries and societies.

A great team builder would ensure that gender parity is maintained even in key policy decisions.


Apart from the big 5 personality traits of the hoteliers mentioned above, there are a few more personality traits that can help in coming out with flying colours during the interview or while at work.

Along with the personality traits mentioned above that are customised around the hotel industry, there are a few other traits that make an individual unique and valuable.

These are interpersonal skills. integrity, reliability, time management and more. We have other articles on this blog covering these in detail.

So, what else do you think contributes to one of these big personality traits for the hospitality industry? Leave your valuable insights in the comment section.

Author Bio

Manish Jha is the Founder of SOEGJOBS.

A Hospitality professional with over 10 years of industry experience. He is a believer in compassionate leadership and co-creation. It is through this philosophy, that he aims to create a robust hospitality platform created for and by hospitality professionals.

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