10 Fastest-Growing Tech Jobs in the World

The technology industry is growing by leaps and bounces in the last few decades. Apart from the dot com bubble burst and a couple of recessions, the Information technology industry has always seen massive growth. In this article, we have listed 10 fastest-growing tech jobs in the world. 

10 Fastest-Growing Tech Jobs in the World

We are in a technology era when almost everything is driven by technology. Computers, mobile, banking, services, e-commerce, hospitality and travel and so on.

You name an industry and you would find technology as the driving force for all the innovation and growth happening within that industry.

This explains why we all should be thinking about a career in technology. Listed below are some of the key advantages of building a career in technology.

  • IT industry is for everyone – even if you are looking to change your industry
  • You need skills and knowledge and not degrees
  • It can open up entrepreneurship or freelance route for you
  • You never fall short of new opportunities to earn
  • It pays well
  • Offers flexibility in job
  • The industry is growing at a rapid pace due to high global demand

and there are many more advantages to working in the technology industry. This has been covered in details through other articles on this career and learning portal. 

So, now that we would all agree that the IT industry is one of the most happening and rewarding industries, let’s get back to the topic.

Listed below are 10 among the fastest-growing tech jobs in the world along with average salaries. While the mean salaries are in USD and salary samples are predominantly from the USA, this would give a fair idea of salaries for our global readers. 

Have a look at the table below!

Tech Job PositionsAnnual Average Salary ($)
Artificial Intelligence Engineer1,46,000
Security Analysts98,000
Computer Research Scientist1,18,000
Data Analysts1,18,000
Web Developer79,000
Database Administrators90,000
Software Engineer1,05,000
WordPress Developer87,000
Systems Administrator82000
Java Developer1,03,000

The above salary range has been compiled from CareerKarma which has researched these job salaries from Indeed, Glassdoor, salary.com and more. The fastest-growing tech jobs in no particular order are listed below:

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

This is a high skill tech job. The world is witnessing a growth in automation and AI has been the buzzword over the past years. Almost all industries are eyeing the use of AI for competitive advantages. 

Lots of industries like the hospitality and travel industry is looking for AI as a tool to bounce back from the slump owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. AI in hospitality is certainly helping the industry to come up with a multitude to top hospitality innovation. Same is true for almost every other industry. 

Artificial intelligence engineers are in high demand with demand increasing every year. If you are a fresher looking to build a career in the technology industry, then this job position should certainly be in your radar for the future. 

Security Analysts

From network security risks to a multitude of cyber threats, technological advancement has come up with its own risks.

Security analyst role has thus risen to prominence in recent years and is set to be in further demand in the coming years.

If you have a knack of numbers and are inclined towards cybersecurity, then you should take a plunge into this field of technology. 

Computer Research Scientist

If you are one of those who is always ahead of the general learning curve then this is for you. Computer research scientists drive new innovation in the technology field. 

As a research scientist, you are expected to engage in new areas of research, patents, publishing papers along with academics and doing every other thing that relates to improving the technology industry by utilising your expertise of computer science. 

This is an extremely rewarding and exciting career in technology. But, it is definitely one of the most demanding tech jobs. You will find some of the most skilled and most passionate technology guys with career title of computer research scientists. 

Data Analysts

Data analysts are in high demand now due to the greater use of technology in almost every sector. 

Customer demand forecasting, expense predictions, staff turnover, sales forecast, supply chain management and every other area requires careful analysis of data.

Effective data management has become a key competitive advantage in the current era and that makes the job of data analysts as one of the fastest-growing tech jobs in the world.

The tiger role of a Data Scientist is even more rewarding and is one of the best-paid tech jobs in the world along with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Engineers and Computer Vision engineers or computer scientists.

Have a look at the data as presented by Forbes in the infographic below. You will find a huge number of technology jobs in the highest paid jobs. 3 of the fastest-growing jobs in the US in 2019 was from the tech industry. Have a look!

Web developer

The technology industry is one of the most open industries in terms of the barrier of entry.

Almost anyone can become a web developer. All you need to do is to do any short course and get started. 

A word of caution though. Yes, we said anyone can be a web developer but it will take a lot of you to become a good one.

The whole world is being covered by the worldwide web. It is said that if your company doesn’t have a website, it doesn’t exist. So, everyone is looking for a website developer. So, it doesn’t surprise anyone when we see a huge surge in the demand of web developers making it one of the tech jobs in high growth range. 

Database Administrator

Database administrators are growing in demand because they need to work with and organise a late volume of digital information.

They also need to take care of the integrity and scalability of the database making it one of the high growth technology jobs.

Software Engineer

This has to be in the list of all the top tech jobs list. It is an extremely versatile and ever-growing field.

It looks like a non-specialised career but software engineers are highly skilled in their particular domain and have knowledge of a lot of areas of technology. 

From app-building to browser development and everything in between; you need to give credit to the Software engineers for commoditising computer technology for users. 

WordPress Developer

WordPress is being used by over 60 million websites and the number is increasing day by day. WordPress is being used as the platform for over 33% of the top 10 million websites. 

The number explains why the job of WordPress developer is one of the fastest-growing tech jobs in the world.

Moreover, this is also open for people who are looking for freelance options or a change in career from other industries.

There are a number of technology courses out there which can get you started with WordPress developing that use PHP as software language.

System Administrator

Another one high in demand due to the increase in the usage of web technologies. Network systems are in high demand giving a push to this job of a system administrator. 

Java Developer

Last but not least on our list of fastest-growing tech jobs in the world. Java is an evergreen programming language. From finance apps to big data, Java is used everywhere. 

For such a robust programming language, the demand is set to keep increasing making it one of the jobs always in high demand in the tech industry.


There are technology career positions of the likes of Big Data Engineers, Application Architects, Data Scientists and so on which requires a lot of education, training and research. 

However, there are medium to easy tech jobs in terms of complexity. It is also easier to get certificates and get started in no time with some of the technology careers like that of mobile app developers, computer programmers, web developers, digital marketing, graphic designing and so on. 

A lot of people from various other industries are losing jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of these fastest-growing tech jobs can certainly be a top option for them for having an alternate yet more rewarding career. Just use the break to learn skills related to the positions mentioned here and you are all set for an awesome career in the IT industry. 

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