The hotel industry and tourism go hand in hand. In fact, the success of a hotel depends on the kind of audience it can lure. Pets at times are our best friends and pet-friendly hotels ensure that we enjoy our vacation to the fullest with all our loved ones.

While location and budget are two things that influence the decision of a tourist, the amenities provided by the hotel are another thing that can greatly turn the tables for a hotel.

Free Wi-Fi, parking space, complimentary breakfast – all these things are kind of conventional these days and to be honest, we think these are absolutely necessary as well.

That being said, there are many things that hotel owners overlook and lose business. One of these factors is allowing your guests to travel with pets and then making your hotel pet-friendly.

Pet-friendly hotel chains are extremely popular around the world. Let’s explore the best of the lot by naming a few exquisite pet-friendly hotel chains in this article.

We have also listed key points for hoteliers to adhere to for ensuring that their hotels are pet-friendly hotels in reality. These pointers will follow after our list of most pet-friendly hotels.

But before we begin, it is important to mention:

Why do we need these pet friendly hotels?

Here are a few reasons for the hospitality industry to notice a huge segment of tourists who have pets.

  • If you do not own a pet, you have no idea how hard it is to leave a part of your family behind while going on a tour. Pets are like kids; they demand attention, care and food and when you give so much to a living being, you form a bond that is hard to break.
  • Also, when you have to leave your pet at home you have to hire help who can take care of the pet while you are away. This adds to the cost and although your pet has a help, you cannot stop thinking and worrying about your pet. Nobody wants this kind of holiday!
  • Moreover, if the hotel is pet-friendly, the hotel could rake in more money by providing premium services for pets like spas and salons. Even hotels can think money and business while giving their guests ad added amenities and luxury.
  • If you look at the figures, pets of various kinds outnumber people in a lot of countries and, people are ready to spend thousands of dollars to pamper their dog, cat, hamster and what not.

Top Pet friendly Hotel Chains in the world 

Turning a hotel into a pet-friendly hotel is not a challenge but requires commitment.

Since the hotel would be welcoming two kinds of guests, the staff, as well as the property, should be ready for the same.

To inspire your journey in selecting a successful pet-friendly hotel, we are sharing a list of top 10 pet-friendly hotels from across the world.

Loews Santa Monica

If there is any pet-friendly hotel chain that can be called the pet lover of the hospitality world, it has to be Loews.

Every hotel in this chain is known to be pet-friendly. They welcome every animal right from your regular pet dog to the ferocious tigers.

They are known to treat animals with love and care. Each property of this chain provides amenities that the animals and pet owners would fall in love with.

They have bowls, beds, dog walkers and everything your pet will need to relax and enjoy itself.

They simply love pets. Explore more about this love and other facilities of the hotel at their official website.

They even provide a pet-walking map on arrival and host an annual festival to raise money for awareness, food and shelter for stray animals in the city.

One thing that sets the Loews Santa Monica property apart from the rest of the Loews chain is the fact that this pet-friendly chain provides access to the beach to pets and has classes to teach surfing to dogs.

The hotel has a partnership with Coronado Surfing Academy which is located a few blocks away from the hotel.

Goodwood Hotel, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Apart from being a nice pet-friendly hotel, Goodwood has something very special for the dogs – their own premium membership club that goes by the name of The Kennels.

Built on a sporting property, this hotel gives the dogs a chance to play around with their companions freely and munch on some really nice treats side by side.

The pet owners are provided with a dog-friendly walking map which ensures the pet and owner’s safety at all times.

The membership costs a mere 50 pounds something a year and 70% of the cost of membership goes to charity.

The hotel has 6 of their rooms as pet friendly and all have a garden attached to the room.

The hotel in itself is no luxury in itself with over 90 luxury rooms to offer along with other amenities to satisfy the luxury seekers.

The Devonshire Arms, Yorkshire Dales

The policies of the hotel are more pet-friendly than they are for the pet-owners. Pets have access to their own lounge where humans can visit too.

On arrival, the pets are given a bowl of water, a bed to relax and some tasty treats.

The hotel can also arrange for a walk to the Bolton Abbey and provides access to a pet friendly beach nearby.

Honestly, there is nothing better than getting a tan while looking at your dog and kids digging the sand.

Mandarin Oriental Hotels

The Pet-friendly hotel chain that is popular for its strong Asian flavours and feels, welcomes pets with love.

However, the fee depends on the kind of pet you bring and how much it weighs. Like other hotels, the pets are welcomed with a big smile, a gourmet treat and a bowl of water.

The hotel provides room service for human as well as non-human guests and greets both of them by name.

If you are willing to stay at the Oriental, it is recommended to call the hotel and get clear instructions on the pet policy as these change as per the location of the property.

W Hotels

The W Hotels in North America is another good chain of pet friendly hotels for your four-legged companion.

W hotels welcome your pet with a special amenity package that includes a sweet W pet tag.

The hotel also provides a full brochure of all the local pet services available in the city where the pets can go and have a relaxing vacation.

The fee at the hotel for pets normally is 25$ per day with 100$ non-refundable fee for cleaning.

Almost all the W Hotels like the W Hotel San Francisco say P.A.W (Pets are Welcome) to all its guests.

Ritz-Carlton Hotels

Ritz Carlton hotels are nothing less than a resort for pets.

They have everything from a fuzzy toy for the pet to a certified animal massage therapist.

However, not all the hotels of the chain are pet-friendly but the ones that allow pets provide treats, bowls, towels, linens and room services for the pets too.

The hotel also has a spa dedicated to pets with decent charges per pet. The hotel also provides packages for pets that include hiking and trekking as well.

Hotel Indigo

Indigo should be your choice if you want to have a stylish holiday with your pet at a decent price.

The hotels are highly pet friendly and the staff is well trained. This pet friendly hotel chain is tailor-made to suit your budget.

Certain hotels of the chain also host periodic dog parties called the Yappy Hours which have a canine ambassador.

The fee varies as per the location of the hotel, your pet and the weight of your pet.

Kimpton Hotels

The pioneer of the hosPETality these hotels were among the first ones to go pet-friendly. This is one of the topmost hospitality chains in the USA and is extremely friendly in terms of handling your paw friends. 

These are Free Pet Hotels as they consider pets as a part of your family.

The hotel has a human manager for the human guests and a canine manager for the animals and both the managers greet the guests with a smile and a happy mood.

Kimpton is also one of the few hotels that do not have any kind of limitation on weight.

With ZERO fees for the pets, Kimpton for sure is one hotel that would love your pets even more than you will.

Did we mention the Doga sessions that are nothing but Yoga sessions for dogs?

Overwater Hall, Lake District, United Kingdom

If you are looking for an old-school hotel feel with a less professional touch and a lot of personal warmth, Overwater Hall is the place to be.

Being a pet-friendly hotel, the hotel provides a walkway guide for you and your friend to take a stroll while pondering over your life decisions.

This luxury property has rave reviews as a luxury pet-friendly hotel. That too when the pets probably didn’t leave a review.

The property covers 18 acres of land and has several beautiful trails around mountains and lakes. The hotel allows pets in the rooms and even in one of the hotel’s lounges and bar.

In case you want some alone time with your human companion, the hotel provides a dog-sitting service.

This hotel is one of the best pet-friendly hotels in England and the world.

The Milestone Hotel, London

If you are in London and looking for accommodation that would allow your pet to stay with you in your room, there is no place better than The Milestone Hotel.

The place treats the pets like their own and gives them a special Milestone collar too.

The pets receive an individual welcome letter and the pet owners are given travel tips and places to visit with their pet friend in and around London.

After a hectic day of sight-seeing, your pet can rest on a specially crafted sleeping pillow or a mat of its choice and have the ‘Do-Not-Disturb! Pet sleeping’ sign on the doorknob.

It is one of the best pet friendly hotels that also provides a special menu for the pets and treats and toys can be arranged at the request of the guest.

One of the best boutique hotels in the area, this hotel is a luxury outing for your family that includes your pets.

Hope you liked our collection of pet friendly hotel chains around the world.

You can find a pet-friendly hotel near you on the Expedia listing of pet-friendly hotels.

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