Hotel job search in today’s times has become extremely competitive. One of the smart ways to search for jobs in 2024 is to use technology as your assistant. 

I believe that traditional methods will give way to these smart job-searching techniques in 2024 and beyond. This is more true now than ever due to the Covid pandemic which changed everything for the hotel industry professionals.

There is a requirement to utilise a blend of conventional wisdom and fresh methods to match the pace set by the ever-changing landscape of the various industries.

So, if you want to land one of the best hotel industry jobs, you should think of using some of the software mentioned in this post.

Let’s get going with some tips, free software and automation techniques that can improve your overall hotel industry job search process. 

Top Job Hunting Tips To Make your Job Search Easier

1. Use the Free Hospitality Job boards – They are much more technologically advanced now

According to an old survey of 5,000 job seekers by FastCompany in the USA, traditional job boards, LinkedIn and networking continue to rule the market.

To search for jobs effectively you would still need ample support from the topmost hospitality job portals.

One-click applications don’t work anymore. No HR team likes to be spammed by numerous applications.

All the popular job boards including services like LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc. are still the best resources to know about fresh vacancies.

These job portals are using more and more of technology to filter and screen the best hotel industry candidates.

So, apply only to the most relevant hotel jobs, try using a cover letter and customise your CV for each job application.

Sharing resumes with multiple Recruitment agencies and then relaxing would give no results.

The portals have changed and applications now require personalisation plus better judgment.

Like Indeed, a very popular job portal would like you to make a much more advanced and personalised search for the best job match. This saves your time as well as that of the hospitality recruiters.

Check this short video on Indeed on how a small change in the way you search for hotel industry jobs (or any other industry jobs) on job boards can do wonders for your career change strategy. 

An even better strategy is to use localised job searches for better results.

Indeed has local search engines for Canada, UAE, India and of course the USA.

Similarly, you need to have a strategy for local hotel industry job search rather than a generic one.

For instance, if you are looking for jobs in the European region, you are better off looking for European HR recruiting services.

Talking of the Gulf jobs, there are big players like Naukri Gulf, Bait, Indeed, Michael Page and many more featuring just the Middle East jobs.

The same goes for other geographical areas. Try to search for the desired location. Technology is an enabler that helps you with a more precise search to help you save time in 2023 to get ahead in your hospitality career.

2. Use technology to improve your CV, online profile and cover letter

You have a properly built CV and a prototype of a cover letter. 

But, everyone has suggested that you must apply with personalised CVs and cover letters. So, true isn’t it?

However, your day job doesn’t allow you to 

There are numerous free websites and software that can help you with crafting an awesome CV and cover letter. is one of these websites that can help you with the same and that too for FREE.

There are others like Canva, Craftresume etc. which have free trial and paid options for those looking for professional CVs and cover letters.

Bots do a lot of screening for employers with automation. This is set to increase in the future.

It’s important to be smarter than the artificial intelligence or machine learning-based bots. Find the right company, the right boss and then match your skills with the desired job role.

Explore the hospitality skills that you have that can give you a competitive edge and use them both offline while you speak to people and online in CVs, social media profiles, cover letters etc.

Use your skills and sell them properly in your resume and on social media profiles to get through the robots or even human resource professionals.

Bot-friendly resumes, as displayed in the below image by the business insider, must sell skills relevant to the job to beat the automated bots.

3. Use Storytelling Technique – What’s your story?

If you need to keep shining in 2024 and beyond, you need to be a good storyteller. Mind you, the story should not just look genuine, it should be genuine.

Behavioural aspects are now the most important thing hospitality industry employers look for in prospective employees.

The belief is that hotel industry-related skills can be developed if the environment, attitude and effort are in the right direction.

Finding a hotel job should be like your next project. Everyone has a story and your story should invoke the right emotions for the hiring manager or recruiters.

It is pretty much part of the communication and in 2024 and beyond a good storyteller will find easier passage towards an astonishing hotel industry career. This helps in preparing for the interview as well. Practising the answers to hotel interview questions using storytelling techniques can certainly impress hiring managers. However, don’t overuse the same.

4. Create and Improve Your Online Reputation- Use automation tools

Do you have a LinkedIn account? Sure you have one.

Why do you need the same? To network, isn’t it? And how do we do that? By liking and sharing- simple that is! Not that simple, isn’t it?

You have an Instagram account, you also Tweet, you still don’t forget to visit your Facebook profile and so on.

So, what is this online reputation management?

Online reputation means how you fare online.

It all depends on who are the people you network with, what are the things you like and share and what others think of you by Googling you or by looking at your profiles.

It is crucial to build online reputation as most of the recruiters would look at your social media profiles before finalising interview. So, plan ahead.

To create a stellar online reputation think along these lines:

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile- the most important is the headline and personal statement.
  • Try to hide your personalised searches.
  • Share things only in what you truly believe in.
  • Add people from the hotel industry to your network.
  • Keep your social media profiles updated.
  • Delete any account not in use.
  • Google your name to check any post, image, profile etc.
  • A personalised website or blog does help for specialised roles like that of a chef, sommelier etc.

It is crucial to plan to build an online reputation, even if you are not looking for a hospitality job immediately.

Some of the automation tools to help you in managing social media profiles and online reputation are:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Zohosocial
  • SocialOomph

There are many other free and paid platforms to help you manage your social media and online profiles. Use them to save time on online presence to help you save most of the time for your prospective hotel industry job hunting and interview processes.

5. Networking and referrals are still useful – Start with family and friends

This can be one of the best among the smart ways to find hotel industry jobs in 2023.

LinkedIn is one of the best places to network and seek referrals for the job-hunting process.

However, the online space is so packed that people miss the connection out of technology boundaries.

People are ready to help and more than ever now. We just need to ask. So step up and ask for help from your family, colleagues and friends for your next job referral.

Your next job might just be through a referral. What’s more, you would also revive some old connections en route to your dream job.

6. Get moving- Participate in hospitality events and job fairs (both online and offline)

You believed going to job fairs are old-school thing now. You are grossly mistaken if you think so.

Smaller fairs are combined to form mega-fairs. With more people online, offline events are no more congested and there are more chances to have a better network. Post the Covid-19 pandemic lull, people are looking forward to meeting up personally.

Human resource personnel like to meet people and these fairs are once again gaining in prominence.

So, in 2024, plan to meet more people and attend more hotel industry job and networking events. However, don’t forget social distancing. The Covid-19 saga which has shaken the whole world will encourage more online events. However, that should not stop you from attending properly managed and reputed job fairs and events.

Take this as an opportunity and get moving to grab the best job opportunity.

7. Use LinkedIn the right way for Hospitality Job hunting

Just commenting or messaging won’t work anymore.

The social media is crowded and everyone is being spammed.

LinkedIn is your best bet among networking platforms to land your next opportunity. If you are not getting job opportunities like a lot of others, you are also doing it wrong like them.

Using LinkedIn for job search needs some different strategies today. After all, you are competing with millions of others.

Those who take out time to act differently on LinkedIn win. Step aside from the crowd.

Do ensure some or all of the below:

  • Have you made your LinkedIn headline count?
  • Have you saved your job preferences?
  • Do you know the features and basics of job search on LinkedIn?

Just visit our guide mentioned on LinkedIn for Job search within the hospitality industry or explore the FAQ session of LinkedIn to ensure you make the best of your job search through this social media giant.


Here you go. Some of the top job-hunting tips for the hotel industry that are smart and effective in 2024. The old click application system would not work anymore.

It’s all personalised now. Create a unique resume, sell your skills, network well and more. I have shared some conventional methods and added some unconventional tips to ensure we all stay on track as far as career progression is concerned. Wishing you every success in looking for your next hotel industry job.


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