If you want to be a good team worker, you need to be a good human being and a passionate worker. It is difficult to achieve career success without being a great team player.

Being a great team player is not only one of the best qualities of leaders, but, also helps individuals in having a more satisfying career experience. Be a good team worker to excel in your career.

In this article, we take you through some of the top tips to help you become an excellent team player at work.

Top Tips to be an Excellent Team Player at Work

Be an Active Listener

This is one of the key teamwork skills that employer value. 

There is a saying that for a reason we have two ears and one mouth. Natural and active listeners are a much better team player and more popular than the loudmouths in the office.

Active listening is a skill that seems easy to practice but is extremely difficult in reality. 

Everyone is vying to have someone at work who can absorb the issues and problems they are facing. Good listeners try to understand the issues first and motivate the speaker to come up with their own solutions. 

According to The Balancecareer, active listening is a key skill for becoming a better team player along with reliability and conflict management.

To be more reliable and to be able to manage conflicts within the team, you surely need to be a good listener. No brainer, isn’t it?

Become more Flexible at work

No, we don’t want you to get enrolled in gymnastic classes.

By flexibility at work, we mean being more accommodative and adjusting in nature.

This has to be one of the most important tips for becoming a good team player.

Be Compassionate to Others

Being a team player is all about being compassionate to others. As you want to be a better player, you want everyone to be happy and satisfied. 

Compassion does not only make you a better team player and a leader but also a better human being.

Compassion helps spread positive emotion and those having a difficult time at work are looking for compassion.

By being compassionate you share the emotional burden and help your teammates get out of their issues at the earliest.

This helps in a better teamwork and a more positive workplace. 

Cultivate The genius in Others

This is recommended as one of the top tips to be an excellent player by Forbes Council of Experts. To do so, it is required to be unselfish and be actively involved in cultivating greatness in colleagues and other team members.

It’s about working with other team members to get the best out of them.

Try to be a thorough student of your team and help others get the best out of them. This, in turn, helps you cultivate the genius within you as well. It’s a ‘give and take’ deal that can go a long way in cultivating a better teamwork environment at your workplace. 

Always be ready to help and Seek help from others

Lending help or asking for a helping hand are both crucial for you to become an excellent team player.

Teamwork is all about sharing expertise, work, success and liabilities. Being ready to help makes you more accessible and flexible which are all crucial traits of good team members at work. 

No one can be perfect in all the activities at the workplace. Being helpful to others and then seeking help ensures that there is an equitable distribution of highly skilled activities and uses the maximum potential of the team.

Don’t compete, rather Collaborate with others. This is crucial as collaboration helps the team become better and more productive.

Be passionate in whatever you do

This is one of the most important tips for becoming an excellent team player. 

None of the other tips would work if you are not passionate about what you do. Passion helps you become energetic and productive at work which in turn makes you popular and a handsome contributor to the team activities at the workplace.

Best team players are extremely passionate which oozes out of their personality. They love what they do and that makes them special.

By being passionate about what you do, you are always striving to improve while enjoying your work. Work no longer is a liability for them. they instead get paid to do what they love. That helps them stay happy and spread positivity within their team.

Stay positive and spread Positivity

This tip complements the one that we have discussed just now about being passionate.

Great team workers are always positive in their approach. From their body language to their communication; everything seems to spread positivity.

People like their company because their energy is viral and uplifts others. 

Just make an effort to be more positive at work and spread positivity as much as you can. That will make you a better team player immediately. 

Try it now and see for yourself. Bring on that smile and let the positivity spread around you while you engage yourself in meaningful work. 

Work on your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a buzzword at workplaces these days. IQ is being actively replaced by EQ as top skill at the workplace. A lot of recruiters term this as one of the most important skills for employability in 2021 and beyond.

Emotional intelligence mixes intelligence with emotions like compassion and empathy. Emotional Intelligence at the workplace would mean how you handle your own emotions and that of people around you.

Being more emotionally intelligent would mean that you possess leadership skills to lead a team or work as an excellent team player by helping the team manage a stressful situation better. 

Better management of emotions during a challenging environment makes all the difference at work helping you and your team perform better. 

Just Google for help on how you can become an Emotionally intelligent team worker and leader and you would see how popular and important this term has become in the corporate world. 

Be a keen learner and Motivate others to learn

This tip an extension of being passionate about what you do. 

Strive to be better and help others be a better version of themselves. 

Whether it is about motivating team members to take on job training sessions seriously or organising workplace productivity-boosting activities; ensure that everyone in your team develops a willingness to improve. 

Always Focus on team goals and not personal goals

People at times become too self office at their jobs. They tend to forget that job is part of their life and not vice versa. 

It’s important to remember is work is all about team success. It is important to move collectively towards a common goal.

Great team workers are not obsessed with their personal goals. They attach their success with team success. Their growth is a byproduct of the success of their team and that makes them special in their team. 

Don’t get into petty office politics

This again is one of the crucial tips for becoming an excellent team player.

Office politics would try to get you into doing a petty act in some way or the other. Right from organising an event to the next big promotion or the best employee award, there is office politics in some form or the other.

There would be plenty of opportunities which would push you to the vicious arena of petty office politics.

Good team players at work tend to stay away from small talks.

Try to keep yourself out of separatist groups and by not being part of the political circles within your company you would find a universal acceptance within the organisation. It might be tough to start with but with time people would accept you as apolitical and as an excellent team player. 

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