Everything is being shifted to the cloud these days. The blog post you are reading now is being transferred to your device from the cloud. Cloud Computing in the hospitality industry has already started to play a crucial role. May it be SaaS in the Hospitality Industry or infrastructure-related services; the cloud is sure to play an even bigger role in future.

How is that interesting and what are the key facts for cloud computing in hospitality?

Cloud Computing is definitely one of the biggest innovations in the hospitality industry and for almost every other industry.

A lot of amazing hospitality apps are already powered by cloud computing in more than one way.

So, let’s present some interesting facts to amuse you.

Interesting facts about cloud computing in hospitality

1. Businesses can save over 50% with cloud solutions as per a study by Frost & Sullivan.

(Source- Lighspeedhq)

So, if you are thinking about profit, this is the first thing a hotel business must implement to cut the cost in half.

Before we move forward, let’s discuss what exactly is Cloud Solution for the hospitality industry.

It’s a mixture of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. This means Cloud Computing in hospitality can play a big role through Software as a Service, Platform as a service and Infrastructure as a service.

How is it so? Let the below image by Computech Corporation explain it all.

So, now you see the opportunities your hotel business can have in terms of shifting some or all of your software services to the cloud and saving huge on costs.

Plus, cloud computing gives you more flexibility. It is the future with technology taking the front seat as far as success within any industry is concerned.

2. Taking Direct Bookings from Customers is as easy as a whistle

Most hotel businesses pay fortunes to Online Travel agencies as commission.

Cloud computing in hospitality has made the technology available to even small and medium businesses.

Hotel businesses now don’t need to give away most of their profit to online and offline travel agencies. They can improve their own website and start taking direct bookings.

If you don’t have a money website for your organisation as yet then with cloud computing on your side, you can get started in minutes.

Best practices for improving direct bookings include using technology to your advantage. Cloud computing just makes all this a lot cheaper and more convenient.

There are a lot of Hotel Management Software that specialize in Cloud-based hospitality services.

3. 95% of people have used the cloud in some way or the other but are not aware of it.

So, there is a big chance that you are using cloud computing in more than one way.

It can be for saving and viewing pictures (Facebook, Dropbox etc.).

This number is even higher for the hospitality industry.

A lot believe cloud to be something of the skies or something extremely tech-heavy.

Cloud computing is just about managing things through remote services rather than through local infrastructure.

It is an interesting fact to know that over 95% of people have used it but might not be aware of it.

4. By 2021 over 50 Billion devices Have been connected by Cloud

Now that speaks volumes. In order to understand your customer and acquire them, you need to know the importance of cloud computing.

Hospitality businesses which know the importance of the cloud ensure that their services are seamlessly integrated.

This helps in better customer strategy.

Data Analytics in the hospitality industry is already used to the best advantage for understanding and acquiring customers.

Cloud computing and data analytics can go hand in hand for the benefit of the business on the whole.

All this pushes your hospitality firm to be technology-heavy. But, do we really have a choice?

It’s cost advantage and automation advantage that would continue to be key to success in the hospitality industry.

5. Over 87000 companies are already using Cloud services

According to Wikimedia, it is interesting to know that over 87000 companies have already migrated to the cloud.

This includes most of the top hospitality companies in the USA and the biggest hotel chains around the world.

In fact, over 65% of companies in the USA had shifted to the cloud by 2011. Think of the number by now in 2023.

Check out the image below for a few other interesting facts about Cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a revolution that is becoming a commodity across all industries.

The hospitality and travel industry can save huge costs by integrating cloud computing in a lot of their service offerings. Cloud computing is just about managing things through remote services rather than through local infrastructure like Hosted Virtual Desktops, Cloud servers, file storage like Dropbox GPU Dedicated Server and more.

There is a lot that cloud computing can help the hospitality industry within cutting costs and increasing accuracy and efficiency. From analytics to communication; from customer communication to training, there is a lot that cloud computing can offer.


As is clearly evident from the facts above cloud computing in hospitality is not a recent phenomenon.

Technology is becoming a major driving force as far as the success of hospitality organisations is concerned. Cost reduction, productivity enhancement, security, better service etc. all contribute to competitive advantages over competitors.

The cloud computing does have a bigger impact on a lot of other industries than it has on the hospitality industry. However, its impact and importance are increasing even in the hospitality sector.

When everything is shifting to the cloud, how can our very hospitality industry lag behind? Isn’t it?

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