Great names set the stage for your potential customers to have an amazing experience with your brand. A solid brand name for your hotel needs to grab your audience’s attention, be memorable, create connections, and generate word-of-mouth through things like referrals and sales. 

Your business needs a name that will benefit your hospitality company’s communication while also helping you achieve all of your hotel goals. Ideally, an effective and successful brand name will help you build up some brand recognition.

If you keep these tips in mind and stick to these hotel naming guidelines you will be able to brainstorm the perfect name for your hotel that will lead your hotel business to success!

Start With Where You’re Going

If you want your hotel name to be successful for your hospitality business, make sure that it is simple to say, easy to write and unforgettable. Additionally, a lot of hotels select names that set them apart from the competition as more reasonably priced and available, or high-status and well respected.

When coming up with a name you should think about, What aspect of your hotel do you want potential customers to know about immediately?

Here are a couple of typical answers to that questions:

●  It is Prestigious

●  It is Contemporary

●  It is Matchless

●  It is Environmentally Friendly

Choosing which direction will best fit your specific hotel will help you narrow down your scope and aid you when you brainstorm a brand name that will benefit your business in the future.

Slim Down Your Needs

Once you have selected a route you want to go for your hotel brand name, you can write a project statement that consists of a few sentences. 

The point of the project statement is to help guide you throughout the naming process. 

Here are a few examples of project statements for a hotel brand:

●  We are trying to find a name that’s current and helps our clients understand that we offer unique amenities.

 ●  We’re searching for a name that’s exciting and distinctive for tourists.

 ●  We’re looking for a name that inspires clients to choose us because we are the best hotel for them.

 ●  We’re looking for a name that appeals to our values and beliefs as a brand.

There are many companies like Squadhelp to help generate hotel names.

Things Your Name Always Needs

From a technical naming point of view, there are a couple of crucial aspects that you should remember when coming up with a name for your hotel. Here are just a few that you should remember:

Is it interesting? 

Is your name enjoyable to say or hear? 

Very often, companies will try to be different or edgy and they actually choose a name that does not vibe with their target market. The goal of an effective name is to have your potential consumers enjoy the way your brand name looks and sounds. 

That’s important because when your target audience enjoys your name, they will be more likely to share it with their family and friends which will help drive your business.

Is it noteworthy? 

Is your name forgettable, or does it create interest with customers? 

In this modern world, the average person is shown over 500 ads competing for their attention every single day. Make sure that your brand name stands out from the crowd.

Is it evocative?

Is your name emotive, experiential, expressive, stylish, or amusing? 

A solid hotel name should create interest in your target demographic.

Putting in Some Work

When you are brainstorming different hotel name ideas, you will find that it is just one small start of the process. When you are going through the naming process for your hotel, you should be sure to go do a quick audience testing step to make sure that the name will work for you. 

Ask members of your target demographic or just your family and friends what they think of your name!

Find out some more important name validation steps here while you learn how to pick a business name.

It’s Your Next Step

If you go through the steps of this time-tested process to come up with a hotel name that will serve as a key asset for your business and help lead to success in the future. 

Make sure you dedicate your time and effort to creating a solid foundation for your business by coming up with great name ideas that will create interest and attention with your target audience while connecting you to your audience and gaining your business through referrals.

About the Author

Grant Polachek is the Director of Marketing at Inc 500 company Squadhelp, the world’s #1 naming platform, with nearly 20,000 customers from the smallest startups across the globe to the largest corporations including Nestle, Philips, Hilton, Pepsi, and AutoNation.

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