Best Hospitality Job Portals in the World

In this article, we have come up with the best hospitality job portals from around the globe. This is a list of authority sites which have a reputation for providing best hospitality jobs from over the years.

Getting your dream job is a difficult nut to crack in the era of cut-throat competition and rising unemployment rates.

Typically, you need to begin the quest by choosing the right portal for the purpose of searching for your ideal hospitality job.

Canada Hospitality Jobs are like hot cakes in the hospitality industry along with the opportunities in  Top Hospitality Companies in the USA.

Same is true for hospitality jobs in the middle east.

Whichever might be your desired country of career growth, the key is to keep looking for the right opportunities.

In this article, we are going to share with you 9 best hospitality job portals around the world to help you with the same.


Top Hospitality Job Portals in the world


Please see the career sites of hotel chains should you wish to apply directly to hotel career portals.

However, there are several other good options which cater to hospitality needs and have been found to be trustworthy and reliable over the years.

Thus it is important to mix it up using various strategies to stay ahead of the competition while searching for your ideal job.

Global Hospitality Portal is a site dedicated to hospitality and working towards the aggregation of jobs and hospitality information.


List of 9 best hospitality job portals in the world



1. Indeed


Indeed is one of the best career sites as well as the number one hospitality job portal with lots of jobs listings from thousands of companies, newspaper, job brands and other online sources of job postings.

Using this website you are able to upload a resume and you will get a personalised resume link to share with employers.

If you are a job seeker then you can also find discussion forums and job search tips using this website. This is the biggest job portal on the planet.

A lot of Hospitality sites and hotel properties ensure whatever jobs are posted on their sites are backfilled at Indeed. More importantly, it has a global reach for the cosmopolitan hospitality industry.


2. Career Builder


It is one of the biggest job boards, providing job listings, career advice, resume posting and many other resources to the job seeker.

Hospitality jobs are not what it is known for but if you are looking for hotel jobs in the US, Canada or even Europe, it would be a wise idea to have an account with Career Builder.

Career builder has large local listings because it is the partner with many newspapers.

However, career builder has various versions of their site and you need to locate which one is suitable for you depending on your job location preference.


3. Hcareers


As they say, ‘Where hospitality works’. This is one of the most reliable hospitality job portals.

This is one of the most reliable sources of hospitality jobs and information related to the hospitality industry. If you are looking for Jobs in North America and Europe, this is probably the best for the hospitality industry.

The blog section has decent information and employers have a choice to screen through a rich hospitality database. Making a profile on this site would definitely not do any harm.

Hcareers is also expanding towards Asia and other parts of the world looking to cover more grounds in the hospitality industry.


4. Glass Door


It is one of the best career communities and it helps people to find ideal jobs and companies recruit top talent.

It has grown to become one of the best hospitality job portals of recent times.

The members of the Glass Door are able to see the latest jobs and get access to proprietary user-generated content including salary, interview, review and rating and much more.

This is a novel concept where you can keep yourself informed about everything related to your desired hospitality organisation.

Jobs are posted directly by employers and thus have higher visibility than a lot of other job boards.


5. Linkedin


It is popularly said, ‘if you are not on Linkedin, you don’t even exist’. This is how Linkedin has gained in popularity. They are becoming the biggest source of jobs and almost all hospitality establishment use Linkedin as a primary source of recruitment.

Using this job portal you can identify specific types of opportunities as well as target organisations by following them and staying connected.

Socializing meets job hunting at Linkedin. So, start getting connected to land your dream job.

Look out for our tips on how to search hospitality jobs through Linkedin.

With a user base of over 500 Million, LinkedIn is the apple of the eyes of all recruiters in the USA.

You simply can’t ignore this job portal. It is a must in your hospitality job search strategy.

Check out these 2017 LinkedIn facts.

Especially the one that says 1 in 20 of those over 500 million profiles is of a recruiter. That speaks of the volume and importance of LinkedIn as an awesome hospitality job portal.

Wouldn’t you agree?



Image Courtesy- Jeffbullas



According to Trend Hunter, a report in 2015 suggests that over 60% of recruiters only use LinkedIn to hire. The unofficial number in 2019 is even higher.

This might come as a surprise to a lot of you.

This is not a job portal, isn’t it? If you think so, you are grossly mistaken.




LinkedIn is also a job aggregator like Indeed and also attracts a lot of smaller and boutique hospitality companies.


6. Link Up


If you want to avoid scams and spams as well as duplicate job listings then Link Up is a great choice for you. This a job aggregation site with jobs posted directly from employers.

It is able to monitor lots of company career portions in order to connect job seekers with often unadvertised hospitality jobs.

Link up provides all the information about the jobs which are posted on company websites.


7.    Monster


Monster is one of the best as well as an original jobs board. It has now also included a variety of apps and other resources for job seekers. Monster is available in most of the countries in its local avatars.

Monster registered users are able to search for any job and then apply for that job online, review company profiles, post a resume, and get career advice and salary information.

Monster also has several value-added services at modest prices.


8. Simply Hired


Simply Hired another innovative and one of the most popular hospitality job portals around the world and also, it operates the world’s largest job search engine.

This jobs portal is able to connect ideal job seekers and employers with the help of its powerful search engine.

The search engine of simply hired aggregates jobs from employer’s websites, newspapers as well as various job boards.


9. Caterer


This is an all hospitality portal. Predominantly based in Europe, this portal is probably the biggest hospitality portal which covers all areas of the industry.

Quite similar to this Global Hospitality portal, Caterer is an all hospitality job portal.

Job seekers get to access to a database of a million of unique as well as verified positions from worldwide using this jobs portal.

Caterer Global is its Asian Avatar which deals with jobs in Middle-East, other parts of Asia and also expanding well towards Africa. So, if you are willing to be a part of the all expanding middle East, you can’t miss this one.

This site is one of the most popular ones for the top Hotels in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and is a rich source of Gulf hospitality jobs.




This is a bonus one for Information Technology professionals of the hospitality industry.

Skip this one if you are not looking for IT Jobs Positions in the hospitality industry.

Predominantly a technology search portal based in the USA, Dice is one of the best hospitality job portals in making if it is related to technology in some way or the other. It is also expanding to other parts of the world.

You can search by company, keyword, job title, employment type, company, and location. Register users are able to upload their resume, store resumes, and cover letters, get salary information and track jobs.



Top Job Portals to Find Hospitality Jobs in the US


The Hospitality industry of the USA is extremely versatile. Almost all of the major hotel chains have their origin traced to the USA. In this section, we will try to provide the best job portals to find hospitality jobs in the US.

We aim to keep this section comprehensive so that it can benefit the resident of US and international hospitality job seekers alike.

Our job section already has thousands of hospitality jobs from various countries. We are venturing into the US job market as well and the hospitality job seekers can soon expect to have all their requirements fulfilled right here. We have developed a network of 200,000+ hospitality professionals which is growing every day.

Getting jobs in the USA within the hospitality industry is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The USA has the biggest pie of the global hospitality industry revenue.

It is thus extremely competitive to get into the US Hospitality industry.

The Average salary for hoteliers is quite high in the US and career opportunities are better that makes it one of the favourite destinations for the hospitality professionals.

Some of the best paid hospitality jobs find their home in the US.

While most of the above job portals are useful for hospitality professionals from outside the USA to locate a job, the visa sponsorship is what makes thing tricky.

It is thus always good to work your way to a hospitality job in the USA directly.

Now moving on to other amazing job portals that might help the job seekers of the US hospitality industry.



Top Job Portals to Find Hospitality Jobs in the US




  • Hospitality Online


At times it gets too difficult for the hospitality job seekers to search only the Hotel or travel jobs.

Few of the job portals specialise in hospitality jobs.

Hospitality online does the same and has thousands of hospitality jobs from within the USA.

Start Checking here to find your next job.




  • Indeed


This is a must for all list. It is the biggest job provider online on Earth. So, this must be in your scheme of things.

Speaking specifically about the hospitality industry, it is still the numero uno making it one of the best job portals to find hospitality jobs in the US.

Check the Indeed Job listing here to check over 50,000 hospitality jobs.


  • Snag


You must try Snag a job to find a suitable hospitality position in the US.

It has a great collection of hospitality jobs. Even the search interface and the user experience is quite good.

The website has hospitality jobs from almost every major location in the USA.

So, Snag your search for hospitality jobs at this online hospitality job portal.


  • HCareers


This again is an all hospitality job portal.

This is your go-to website if you are looking for hotel and restaurant jobs. Hcareers has been helping candidates secure jobs and develop a career in the hospitality industry from over a decade.

The website is extremely interactive and user-friendly The hotel jobs range is extensive and the website is updated regularly.



  • Simply Hired


SimplyHired is a job aggregator. This online job portal has millions of jobs aggregated from various websites.

The website is great for vacancy awareness.

Job aggregators have a disadvantage that one login doesn’t always work and at times you need to create multiple profiles.

However, these aggregators make search easy and help in locating the right jobs.


  • LinkedIn


A mention of this website again is important. Whether you are looking for a hotel job, a cruise job or an aviation job; you must start from LinkedIn.

And, this applies to the global hospitality job seekers. LinkedIn has the maximum reach in terms of recruiter network.

It’s the first major and probably the only professional network. Our post on avoiding the job search mistakes on LinkedIn can help you put the right foot forward in your job search.


There are several other reputed websites like Career BuilderGlassdoor, USAJobs, Angel List, Robert Half, Dice and various others which have a good number of hospitality jobs.

Craigslist is another resource which has a lot of part-time and freelance hospitality job opportunities.

There are only a few popular visa options for other national hospitality professionals to work in the USA.

These visa types for the US are J1, H1B, H2B and L1.

The below video explains in details on 7 types of visa categories for the hotel and travel industry.

The video is useful for both hospitality recruiters and job seekers for better clarity on visa types.



There are a few other not so popular visa categories which are not particularly relevant for the hospitality industry.

The most popular one in the hospitality industry is the J1 visa program.

H1B is popular for senior hotel industry professionals and experienced chefs while J1 is more popular among trainees, hotel management graduates and less experienced hotel industry professionals.

Please check out posts on All about J-1 Visa for further details.

Two of the J1 visa sponsors which deal within the hospitality niche are mentioned below:

American Hospitality Academy, Tavernier

Center for international career development, Seattle


Best Hospitality Job Portals for Canada Jobs


Canada is one of the favourite destinations for hospitality professionals. Canada enjoys proximity to the United States which is the biggest hospitality market. Canadian Hospitality is not very far behind in terms of business and size.

In this section, we present a few of the top Hospitality Job portals for Jobs in Canada.

Our Comprehensive guide on Canada Hospitality Jobs already covers a lot of resources for hospitality professionals from outside Canada. The guide covers a lot of resources and information regarding work permits and agencies for initiating a job search for Canada hospitality industry.


Best Hospitality Job Portals for jobs in Canada


Canada is one of the top hospitality job creators in the world thus making it a lucrative job market for both domestic as well as international job seekers. There are some common names whenever we discuss hospitality job portals.


  • Eluta


It is the official search engine of Top 100 Employers of Canada.

Eluta is a Canada Specific Job engine that lists hundreds of thousands of jobs including tons of hospitality jobs.

So, if you are looking for jobs in hotels or in other sectors of the hospitality industry, start with Eluta.


  • Indeed (Canada)


Indeed’s Canada specific website is one of the best hospitality job portals for jobs in Canada. Indeed job search engine is a common name in all of our posts listing the hospitality job portals.

Indeed has a Canada specific website that caters to the needs of job seekers looking for Canada Jobs.

We found numerous hospitality jobs listed on the website. Hospitality job seekers are sure to find the website useful.


  • Workopolis


Workopolis is again one of the top job portals in Canada which also has a lot of hospitality positions listed on the portal.

Headquartered in Toronto, this job search platform has its presence in 8 cities in Canada.


  • Robert Half


Robert Half is an extremely reputed recruitment agency and job portal. While it is not limited to the hospitality industry, it does have some exciting opportunities on its portal from the hospitality and travel employers.


  • Monster


Monster is another generic name whenever job portals are discussed. It is used by almost all employers and has jobs form all industries.

There are also several value-added services. While this may not be an ideal option for finding positions from the hospitality industry due to the vastness, it can still be one of the options.


  • Canadajobs


With over 200,000 listed jobs, this portal does give good options to the job seekers.

We did find a few hospitality jobs on this portal but the portal that has been around for a couple of decades now still has limited hospitality and travel direct postings.


Here you go, a quick list of the best hospitality jobs portals for jobs in Canada.

Glassdoor and LinkedIn are also reliable job portals for jobs in Canada with a good number of hospitality positions.

60 million candidates are registered to the Glassdoor website and this in itself shows the popularity of the portal.

LinkedIn has a strong presence in Canada and all hospitality job seekers must keep LinkedIn as one of the most preferred routes to look for jobs while using other options around it.

There are other regional but strong job portals like Jobboom that can offer decent hospitality options.

There are also several reputed agencies like Robert Half and Hcareers who are well known in Canada for multiple hospitality opportunities.

These agencies along with the portals listed in the post should give you a great mix to explore future opportunities in the Canadian Hospitality industry.



Best Hospitality Job Portals for Dubai (MEA) Jobs


To make it easier for all the hospitality professionals, here we have compiled a list of the best Job portals to find hospitality jobs in Dubai.

Everyone seems to be eyeing great Job opportunities in Dubai due to World Expo 2020.

Dubai is the new Hospitality hub of the current era. World Expo 2020 has even made the place glitzier.

Lots of hospitality professionals, like yourself, would like to see themselves in one of the Top Hospitality Companies in Dubai.


Best Portals to find Hospitality Jobs in Dubai



  • Indeed (Gulf)


Indeed is the biggest job portal in the world. While it is a US-based portal, it has a dedicated website for the Middle East.

Check the Hospitality job section of Indeed (Gulf site).


  • Naukri Gulf


Naukri is an India based job portal which has been ranked among top 100 most visited sites constantly.

This portal has been tested by time and comes as one of the most popular job portals even for the hospitality industry.

Check out Naukri Gulf for a listing of over 5000 hospitality jobs.


  • Hosco


This Switzerland based Hospitality Portal is quite a class of its own.

Blended in Swiss Hospitality, this portal is more than just jobs.

From hospitality news to hospitality education; they have got it all covered on their portal.

Now specifically for the hospitality jobs in Dubai, visit their Dubai Job section given here- Hosco.


  • Dubai


The interface and design of Dubai Jobs portal might not look that sleek, but that doesn’t undermine its reach.

This job classified has quite a huge hospitality job section making it one of the best portals to find hospitality jobs in Dubai.


  • Caterer Global


Caterer Global is another job portal that specialises only in hospitality jobs.

It sprung up in the Middle East job search market as a subsidiary of Caterer which has a tremendous reputation in Europe.

If you are looking for hotel jobs, this hospitality website might be a good place to spend some time at.


  • Career Jet


Career Jet is a big job aggregator. It aggregates jobs from thousands of websites.

It is thus a great place to explore hospitality and travel jobs.

At the time of writing this article, the website claims to have over 24 million listed jobs. That’s some number, isn’t it?



LinkedIn is probably one of the biggest job hubs of today.

Also, a huge majority of jobs in the current times come through networking and thus it is more than a requirement to keep LinkedIn in your job search strategy.

There are other websites and placement agencies like Monster Gulf, Glassdoor, Bayt, Michael Page Consultants, Hospitality, Hays etc. which have a lot of listed hospitality jobs for job seekers to explore.

It is, however, advisable to limit your hospitality job search to 2-3 of the listed job portals.

Dealing with a lot of job websites can at times be overwhelming and confusing.




Hope you found our list of best hospitality job portals comprehensive and interesting. We will keep adding more resources to this article in future updates.

There are a lot of other sites to look for your dream hospitality jobs.

It is always good to have a mixed strategy while looking to search for hospitality jobs. Apply directly to hospitality establishments through their career sites, network socially, stay alert for local job listings and utilise the best hospitality jobs portals.

We wish you the very best for your prospective job search. Just stay awesome and keep improving every day.