Career services have moved from physical offices to online platforms. Moreover, a lot of social media platforms are flooded with career services and advices. We know LinkedIn as the ultimate professional social media website. However, there are a lot of YouTube channels catering to the need of professionals. In this article, we have highlighted some of the top career youtube channels that you can use for career success. 

Youtube as a platform has evolved into a creative hotspot where users may not only watch cat videos but also learn about new goods and activities, among other things. YouTube is the second most-visited site behind Google, according to the 2019 Global Digital Report by We Are Social and Hootsuite. Monthly, the firm claims to have over two billion active users worldwide—roughly one-third of the internet’s population. 

According to a 2019 Pew Research Center poll, 73 percent of individuals in the United States have watched videos on YouTube, with the majority claiming to use the site to keep informed and acquire new skills. 50 percent of individuals in the United States regarded YouTube as a valuable learning resource, according to the same poll. 

If you’ve come here to jumpstart your career. or to enhance your career, we’ve put up a list of the best 20 professional channels on YouTube right now to help you get started. Let’s begin!

  1. Linda Raynier

Linda Raynier is a career strategist, speaker, and coach who works with corporate executives to improve their brands. Raynier has also served as a consultant and career coach to CPA Ontario members. 

Raynier has established herself as a thought leader in the field of career and professional development throughout the years. 

This is the channel to follow if you’re seeking interview advice, interpersonal skills, or personal branding techniques.

  1. Andrew LaCivita

Andrew LaCivita is an internationally recognised career and leadership coach, trainer, writer, and speaker. LaCivita has devoted his life to assisting people and businesses in realising their full potential. 

He has consulted with over 200 firms and assisted over 600 people in finding new positions as an executive recruiter. LaCivita gives tips and methods on his YouTube channel to help you establish a profession you enjoy.

  1. Alex Andrei

Alex Andrei is a co-founder of Big Interview, a firm that offers realistic, real-world interview advice. The firm began by offering live interview coaching but has now evolved to include a self-guided virtual practice system. 

Big Interview’s YouTube channel shows you how to prepare for your next job interview most simply and efficiently possible. There are also example lessons and extra materials available. Over 500 institutions, libraries, and government entities use its system.

  1. Madeline Mann

LA-based Madeline Mann is the lady behind Self Made Millennial.

Self Made Millennial is a YouTube program that offers combat career and job hunt guidance in real-time. 

Mann wants to leverage her “insider’s insight” as a top human resources recruiter to assist professionals to make no errors while applying for jobs and establishing their careers.

  1. Andrew Fennell

Fennell publishes step-by-step videos on CV writing, job-seeking, and interview methods on the StandOut CV channel to assist individuals to find their desired jobs and maximize their earnings.

So, look out for CV writing advices by Andrew Fennel. Also, if you want to create resume free without registering, you can do so here on this website itself by using the free resume builder. Try it if you are looking to experiment with resumes and learn all the tricks and tips from Andrew Fennell’s Youtube Channel.

  1. Marat Chavtarayev

You may learn how to master job interviews, build confidence as a candidate and professional, and cope with business politics by watching videos on Marat’s channel. 

Aside from job counselling, Chavtarayev also teaches you how to correct your deficiencies and play to your strengths.

  1. Jen Hood 

Jen Hood is the founder of Avant Analytics, an analytics consulting firm, and The Career Force, a website that offers analytics training and skills. 

Hood’s YouTube channel features a combination of practical ideas, industry insights, and hands-on instruction. 

She also debunks the recruiting procedure and the abilities required for a career in data science.

  1. Brian Yam

Yam is also the founder of, a website dedicated to assisting adults and fresh graduates in starting their careers. 

101 Mentor, his YouTube channel, offers career advice and job hunt advice from “behind-the-scenes.”

  1. Jennifer Brick

Brick began her YouTube channel after noticing a demand for films that may assist individuals in their careers after they had obtained their positions. 

This channel is designed to help you achieve professional success by advancing and upgrading your career.

  1. Lauren McGoodwin

Job Contessa is a diverse career site that helps women get a strategic advantage in the workplace by providing unique career guidance. 

Interviews with notable female leaders may also be seen on the YouTube channel.

  1. John Marty 

Marty gives LinkedIn insights, career hacks, and personal development advice on his self-titled channel to assist individuals to obtain employment at large IT businesses.

  1. Ian Jenkins

Job Hunting Secrets, his YouTube channel, focuses on top strategies employed by successful job seekers, job-finding guidance, and career-enhancing recommendations.

  1. Paul Cameron

Cameron launched his YouTube channel in 2014 and began creating videos that give practical, strategic tactics for landing fantastic employment. 

  1. Jeff H Sipe

His YouTube channel has fundamental information that is designed to help you succeed in all facets of your job hunt.

  1. Peter Duris 

Quick video tutorials, such as one-minute resume suggestions, cover letter tips, career guidelines, and more, are available on its YouTube channel. 

Its ultimate goal is to assist young professionals in impressing potential employers and landing dream jobs.

  1. Margaret Buj

Margaret is devoted to assisting others in discovering what makes them special. Margaret gives job search and interview ideas on her YouTube channel, based on her decades of work expertise as a recruiting and interview trainer.

  1. Cass Thompson Career Advice 

Cass Thompson’s Job Advice channel is a fantastic resource for boosting your career confidence. 

Thompson, who is also a career strategist, reveals a wealth of resources for advancing your career.  Everything is covered, from interview preparation checklists to general job-seeking counseling.

  1. CareerVidz

CareerVidz is exactly what it says on the tin, having been founded in 2011 by interview specialist Richard McMunn. 

It consists of a vast array of interviews and work-related training, so it is pivotal to have a look to see for exploring that pertains to your job hunt.

  1. Career Ride

Prepare for Technical Interviews, Aptitude Tests, Reasoning Tests, HR Interviews, and Group Discussions – has it all! Profession Ride is one of the most comprehensive online platforms for not only studying and practicing numerous courses but also connecting with the corporate world and pursuing a career that you have always desired.

  1. Career Study

This channel will assist you if you are a student or searching for work in today’s competitive market. So join today and get fantastic abilities for passing examinations and learning new facts. 

The article by CareerKarma has a detailed list of career YouTube channels along with links to the specific youtube channel. So, head on to the article if you want to get started viewing these Youtube channels right away. Or else, simply type these names on Youtube and you are all set to get the best career insights from experts.


The tremendous increase in social networking sites has been stimulated by society’s need to stay linked. 

It’s time to tune in now that you know about the top YouTube channels to boost success in a professional context.

We’ve chosen some of the best career-focused YouTube channels and their featured description in this list.

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