What soft skills do I need to realize success in the hospitality industry? If you are researching career-building skills then you are at the right place. 

Today you will get to learn about essential soft skills that you must have to grow steadily in the hospitality field.

The hospitality industry has become more challenging and competitive after the COVID-19 pandemic. The technological advancement has also led to heavy competition and regular hospitality innovation.

These key hospitality skills are crucial for you to succeed in your hospitality career and while studying hotel management courses as well.  

Below are the soft skills you need to succeed in your hospitality career.

  1. Versatile (Adaptable)

In the hospitality field, you must be versatile as it is vital to improving your performance. Being adaptable makes it easy for you to adapt to different workstations. Also, you might meet new colleagues, and they might be different from your previous ones.

Therefore, you need to know how to interact with them. Additionally, your superior will assign you different duties if it is a new responsibility, and you need to take minimal time to adapt to prove your worth in the field.


  1. Multilingual (Communication Skills)

Remember, the hospitality field exposes you to people from different countries. In other instances, you may need to work in a foreign country. You need to be a multilingual speaker when you find yourself in this occurrence.

This will provide easy communication between you, your colleagues, and your customers. When you have multilingual skills, it will be simple to break cultural barriers as people are connected with a language.

Therefore, remember that not everyone is capable of speaking English. Get to learn different languages to succeed in the hospitality field.

Example: Articulating in the guest’s local language the menu recommendations with enthusiasm and clarity to enhance guest satisfaction. OR

A tour guide who explains the history and culture of a destination, using simple and engaging language, gestures, and visual aids.

  1. Emotionally Intelligent Team Player

Duties need to go as planned. And for this to happen, you need to work with other employees. Therefore, for the success of your workstation, you must be a team player. This will ease how you perform and even foster your growth. Being emotionally intelligent is one of the crucial skills hospitality employers look for in employees. 

Furthermore, your colleagues might be busy with other duties, and you are the one available. When such happens, you need to stand in for them. This will ensure that customers are served, and the workflow is consistent.

Then to achieve success in this industry, ensure you learn the skills of being a team player.

Example: a housekeeping staff who coordinates with their colleagues, shares their workload, helps each other, and follows the standards and procedures.

There is a worth reading article in the Hospitality Insights by EHL on Why Soft Skills Matter in the Hospitality industry and why Emotional intelligence is crucial. Another EHL Insights article lists some of the most important soft skills for hospitality and tourism. 

  1. Problem Solver

Solving problems is one of the many qualities of a great hospitality worker. Life is full of misunderstandings. Mainly when working with others. Therefore, what will you do when an issue arises between you and a fellow worker or between a client and an employee?

When an altercation happens, you need to be bipartisan to find an amicable way of resolving the issue. The ability to solve problems in the hospitality sector will bring about respect from fellow workers and clients. Thus, being trustworthy of other higher responsibilities.

  1. Innovative

In all areas of life, you must be innovative in your work. Remember, work smart, not hard. Ensure you can come up with new methods of doing a particular duty. Let’s say your hotel uses plastic key cards, but times are changing, and you need to change to the use of phones as key cards.

So, a client will not need to use a card to open their rooms but use their smartphones. This will make your hotel stand out and attract more customers.

  1. Handling Criticism

There are situations where your superiors or clients will criticize how you work. That is a big deal for many, but you must take criticism positively in the hospitality industry. It would help if you never reacted negatively as it will taint your reputation, and you will receive bad reviews and recommendations.

Therefore, when a client brings a complaint, inform them how you will prevent such from happening in the future. Additionally, better criticism handling will allow you to be good at customer experience.


  1. Optimistic

Being a positive thinker in the hospitality industry will lead you to success. When you are positive with your clients and employees, you will have an easy time working in harmony. Additionally, it helps create good relationships with everyone visiting your restaurant.

Furthermore, being optimistic creates a good working environment and will be comfortable for all. Lastly, it will help you rise ranks in your job position. Therefore, ensure you have this skill to grow in this sector.

  1. Resilience

The hospitality industry is for those who are thick-skinned. No issue will bring you down. Suppose you find it hard to handle much pressure at work, then you won’t last long. Resilience in hospitality is when you can handle stress without it taking a toll on you.

Sometimes customers are stubborn, or a colleague can do something that doesn’t sit well with you. If that happens, you must find a way to remain productive without the problem of taking your energy off from your duties.

  1. Cultural Awareness

In the hospitality industry, you must be culturally aware. This is because you interact with people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions. Hence, it would help if you showed the same respect for their cultures to foster good relations.

For example: A travel agent who researches and recommends destinations, activities, and accommodations that suit the preferences and expectations of their clients.


These are all the essential soft skills you must have to succeed in the various hospitality sectors. Ensure you learn and practice them if you want longevity in this industry. All you must remember is that hospitality has various opportunities. Use these skills to grow and become a trusted individual that people wish to work with.

Hope you like the information in this article. If the article has been helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues pursuing a career or education in the hospitality industry.

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