How can a hotel be made pet friendly?

There are no basic rules when it comes to making a hotel pet friendly.

You just need to think inside and outside the box and create a space and an environment that the animals would love.

If you are a hotel manager, our team suggests the following things to start with:

Train your staff to be friendly with the animals. The animals are on a holiday and if their owners are spending a thousand dollars on their travel, your staff has no right to mistreat a pet.

Just as you would welcome your guests with a welcome drink, have a treat or a toy for the pets too. Make the stay as enjoyable for the pets as you will for your human guests.

However, list down the rules and regulations that the pet owners must follow at every point of time during their stay in the hotel.

Create a leash-free area dedicated to pets which allows the animals to enjoy themselves and their company at the hotel. Hire an animal trainer to ensure the safety of the pets at all times.

 Provide separate sheets and towels for the pets. This will not only impress your guests but will also protect your human-usable linens from getting soiled.

If possible keep the rules and regulations regarding pets clear and up-to-date on the website. This will minimize the confusion among the guests and both the parties – hotel and guest will know what they are getting into.

Instructions about the top pet friendly hotels in the world

However, it is the duty of the Hotel to safeguard the interests of fellow residents at the hotel and thus pet owners have to follow certain basic guidelines to ensure a pleasant stay for all involved.

The hotel is responsible to ensure and impose these rules upon the guests accompanied by their four-legged friends. 

What are the BASIC rules that need to be followed at pet-friendly hotels?

Rules are important not only for the safety of other hotel guests but also for the animals. To start with, here are a few rules you might need to follow at pet-friendly hotels.

  • Ensure that your pet must not be aggressive. Pets should be clean, free from any disease or infection especially fleas. They must be vaccinated and must have proof to show the same and most importantly, they must be obedient.
  • The pet owners should clean the pet waste immediately and dispose of it in the designated bins.
  • The pets should never be left unattended and should always be on a leash unless and until the animals are in the leash-free zone wherein they should be friendly and calm.
  • Pet owners should ensure that their pets will not attack other guests.
  • The pet owners should make sure that the pets are not allowed to climb the hotel furniture. The rule applies to the furniture in the common living area as well as private rooms. Also, the designated sheets and towels should be used for the pets.
  • Most of the pet friendly hotels have a written agreement stating that pet owners would be responsible for any damage caused by the pets during their stay in the hotel.</li>
  • The pet owners should be responsible for their pet’s behaviour towards other guests and hotel staff.

Bringing it all together

Pets have formed an inseparable part of the families these days. The hotels are in the process of understanding this fact.

People love to travel with pets and if the hotel is not the one that can allow dogs and cats roaming around, it is sure to lose business in the future.

Pet friendly hotels do have the challenge to face in that they don’t go overboard to welcome a pet that might impact the comfort of other residents.

The pet-friendly hotel chains mentioned in our other post have ensured that they maintain a sweet balance over the years.

Everyone’s welcome is the Mantra…