Information Technology in the Hotel Industry- The Competitive Edge

The hospitality industry is facing cutthroat competition. The Hotel industry is extremely competitive. Thus, Information technology in the Hotel industry is more important than ever today.

Each of the Hotel brands has to come up with a unique pitch and specialised services which can cater and appeal to customers in a range of ways.

In the eyes of most consumers, most services offered by hotels are relatively the same so hotels must strive to find a competitive edge as a way of standing out from the crowd. As a means of attracting repeat business, a key weapon in most hotels’ arsenal is technology.

Hotels can attract a new breed of customers by integrating technology in all aspects. However, technology is in an invariable state of flux and is constantly unlocking new opportunities aimed at improving customer satisfaction and boosting internal efficiency.

As such, although the technology is there, the hotels themselves have their task cut out when it comes to leveraging technology to beat the competition.

So how does technology make a difference when it comes to beating the competition? Simply put, technology makes life easier for many guests, and here is how.


Information Technology in the Hotel Industry


Gaining a competitive edge through Information Technology in the Hotel industry:

Information Technology used in the Hotel Industry


1. Online Bookings 

The most obvious manifestation of information technology in the hotel industry is in the bookings. The internet has helped to make it easy to access information.

Data containing the check in and check out times, hotel rates, facilities and amenities on offer, as well as other vital information allows guests to make informed choices.

By default, people now rely on various online platforms and Best Travel Websites to look for accommodation and make bookings; therefore, the hotel industry has capitalised on this.

However, Direct booking is becoming one of the Latest Marketing trends in the Hotel industry.


2. Online Reputation


Let’s discuss the numbers before we start the discussion of the importance of Online reputation management for the Hotels.


93% of people use online reviews while deciding to book a hotel.

53% of the potential guests would not book a hotel if there are no online reviews.


Information Technology in the Hotel Industry- Online Reputation


Data source and Image source- Why is Hotel Reputation Management Important? 


Today’s contemporary clientele is a lot more tech-savvy than it was a couple of years ago.

Customers now see beyond the self-marketing pitches and are more likely to take official communication, even if it is accurate with a grain of salt.

Guests are increasingly relying on reviews and recommendations from genuine travellers. Because of this, hotels are increasingly investing in enhancing their social media presence by hiring brand ambassadors, advocates and social media influencers.

This helps to prove how central IT is to the Hospitality industry these days.


3. An Enhanced Guest Experience in Hotels


The latest advancements of IT in the hotel industry have played an instrumental role in enhancing the guest experience.

The hotels can now grab the attention of the guests right from the time they visit the website. Winning customers loyalty is now within reach of all the hotels.

Information Technology in the Hotel industry has made it easy to cover all the touch points for Guest experience.


Guest_Experience_Touch_Points- Information Technology Hotel Industry


Image Courtesy- Jdrazure 


Guests are more in charge of their check out processes, and they can also make online payments if they wish to.

Some hotels even allow guests to unlock their rooms using their smartphones, which eliminates the long and tedious check-in process.

Likewise, it is also easier for guests to check out, which allows them to avoid the reception altogether.


4. Information Systems in the Hotel Industry


Greater use of IT in the Hotel industry has ensured easier entry of the Information Systems even in Budget hotels.

Information systems were previously a thing only in the reach of luxury hotels.

Commoditization of software has made it easier for even Limited Service Hotels and Select Service Hotels to have guests experience enhancing and analytics software installed on top of the regular point of sale software.

We have another post dedicated to the Information Systems in the Hotel industry that discusses this in detail.




Information Technology in the Hotel Industry is becoming more and more important to gain a competitive edge.

Hoteliers are becoming more and more competent in terms of handling IT to skyrocket their businesses. The Hotel industry has acknowledged the importance of IT which is a win-win situation for all.

Hotels can now focus on providing quality Hospitality services and best experience and leave the rest to the Information Technology.